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I am SO tired of all your 'automatic' marketing systems you talk about!

Here in this community I get messages now and then from people who tell me they REALLY found their way to earn money effortlessly! And then a URL, and it's all for free or for a small amount and you would be really crazy if you wouldn't try this too, because this is not a scam this is really true, I am earning ten thousands of dollars a month, blablablablablabla.............!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And sometimes I click on these links and what do I get? It's all a scam, there's nothing powerful or valuable to sell, there's nothing but a 'secret' that they will reveal if you pay this amount of money. Hahahahahaha! It's MLM (multi level marketing), or network marketing or relationschip marketing and perhaps there are already new names for it.

The web is full of these scams or what do you call them, it's full of these screaming pages with the most ugley designs (why don't they hire a designer??) and in many cases, the content of the pages is directly copied from another page or from a company that 'sells' websites that bring in 'money'.
Well, these websites bring in monopoly money, and no real dollars or euros or whatever kind of money you want.
These websites only try to convince people that they would be really stupid if they wouldn't try this, because it's almost free and it doesn't cost you time only a few hours a week so you can leave your job, be with your kids at home and grow rich within a few months, because this is the real thing!

Oh I get SO TIRED of this!!!!
I call these the games of taking your money and fooling you because you want to believe in a system that makes you rich without any effort! Who wouldn't want that! But only fools buy this. And I really have to laugh about all the testimonials! They never show a website or a company name..... so then you can be sure, it's all fake!

There are a few people that I believe they became successful online with marketing, PR, writing, coaching and so on. I get REAL ezines from them every week or month. If you want their names, I'd be happy to give them to you. They are located in the USA and some of them are very successful and others are doing very well too.
And these people sell REAL products that they have made themselves, for instance books, home study courses, audioprogrammes, workshops, etc. I have sometimes bought one of these items and they gave me real valuable information that I still use today. I listen to their audioprogrammes and they give me power and strength and new ideas to go on with my business. They don't promise to grow rich in a short time, but they promise that their strategies work if you use them. And we all know: we can't use them all immediately, that's very difficult. But, what we CAN do is use the parts of it that are easy. And later implement the other things. Then it's step by step and that will work best. A solid foundation based on your changed mind set, will better work than anything else.

I'm implementing some of their strategies to my business now and I can already see that they are going to work. I am grateful for their advice.

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Comment by Glenn Sojourner on October 3, 2008 at 4:37pm
Right on! It's a shame the people fall for these things, thinking they are now in business. The gifting scams, the "get this website" and the money will flow like water. You know how to get more money? Ask for a raise, start your own business where you are the boss not paying $29.99 a month for a website that will generate $1000's of dollars. The only people making money on these site are those who sell the sites.

Work for yourself! Spend your time developing your own products or services to sell and quit trying to sell the same thing that 1000's of others are trying to sell. You will never get any traffice to your site because everyone of those cookie cutter websites get passed over because of duplicate information on the thousands of other websites.

Really people don't fall for these scams. And anyone pushing them on others in this website should be banned.

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