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About Healing and The Fears We Are Fed

Do we ever actually see that which we are afraid of? I say, No we do not -- we see the form of our fears through the medium of our beliefs and we call it danger. We impress ourselves with some idea which we convincingly believe exists and we attach our fears to it. Then when we are exposed to this idea, we express our fear, thinking the danger is in the thing or idea we have convinced ourselves of, and here's why. We have a sensation or excitement in our senses. If this sensation is sufficiently strong and unpleasant we often identify it as fear or danger. We then attach the presence of this sensation or feeling to some object or event or circumstance local to the sensation, and we then believe that we fear the thing or circumstance. Is the fear in the thing or circumstance? No. It is in your senses and is only perceived in your mind. The fear cannot be seen or touched; therefore it itself cannot actually be harmed. The body is not that which is afraid; it is the senses which are afraid. Suppose you see a Tiger lying down. As you approach him he rises and you do not know if he is loose or bound. You are afraid. If your senses are frightened, the senses must contain reason, for that which is matter or purely physical cannot reason. Therefore it must be your belief that is stimulating the sensation and thus feeding your fear.

A superior wisdom or higher knowing acts upon what we call animal matter or life-form, those forms which are animated above that of a plant or mineral, which is to say that this wisdom or intelligence controls them. If that which is wisdom, or the knowing behind the thinking, directs the action, then nothing is seen but the animal matter or life-form acting in accordance to the directives handed down to it from the wisdom or Spirit. Here is where the error often sets in. We associate the intelligence with matter itself and call them one, just as we put fear in the Tiger and call him dangerous. Now separate the fear from the thing feared and then we see that the fear contains no life or danger but is simply our ignorant apprehension of the animal matter whose spiritual self, by its very nature, is under our dominion. Therefore, the fear that we feel is in not knowing that every spiritual form is of one spirit and therefore cannot act against itself. The Tiger knows that you are its Lord, unless you are acting like its lunch, and it will always treat you in accordance with your actions. To the same degree which we first obey the Natural Laws of the Universe, they will obey us.

Our beliefs have made us fear death, which is the king of all terrors. To destroy this fear is to destroy the very foundation of most of man's misery. The wise man has said the fear of death is the beginning of wisdom. Let us examine his existence and discover his habitation, if he is in this world or the world to come, I say neither, he is in the world of error. Death cannot be in this world, for it cannot be seen, although we say men are killed, that they are shot dead. Now is death in the bullet or in you? Of course it is seen as in you. Then we must apply the word death to something that we believe has life. But does the body itself actually have life-in-itself? The body, by its biological composition, possesses a sort of animal nature, which drives its lower animal processes such as survival, fight or flight, territorialism and many other animal qualities none of which are capable of actually sustaining the body. These are all simply the lower aspects of the Spirit-body union. While whatever that intangible thing that is "you" (the Spirit), is present in the body, the body will sustain itself and remain animated and vital for an unknown length of time. However, remove that essence which is "you" and the animation instantly ceases, and immediately the body begins to decay. So surely the Life-In-Itself is not in the body, but this Life or Livingness, is in fact you and is supplied to the body by you.

Man has accepted the idea that the body has life; consequently he has also accepted that it has death. Can this death be seen? It cannot. Therefore we are afraid of that which cannot be seen. Perfect wisdom casts out fear, for fear is our tormenter. And as we learn wisdom we destroy the idea of death and thus the fear of that idea; then we live in wisdom, for science has removed the sting from death and robbed the grave of victory. Death, like darkness, is the absence of light or wisdom. So everyone who is living in the darkness is dead to the world of those whom live in the light. Fear fills the darkness and introduces ideas that are more terrible than anything in nature, and these ideas affect man's senses. Disease is one of these ideas, and this is a danger that we never see except through the medium of our fear. Through the fear of some invisible danger we create our own troubles. Our fears take form and they are called disease. Death is underlying all fear or danger or disease, and it is the belief that it is coming, or has come, which creates the fear. The senses being in the fear, which is attached to the idea, is so acted upon that a physical phenomenon is produced. This is called disease or death. If the fear were separated from the phenomenon, it would then be like the Tiger that you were afraid of. The real danger is not in the phenomenon or Tiger that can be seen but in the invisible idea that it exists and approaches you, and in such lays all danger.

