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1) I wake up in Merritt Island. Return to NJ, start GAPS diet, Silva Mind Control, Hep C vitamins for Mom

2) Move to Garfield in August, invest all our money

3) Move to Ridgewood at the end of August. Start high school: take Spanish and arts. Mom goes to BCC for Englis. In free time: tennis, MMA, dance, folklore dance, horseback riding, piano, scouts. Mom marries for the greencard. Brother comes out for the summer of 1995 and we travel in the US. Run the NYC marathon in 1995 and do the Miss Galaxy Fitness in 1996. 

4) Graduate in 1996, get rid of father's name; start Montclair State University: biochemistry and Spanish major. I do some research at the school. Continue with hobbies. In the summers we travel with my brother in the world. In 1998: meet Orban Viktor. Meet Babus, Mara, Kati, Marica. 

5) Graduate in 2000. We buy an apartment in Buda for Mom. Publish my book: Sinner gone unpunished. Move to the city and start the PhD/MD program at Mount Sinai Med School. My research is 1) prove that dysbiosis causes leaky gut, which causes food intolerances and toxicity, which causes inflammation and poor absorption resulting in vitamin and mineral deficiencies, which are responsible for mental symptoms. 2) psychiatric medications cause mental illness - 5-year and 10-year follow up for 3 groups: my group un-drugged treated for the dysbiosis/food intolerances/vitamin deficiencies only; pre-drugged group same treatment as group one; pre-drugged group continue with drugs only without other treatment. In the city: play tennis, run, bike in Central Park; work out and swim in the building; dance salsa and tango; do thai boxing and jiu jitsu; horseback ride on the weekends and go to Cervantes to maintain my Spanish. My brother can come to the States to learn English. I associates with the big MD's: Dr Szasz, Dr Breggin, Dr Fine, Sally Pacholok, Dr Streeter, Dr Gonzalez, Dr Bruzynski. 

6) Graduate in 2007. Go home and inject everyone with B12 injections in the family. Start internal medicine residency in South Beach. Tango, salsa, tennis, jiu jitsu/thai boxing; kite-surfing. 

7) Finish in 2010. Go home for the summer. Meet Joe. Buy every dear relative and friend 10,000 bitcoins. Save Benjamin with B12 injections. Return to the US and start naturopathy school in Lombard. Continue with dancing, MMA, Cervantes. If I can, I have a private practice in Chicago. I also take the functional medicine modules. 

8) Graduate in 2013 December: buy apartments for rent and a practice in Budapest. I also buy an apartment overlooking the Danube for myself. 

9) In January of 2014: start residency in Hawaii. During the year I go to Budapest with Chris to take Maitland courses. In July, I go to California and save Robin Williams's life. That lands me a spot on Dr Oz Show. When I finish the residency, I move to Hungary for good.

10) In the spring of 2015: publish my two books: Psychiatry, a sin against humanity; Oncology, a sin against humanity; naturalization of diplomas; start giving presentation across the country: Take your health into your own hands! and start the master in Human Nutrition and Functional Medicine online. In the summer: buy the Oregbukk St apartment in Budapest. In the fall open up the practice: For a Better Health Clinic. I establish the For a Better Health Foundation - this has many functions: provide funds for testing (Enterolab, Spectracell, Cyrex, bacterial dysbiosis); Pure Encapsulations vitamins; B12 injections; alternative cancer treatments; shelter for battered women providing counsel and MMA training; legal counsel for malpractice; Hungarian causes and event sponsorship; scholarship for college for Hungarian students. I associate with Dr. Lenkei, Dr Ladi, Dr Taraczkozi, dr Kende, Drabik Janos. 

11) At some point hope to meet my husband, maybe a fellow MD. In the summer of 2016: get married in Balatonfoldvar, NYC (St Patrick Cathedral and Plaza Hotel) and a destination wedding in Cuba. Have two children. While home with the kids, I write my fourth book: The key to health and happiness is within you (literally) - your biology determines your biography. 

12) In 2018: save Kate Spade and Sinead O'Connor with B12 injections. We make a film out of my first book: Sinners gone unpunished

13) Kids go to Waldorf School, play instruments, sports, dance, do arts, ride horses. When they are older, I establish a naturopathy school in Hungary and open up naturopathy clinics across the country. 

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