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I'm confused: go for a fulltime job in the corporate world OR get my business on track again??

I would like to have your opinion about this:
Last week I got a 'job offer' from an agency that intermediates between me and an employer. The job is this: a Senior Communications Manager for a company that creates new businesses that combine new technologies with new products, to open up new markets.
I know I have the experience and knowledge for this, but in these job interviews I can not really 'sell' myself in the best way. I am sometimes too passive and with this attitude they don't think I am enthusiastic enough.
So I was disappointed a lot these past few months.

On the other side, I have made a decision a while ago, that I wanted to build up my business again (in PR and communications) and get new clients in the region. That's what I am working on but I don't have 100 clients yet. (But I will soon!!!)

Now, I don't know what to do.
Go for the job interview and prepare myself (HOW???) or just say 'no, this is not for me'.
I feel confused as I don't have the 'right' to say this is not for me because I don't have an income right now.
But should I let myself get disappointed again because of a job I probably won't get?
Why would I like the job anyway?
Why would I be enthusiastic about it?
What are my REAL reasons to go to the job interview? Is it only money? Or a 'steady' environment?
(Yes, it probably is...)

I would like to have your opinions about what to do and what did you do in a similar situation...! Thanks a lot to you all!

Success and love,

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Comment by Pamela on October 16, 2008 at 11:25am
Guess who is going for a job interview today? YUP. I am awaiting the call back from the headhunter to prep me for it. The idea of being judged on who I am, what I have done and if I measure up really turns me off. But I have to remember that the universe is fulfilling my wishes and I need to get out of the way and go for every opportunity. It is back in the corporate world and yes in the financial services arena, too. I have only booked one party since I typed my response to your initial message but I know there will be more. What I find myself doing is looking for the worse case scenario in both...not having enough parties to make a living on or making a living and not enjoying life. I will have to disect those as my mind clears. I wish you much abundance and grace in all that you encounter today. I know today will be a fabulous day for us both.
Comment by Trix on October 13, 2008 at 2:05pm
Thanks for your comment, Pamela. I already talked to the 'headhunter', (it's an agency that deals with communications and marketing jobs, and my consultant knows my situation, well, kind of). I guess that I won't go for the job interview, as I have so many doubts and because I have myself visualized in another setting, that is: in my own company. With more freedom and with more money. I have a passion for my business and I have a business plan too! I all have it... I think you are very brave that you've quit your job and now have a new business that you even didn't work at before? I am sure you'll do well, you are very confident and that matters a lot.
I actually can't get very passionate about the big corporations, I really get more excited about small businesses that I can help out! I was figuring today, that all the businesses that I am approaching now, they all will need my services as long as they exist and/or they are happy with me and I am with them! So, there's no END in their need for my services. That was the FIRST time that I have ever thought this. Isn't that strange? Or is it a sign?! A sign that I have to pursue the things that I have in my mind for so long and where I believe in?
Comment by Pamela on October 13, 2008 at 12:31pm
This sounds very similar to my situation. I will try to articulate my thoughts here:
It sounds like you received a call from a head hunter. The quesions you began with the word "why" could be answered by calling this head hunter. In addition, they receive money if you get the job. So ask them to help you with the answers for the questions asked in an interview of this sort.

Then go to google or another search engine and type in "interview questions and answers for communications manager" and you should find a massive amount of information.

Part two: Do you have a passion for your PR business and a business plan for accumulating your 100 clients?
I quit my job on Aug 14th, 2008 with "no other place to go". I have a Passion Party business that I never really worked at and have decided that is the course I am taking. I don't have an investment account, a loft or a brand new car - right now. But I intend to and I manifest it and so it will be.

Just a few scattered thoughts that I hope trigger some direction for you. Keep me posted and let your light shine.

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