We are afraid of everything that is connected with death. The idea that Man is made up of life and death is the fear that life can be taken and replaced with death. If life can be destroyed, then all is dead, however, if death is destroyed, then there simply is no more death. Truth comes to expose the falsehood of death and to bring Life and Immortality to light. The Christians teach that man must die; that life and death make the man. Then where is man in all of this? Truth illustrates man by various figures. To Wisdom, life is the reality and death, a self-imposed condition or idea. The ignorant man makes himself a combination of life and death, and when his life gives out, he is dead. Truth makes man of light, and darkness is mans own impression; his light is his wisdom, and his darkness is the belief in error, death or disease; and as his light shines he destroys the darkness. He then puts no life in those errors and his resurrection is from ignorance, while the Christian's is from death because their wisdom still embraces it. In all this teaching, Truth always strives to destroy error, and if we separate error from the truth by trying to give them various names like righteous and unrighteous, life and death, etc.. Then these two opposing natures remain included in one man, as night and day, are included in one day. Until we actually remove the cause the effect or error will remain.

Error is like twilight. It makes the world a world of shadows and it seduces ever toward the darkness until at last, either darkness reigns or light bursts in. For if the light of Truth burst in upon the ignorant through the teaching of Truth, those who were in darkness and cling to their ignorance and fear could not see the light for they turned away, but it was clearly seen by those whom were suffering in error or oppressed by their doubts and fears. This is because they were willing to look to the light rather than turn away from it; they were willing to shed the errors they were taught for the Truth they could now see. In this twilight of error, man becomes superstitious amongst the shadows and dark places. This is the condition in which he creates all the evils, which a nervous state of mind can conceive, and every disease and illness it can imagine. We must pass beyond that twilight or doubt before we can shake off the body of death or ignorance. This is the resurrection -- from error and ignorance. To be born again of the Spirit - the birth having no mother and no father - the birth of an enlightened consciousness.

What we wish to do is free our minds from the thinking that torments our senses. To escape from the ideas of errors -- the ideas that tell what they believe but can explain nothing, ideas that can give the opinions of others but can prove nothing. This errant thinking cannot be seen clearly except through Truth or Science. If you felt a pain in the region of the hip joint or in the lung, error would say that you had a hip affliction or a lung disease. Suppose you were to believe this; your senses are then affected by your belief. Every person in error is sick, if there is such a thing as sickness. But if disease is an error, then the misery that follows is the effect of that error. Mental Science is a basis of operation for establishing a Science founded upon philosophical principles of reasoning. Then man can be reasoned out of his error, which the world calls disease, the same as he can be reasoned out of any other error. Religion is the basis of man's false reasoning and it produces the disease. The doctors undertake to cure the disease by admitting the effects it has upon the body simply by describing the symptoms of the error. This will never destroy the effect, for while the causes exist, the effect will follow. Now correct the cause or error and the effect will cease.

Only true Wisdom will correct the first error established, that started the chain of cause and effect. This will also destroy the opinions of the priest and physician and place mankind on a better foundation of reasoning where he will look for causes rather than remedies. For he will then know that the true cure is in knowing the cause. Suppose you believe you have a lung disease. Now to believe the cause to be anything other than a disease to you would be wrong, but if you do accept the cause to be other than a disease, you then make the belief into something (cause); then something will follow (effect), and that which follows you will call disease. If this first admission (belief) were corrected the effect (disease) would never have been. Therefore, it is in our best interest to disallow such errant thinking to enter our domain of consciousness. When we sense that error, or ill belief that has been imposed upon us by another, is entering into our conscious realm of thought we should just as consciously dismiss it. You are not my thinking, you are the thinking of another and there is no Truth in you. I am only aware of perfect health and absolute vitality in regeneration; my body is a reflection of my mind, not your mind. The Spirit or the Life-In-Itself cannot act against itself, therefore, any concept that is not of the True Life-In-Itself is of error or ignorance and I do not subscribe.

Most men are not developed enough to produce the idea that words have an effect on the mind in proportion to their definition. Ideas are made of words and words to the one who understands them are something. True they cannot be seen, yet everyone will admit they will affect the mind, and if they can affect, how do they do it? First, the mind is not the intellect. It is the medium in which the thinking takes place; much like the water is not the swimming. Then words being sounds must either contain something or nothing. If the person who speaks a word knows what it means, it contains his knowledge (it is something); but if he does not know how to impress it upon the person he addresses, to that person it is an empty sound, and it produces no effect (it is nothing). The truth when it is known will develop this fact that the causes of phenomenon also exist in words. Masaru Emoto has more than proven this principle in experiments outlined in his book "The Hidden Messages in Water". Masaru Emoto states, "Quantum physic scientists now agree that we are what we think. We are our thoughts and beliefs. We continually create our reality around us and within us by what we think."

