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Let me write down the plan: I wake up on 1994 June 14th, Tuesday in Garfield. We move away from my stepfather in August. We spend two years in Ridgewood - i take spanish and german, my Mom learns English. My Mom gets married for the greencard with Steve Mike-Mayer. We dance, play tennis, play the piano, swim, horseback ride and do scouts. Then we move to Highland Park and get involved with the Hungarian community. We folklore dance beside the other hobbies. I study biology, Spanish and German. In the summers we travel the world with my brother. In 2000 i go to NYIT for DO school (dance salsa and tango), finish in 2004, go to Fort Lauderdale for residency (dance, play tennis and do water sports), finish in 2007. Then i go to ND school, finish in December of 2010, go to Hawaii for a year while i go home for the Maitland courses and for the summer: Rovinj and Balaton Salsa Congress plus other festivals. I meet Joe there and spend the summer together. I finish the residency and move home - i buy a house and a practice in Buda, apartments in Budapest, land, a battered women's shelter and vacay apartments at Lake Balaton. I open my practice, festival thru the summer of 2012 and find a suitable husband. I hope to find him by 2013 summer, get married and start trying for a family. Once i give birth: i complete the MS in nutrition and functional medicine, i translate books, i start writing my books: Against all odds: growing up in the shadow of a communist spy, Modern medicine: a sin against humanity, How to live a long life in health and happiness and Humanity at the edge of an abyss. I have three children before I am 40 years old. Once the youngest one is 3 years old, i return to work. I start giving presentations across the country and establish a foundation for patients for shipping them to Hope4cancer in Mexico and to Ecuador for B12 deficiency and to get them tested with Spectracell and Enterolab and provide them with vitamins from Enterolab in Austria. I will be a very successful DO/ND. My kids will go to Waldorf School, learn some instrument, sport and dance. I will combine family and profession very well. I will pay off the national debt of Hungary in December of 2017.

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Comment by Jahara on January 9, 2018 at 9:04am


Comment by Elerkezett Ido on January 8, 2018 at 9:10pm

My brother does not really need to come to the US - unless he wants to. My Mom can petition for him in the summer of 2002 if he wants to come to the US, but i don't think it is a good idea. Let them visit me throughout the years multiple times annually and i also go home whenever i have off. That is the best plan - this way my brother does not make my life complicated by car accidents and other fun stuff. I think my Mom will enjoy living in Szombathely, keeping her money in the US and finding a nice boyfriend at home to spend her life with. She can come to visit anytime she wants. She will be free like a bird. She can become a naturopath in Szombathely :)

Comment by Elerkezett Ido on January 8, 2018 at 8:57pm

My brother stays in Hungary. My Mom moves to Hungary in 2000 when she buys an apartment in Szombathely. She spends a lot of time in the US, often visiting me with my brother. In 2012, at the age of 34, i am done with the US and move to Hungary for good. I start building my life with connections in Maitland, with colleauges in medicine, salsa, tango and other hobbies. I will also start dating online and find my partner by 35. Then we have 5 years to have 3 children before i am 40 years old. At the age of 43 i start my profession for real with presentations, 4 books on the market and a foundation. I will be golden. We travel with the kids every summer all over the world. 

Comment by Elerkezett Ido on January 8, 2018 at 8:49pm

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