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Comment by Elerkezett Ido on January 4, 2018 at 10:52am

I actually would not want to be with Joe. He is a selfish piece of crap with a decent that I do not want my kids to have. I want to find a right-winged true Hungarian man with dancing and sporting skills with a family oriented mind-set. 

Comment by Elerkezett Ido on January 3, 2018 at 8:38pm

1999 July 3rd, Saturday is the date we are going back to. I am not that B12 deficient, my brain has not atrophied yet, no major blunders happened in my life, I have the student visa, my Mom has the greencard. Let's roll. I get B12 injections thru my brother and my grandfather. I come back to the US and I go for testing for blood test gluten antibodies, B12 and Spectracell. I inject myself at least 30,000 mcgs to make the bloating and the deficits go away. I start a gluten and casein free diet. My Mom starts to take supplements for the Hep C and she starts doing sports. I go back to Rutgers and take some Spanish and German classes as well. I start dancing, playing tennis, horseback riding, playing the piano, scouts. In December of 1999 we take all the money out of the tech stocks and we put it all into HW. We throw a surprise B-day party for my Mom at the club. I have fun in the summer of 2000 and go to the canyons with Csaba and the gang. I send my sample to Enterolab for the gluten anti-bodies. I finish Rutgers in December of 2000 and my Mom has the greencard. We go home for Christmas and my brother's birthday, szallagavato. In March and April I am in Buenos Aires learning Spanish, tango, kitesurfing and tanking up on B12 for all family members. We come back to the US for my graduation and to move to Miami for UMPT. While in Coral Gables, I dance, play tennis and kitesurf. I practice my Spanish and German. I graduate in 2004 and go home so I can go to Cuba with the gang. Then I come back to NYC and work for a year while taking con ed courses and dancing salsa and hanging out with George. I go home for June of 2005 for the first Rovinj Salsa Congress. I go with Joe and we start a relationship. On Aug 12th i take the money out of HW and start investing in a chain of stocks over the years for my Mom. I start practicing my hobbies and I work in Hungary for two years then I go to Perth for a year to learn manual therapy. At some point we get married and have kids. While I am home with the kids, I start translating books, putting together a presentation, writing my 4 books and setting up a foundation for people to get tested in the US and to be sent to Mexico for cancer treatment, to Ecuador for B12 treatment and to Vienna for vitamins and minerals. I also set up a foundation for battered women and provide legal counsel for them and victims of psychiatry. At some point I complete the Maitland IMTA Europe courses and also the manual concepts in Portugal with a bunch of PT's. In 2013 I purchase real estate - including apartments, land, office, vacay house. By then I will have three or four kids so I can devote my energy to practicing manual therapy. I also start taking the MS in nutrition and functional medicine online. From this point on we also start traveling in the world with the kids. I will combine family, profession, benevolence and hobbies.

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