This line of reasoning differs from much of the world. I put the cause of disease in those words that convey fear to the senses, or in some sensation, never in the phenomenon or disease itself. The world puts disease in the phenomenon and guesses at the cause. They have never been taught that words are the basis of much of man's trouble. Words affect every person, yet you will hear people say, "sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me." But this is not the case. It is just as impossible for ill words to fall harmless on man's senses and not to afflict him as it is for large stones to fall on his body without causing him injury. Yet the world, ignorant of this fact, is constantly stoning the sick with their opinions and advice. Every word affects us as much as the one with whom we speak, even our thoughts affect us, and we are responsible for them as well as our acts. If this truth were known, man would conduct himself so that his thoughts would take a right and affirmative direction. Then he would cease to do error and learn to do good. Consider the influence that the physician has over his patient. Weigh his words by the standard of truth and see the misery he creates; then the real mystery of disease will be explained. Look at the effect that his words have. If any virtue is attributed to his wisdom at all, it is attributed to his medicine and is always accompanied by his words of both sympathy and fear.

I will attempt to explain how words affect people. There is nothing so annoying to a doctor as to have somebody offer their opinion of his treatment, or to express a preference for some other physician. If opinions have no effect on people, why render them at all, and if they do have an effect, how do they affect and what do they affect? Is that which they affect so imaginary that it has an existence outside of the senses? I say certainly not. The medical men want a monopoly of man's senses to impose their ideas upon them, and if interfered with by another, they accuse him of working upon the imagination of the sick. They swear an oath that they never deceive the sick. It is their diet or their lifestyle or the general ignorance of the patient that is always at fault. Many physicians are blind guides and hypocrites and have imposed their false ideas on the people's senses until the world has received their ideas as true. And now these imposters, with a stern face, accuse others of deceiving the people through their imagination. This shows that they believe it can be done, but at the same time, they know that the people think that education is necessary to cure the sick. So they institute diplomas, and if one appears without a diploma, they call him a fraud, operating on the imagination. The one being deceived is honest but the deceiver feels that he can impose on the subject's senses and take advantage of them. He tells the patient a lie and if the patient believes it, this lie is taking action upon the imagination of the patient, and ultimately manifesting in their body. If there is enough life in the patient then they may survive the attempts to cut away that which the physicians have often caused in the first place.

Therefore, the things one would really benefit from maintaining as their predominant mental attitude, and thereby impress upon their unconscious, are those things that are of the Truth, and that are affirmative in their essence -- that which is in favor of Life. That, which is actually you (the Spirit), is unencumbered by either space or time and therefore it only exists "here" and "now". It knows NO conditions, limitations or afflictions and is not affected by the natural world of effects and secondary causes. The Spirit knows ONLY absolute vitality and is in an ever self-sustaining state of perfection. It is the Life-In-Itself, and there is NO death or disease in it. The Spirit is always ready to express its Life and Livingness through us without question or exception, and continuously does so according to the degree to which we recognize it. The body is simply a reflection of the state of the Mind that is its predominant mental attitude. It is the outward expression of that which is believed within. Thus to achieve perfect outward health one only need accept the perfect health of the Living Spirit within. Do not form beliefs based on the outwardly visible symptoms or conditions that seem to contradict the perfect liberty and vitality of the self, as these are only manifestations of the Mind acting outside of unity or harmony with the Life that is the Truth. Do not deny these things as to the nature of their relative existence for those who believe them as the only reality, simply do not acknowledge them as having, in ANYONE, any existence within the "Source Cause" that is back of all reality. Know that these things are, in no way, real of themselves, that they only take the source of their existence in the thoughts of those who believe in them and continue to believe in them. All existence has its origin in the Spirit or thinking (cause), not in the resulting perceived reality or "physical" Universe (effect). To change the effects you must change the causes.

Perfect Health and Clarity of Mind,

-- Victor

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Comment by genevieve on May 21, 2008 at 1:05pm
HI Victor,
I like your blog about disease and doctors. I became weak in the muscles, arms, internals and eyes. I was "diagnosed" as having a neuromuscular, autoimmune degenerative disease ...quite a mouthful. Quite a lot more than I presented with. Sadly as you say doctors are arrogant about what they think they know and they have set "cures", drugs with side effects and a prognoses that makes you dependent on them ...for ever !

Happily, I walked away from them, strayed in and out of various healing modalities, until I realised that "my dis-ease" came from within and if I could discover what made me feel so weak in the first place I could then set about healing myself.

I did find the answers and am now healing myself. But doctors can do terrible damage, the words "degenerative and incurable" still have some effect on me. My antidote is to say, (instead of suffering from a degenerative disease) I am indulging in re-generative ease and joy !!

I look forward to reading more of your blogs !

Comment by victor on May 20, 2008 at 9:00am
You're more that welcome Jan. That is a beautiful Image.

-- Victor
Comment by Jan aka HAYA... on May 20, 2008 at 7:21am


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