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I wake up in Garfield, NJ next to my Mom. We go to buy a lottery ticket: 32,33,40,43,44,46. Even if it is not drawn, it is OK. We put all money into SFM.

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Comment by Beus on March 20, 2017 at 1:55pm
1994 june 15th is where we go back to tonite. I wake up in my room in Fair Lawn with the current and old knowledge and talents/mentality of a 16-year-old. Everyone else's memory gets deleted. I have this iphone under my pillow, so i know the stocks.

In the basement we have all our clothes, coats, shoes, boots accumulated up to 2016 in luggages. We also have the following books: b12 deficiency, autoimmune from dr blum, grain brain in english and hungarian, Szendi's books, GAPS in hungarian and english, orszagh's english-hungarian dictionaries, big english dictionary from Agnes and all the Wass Albert books. I also have my Spanish and German notes and books and my Maitland books and notes.

We go to the liquor store in the evening of the 15th. We hit the lottery on June 16th: 32,33,40,43,44,46. The following day we get social security numbers and submit the lottery slip. I get to know Denise at Kevin's graduation party. I start going to the city for salsa 3x/week and to events if i can. We buy a Volvo stationwagon. We move away from JB: we buy a house in Ridgewood. We put the money into EXX until the end of the year. My brother comes for August for a visit. He brings the following to US for my H. pylori: feketedio, feherurom, gyermeklancfu, szerecsendio, szegfuszeg, fahej, korriander, mustarmag. I kill them before they cause gastritis. We start gluten- and casein-free diet right away.

In September my Mom starts babysitting and goes to Bergen Community College to learn English. I go to high school and i take Spanish, German and arts for 2 years. We also start dancing at Arthur Murray together, play tennis with a private teacher, horseback ride on the weekends and play the piano. We also go to do scouts and we go to Hungarian events in the city, in New Brunswick and in Boston. We make a lot of friends this way. At the beginning of 1995 we put the money into Ascend Communications. In the spring we go to Mexico for spring break and we get B12 shots. In the summer, my brother comes and we travel in the east coast. In the beginning of 1996, i put the money into Viasoft. My Mom finds a husband in the meantime and they get married before my 18th birthday so i get the greencard. I graduate high school in May of 1996. In the summer, my brother comes out and we travel in the West Coast.

Then in the fall of 1996, go to Boston University and i continue with the Spanish and German beside bio classes, dancing, piano and tennis and i take on folklore dancing on Sundays. Every other weekend i come back to Fair Lawn. At the end of 1996, we put the money into yahoo. In 1998, i meet Csabi and Tibi. Through Margo, i get to know Babus and Angela. In 1999, I meet Kati and Marica. On dec 31st, we put the money from yahoo into HW. In the summers i spend 2 months in Argentina learning Spanish and tango and i tank up on B12 injections for the whole family. I return for Magyar Tanya every year. Then we go Hungary for 3 weeks and my brother comes for 3 weeks and we travel with him in the States. In 2000, i graduate BU. My brother comes out with the greencard. We do a cross-usa and canada, hawaii and alaska trip together.

Then in the fall of 2000 I go to UM medical school in Miami and we sell the house in Ridgewood. We rent a house in Coral Gables. We continue salsa and tango dancing together, play tennis and do water sports. My Mom and hubby go to Hungary and buy an apartment in Buda and a vacay house at Lake Balaton. In the first summer we go to Hungary and do a cross-country trip. During the years people come to visit us from NJ and Boston to keep the friendships. During the breaks, i go up North to be with them. In 2002, I meet George at Magyar Tanya. In 2004 we graduate from UM and go to South and Central America for a cross-continent trip with George. We buy a luggage-worth of B12 injections.

Then we move to Hungary the whole family. I meet Joe at Carmen Dance School and i go to Cuba and Thailand with the gang. We travel around the world, especially Europe, until August 12, 2015 when i take the money out of HW. I pay off the college loans, my brother does his citizenship in the US and i buy an apartment in Raday Street for me and one for my brother in Corvin negyed with 4 parking spots in the garage. I give a lot of money away to foundations that help different projects in Hungary and i give to all my friends and family in Hungary and the US. I also establish foundations that help Hungarian culture and creates jobs in Hungary. At the end of 2005, i put the remaining money into Corvel. At the end of 2006, i put it into First Solar. At the end of 2007, i put it into EBS, then at the end of 2008, i put it into select comfort until April 13, 2012 when i put it into Netflix.

From 2004 fall i date Joe and get a lot of friends through him. I meet Edit and Zsolt. I also do my hobbies: dance, tennis, painting, clay work, piano, horseback riding. I also seek out a school to practice my Spanish and German. At the end of the residency i meet the love of my life: a humble, sporty, sturdy, manly, dance- and nature-lover, charming, good humored and mannered, right winged, family centered with a big extended family who is a fellow doctor. By 2010, i finish the residency and we get married at Lake Balaton. We start trying for a baby right away. She or he comes at the end of 2011. In the meantime, i translate the b12 and autoimmune books, we do the Maitland courses and functional medicine courses together. We bring in xymogen, pure encapsulations, methylcobalamin, Enterolab and Spectracell lab.

On March 25th, 2013 i take enough money out of Netflix and i buy 6 apartments in Corvin negyed and my brother manages them. I also buy a practice where my hubby and I can start practicing. We set up a foundation for the practice that pays for the books, for the lab work, the methylcobalamin injection and the supplements. People only have to pay for the visit: 10,000 HUF for the initial visit, 5000 HUF for the follow-up visit. We also have Maitland, chiropractor, massage, hair dresser (Edit) and natural medicine (Mom).

The second child comes at the end of 2013. I have a babysitter and a cleaning and cooking lady come to the apartment so i can work part-time.

On March 3, 2014 i sell Netflix and buy Apple until Nov 24th when i repurchase Netflix on January 5th, 2015 until November 30th when i put it into GMCR. When it goes up to $91, i take out enough to buy the house of my dreams in Buda and one nearby for my Mom and her husband. If my brother is ready, we buy a house for him too. The remaning money goes into NVIDIA. I put all the money into a Merriman pie (except 40% remains in s&p500, 6% in a bond fund) and we just have to deal with rebalancing. Our three apartments go for long-term rental.

At the end of 2016, the third child comes. We are fully done with the house by then. The first two kids are still in the downstairs room together and the newborn is with us in the master bedroom. The upstairs rooms are used for the live-in nanny and cleaning/cooking personnel. In the basement there is a gym and a sauna for us to start the day with. We live happily everafter: my Mom does yoga, tangos with the hubby, works as a natural medicine healer and babysits. My brother manages the apartments for me and has three kids later on. I work with the hubby in the practice, care for the kids and we do the hobbies together: dance, tennis, horseback riding. I also deal with my numerous foundations in Hungary and the US supporting Hungarian causes.

When the kids are older, they are moved upstairs and the youngest one stays with us on the first floor in their room. We only have a babysitter then during the day and the cleaning/cooking lady also just comes in the morning. We start traveling in the world as a family. We take a world cruise when the smallest one is 6 years old. From the age of six they start dancing, tennis, swimming and playing an instrument. They go to waldorf daycare and elementary school. When they graduate college, they all get one apartment in Corvin negyed. My brother then does the tourist rental with his apartment and the one in Raday Street.
We all live happily ever after.

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