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My initial order arrived yesterday (we’ll call that Day ½). I was expecting it and watched the FedEx package tracker all morning while at work until I saw that it had been delivered. I raced home, grabbed the box and brought it back to work to open. It turned out to be a partial shipment, but there was enough to get me going with the daily routine I had planned out for myself:

2oz FrequenSea
2oz Electrifire
2 shakes with Thunder and/or fresh fruit
1 meal bar, cereal, or soup
1 chocolate, to be savored at days end!
Salad or fruit if hungry
Rainmaker in water
SecreSea skin regime

So I added some Rainmaker to my water and downed an Electrifire during the afternoon. Later I had a bar for dinner and used the SecreSea skin care after showering. At the end of the day I felt as though there had been a measureable increase in my energy and I definitely wasn’t hungry! Great start!

I decided that in order to assess physical changes, besides the usual measurements and weight, I also took some time to record a list of current health conditions I am experiencing to see what, if anything changes this month while detoxing:

Rapid weight gain, especially over the past year…..currently 30-45#s overweight
Left foot pain….ongoing for 5 years, recurrence of bone spur?
Increased headaches….don’t even want to know, those of you who know me, know why
Loss of hearing in right ear…..progressive over past 3 years; about 80% loss
Nasal drip (more like flood)….right side only when bending over, weird; lately can be with no warning while standing
Acid reflux….feels like a heart attack, no kidding! See below
Chest pain….I don’t go to doctors, but I went for this!
Low back pain….plus shoulder and neck issues requiring chiropractic/acupuncture to keep in line
Lump in throat….can’t be felt externally, just a feeling inside, especially if chin is lowered
Frequent urination….inconvenient
Recurrent viral infections….uncomfortable
Failing sight…lifelong issue, but seems to be speeding up
Poor memory…..thank you Linda for introducing me to the term “Teflon brain”!
Very dehydrated…need to double my water consumption
Wow, I’m a mess!

I do understand the importance of taking time for myself. I don’t meditate in the traditional sense, but I do find ways to nurture my spiritual side. My favorite method is walking by the beautiful Connecticut River which flows right behind my house. There is a trail that runs for miles along its banks, and I have a favorite route that takes about 45 minutes round trip; I try to do that daily…I call it my Zen time and it’s when I do my best thinking and come up with my best ideas. I really must get a tape recorder to take along with me, because the Teflon brain can’t always hold onto those great thoughts!

Today on my walk I noticed that my stride was longer and my gait was faster. It could have been the beauty of my surrounding….the rolling hills of the Mt Tom range in the distance, the newly plowed fields or the architecture of the historic Main St buildings beyond, the grazing cows, the deep sapphire blue (my birthstone) of the river, the brilliant yellow of the forsythia along the banks…..but all of this usually makes me walk slower to appreciate it longer. Today I was appreciating it AND walking faster AND feeling good about that! I added in some visualization around the muscle groups I was using and how I want to look…..now THAT’s a power walk! My foot didn’t even seem to hurt as much!

For dinner tonight I repeated breakfast because it was so good….a shake made with ½ organic milk, ½ coconut milk, a tablespoon of organic peanut butter, ½ a banana and a scoop of Thunder. Mmmm, mmmm good! I whipped it extra long in my VitaMix (best kitchen appliance investment I ever made!) because when you beat more air into it you feel more full. It really works! Lunch was a blueberries and cream bar…I’m loving those bars! And they will save my butt this summer when I am running 15/7 and living out of my car with no time to eat!

So far, so good. I’m looking forward to my chocolate tonight ;)

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