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We go back to 1978 may 2nd. I have my current knowledge but everyone else's gets deleted. The world goes back to the way it was on that day. I wake up in the uterus and i quickly unwrap the umbilical cord off my neck. That induces the birth process. On the very same day my grandmother falls off the stairs, hits her head and dies. I never have to meet her. I am born without complications in Koszegdoroszlo. We hit the lottery on the 18th and 19th week: 14,29,57,66,89 and 7,28,65,71,81. From this money we buy a house nearby Teta neni and Nene so we can see them often. We buy a Trabant for my father. My Mom starts a grain-, nightshade-, bean-, rice-, corn- and dairy-free diet. We eat fermented veggies for probiotic. We get annual 30K mcg b12 injections - including my grandfather, Nene's husband, csempeszi Kpapa, daughter of Teta neni and Tundi. I convience everyone to get it. My brother is conceived and in the summer of 1981, we come to the US to have surgery for my great grandfather. We hit the lottery on Nov 5th: 1,2,3,6,12,18. The rest of the money we put into brk-a. In january of 1982 we hit the lottery again: 43,44,63,74,84. After my birthday we hit the lottery again: 10,16,24,67,84. I start my hobbies at the age of 4: piano, violin, horseback riding, painting, ceramics, tennis, dance, english, german and spanish. We buy a vacay house in Revfulop and we start sailing and windsurfing in the lake. I call Kmama to get a lottery ticket for Aug 5th, 1982: 9,10,12,15,28,32. My father dies sometime in a car accident. My Mom finds a nice husband and gets married. We buy a Lada stationwagon and start traveling everywhere. From 1990 we travel in the world in the summers. In the summer of 1994, I go to Argentina Buenos Aires to learn Spanish and tango and to tank up on b12. In 1995 we go to the US to take the Toefl and the SAT. We apply for the greencard lottery and win it for 1996. In 1996 we move to the US, the whole family. We settle down in Highland Park. In 1996 june 20th i hit the lottery: 2,6,32,39,43,46. I go to Rutgers to learn languages (german, spanish, italian, french, russian) beside the bio classes. I am in school until 2001 so i can take all the prerequisites. In the morning i row, in the afternoon we play tennis, at night we dance at Arthur Murray. We jump into the Hungarian community: folklore dance, scouts, band. In the summers i go to those foreign countries to perfect the language. My brother goes to high school then to community college for a year to decide what he wants to study. In 2001 we are all citizens. My parents move back to Hungary and my brother and i move up to Boston. I go to Harvard and he goes to BU. We are done in 2005. On my way down to Miami we stop in NJ and I meet TK. I offer him two things: the greencard and the possibility to go to UM for computer programming. My brother starts to work. I start the residency in Miami and i finish in 2008. My parents come to stay with us in the winter months. I go to Hungary for the summer with TK and my brother to spend time together. We come back, TK continues school, my brother works and i open an office in Coral Gables. I translate the Could it be B12? into Hungarian, take the functional medicine classes, prepare for a physique competition, take Brian Tracy classes. I write my own instructional book for patients in which i explain why we need to follow the GAPS diet. I order spectracell and enterolab tests and i perform a study with my patients for blood work vs special lab results. We spend the summers in Europe with festivals and traveling all over the world. We have a big wedding at Lake Balaton in 2010 and we start trying for a baby. We buy a house in Coral Gables: 20 Tahiti Beach Drive. The first baby comes in 2011, then in 2012, 2013, 2014 and in 2015. We buy 6 apartments in Corvin negyed in 2013: one for my brother, 5 for the kids. My brother moves home in 2013 to manage the apartments. We stay in Coral Gables until the oldest one is 6, so that is 2017. The summers we spend at Lake Balaton and raveling in Europe. We buy a big estate in Budapest with 8 bedrooms. One bedroom for my parents, one for a nanny, one for us and 5 for the kids. My brother buys a house nearby and has his own family. We sell the estate in Coral Gables. We live happily combining profession and family life.

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