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A friend was on her way to our Friday night Abraham-Hicks discussion group last week when she received a frantic phone call from her daughter-in-law. Our friend's son had suddenly become very ill and was having trouble getting his breath. So she rushed to his home over on the coast, and she was with him and his wife and two young children when he died the next day. He was 36 years old, and passed away from a blood clot.

Tomorrow, we'll go the funeral and express our love and support to our friend and to her son's wife and family.

At times like these, I feel drawn to review Abraham's teachings on death, or on "croaking," as they call it with humorous disrespect, for there is no such thing as death, other than that of the physical body.

Abraham said on 10/6/06: " 'What comes after death?' is like asking, 'What comes after lunch?' or 'What comes after sleep?' or 'What comes after now?'

"The answer is, MORE!

"More opportunities to focus, more opportunities to compare, and, gloriously, more opportunities to decide.

"You are Eternal Beings, romping about the Universe giving your careful attention to a myriad of subjects, finding pleasure and interest and satisfaction everywhere you turn -- forever!"

Then, on 11/2/02 in Dallas, TX: "None of you will ever really live until you are able to quell your fear of death. None of you will be able to quell your fear of death until you are embracing the idea of life. None of you will ever embrace your idea of life -- unless you understand that there's no such thing as death. You are Eternal Consciousness. It's time to stop making this inevitable thing called death the issue that keeps you bound and afraid of the adventure that is life."

And how about San Francisco 2/24/07: "And oh, the party we have when you croak! And the laughter that abounds. As you say, again and again, 'All that grief over nothing! All that guilt over nothing! All that worry over nothing!' And then what do you do? You say, 'Ready to go again! Ready to go again! Ready to go again!' You don't say, 'Ah, didn't like that! Didn't like that one bit!' From your place of connection, you see it all clearly, you know it, you are it, you see!"

Abraham reminds us that life is always unfolding and that we cannot cease to be. We are part of the eternal expansion of All-That-Is, whether we're in non-physical or back here for the wondrous, leading edge adventure of physical expression.

When, in due time, our friend moves beyond grief, she'll be closer to her son that she ever was when he was here. When she recovers happiness and can come near her son's high vibration, he will be only a thought away.

And they can interact, joyously, once again.

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Comment by et on March 13, 2009 at 8:28pm
I agree with you Athena, but I can also relate to Goodgirl. When someone that you love and that you are very close to, especially physically, it is natural to MISS them. This physical dimension is just that... physical. We are fortunate that we can touch, make love, eat, etc. Yes, it is selfish, but it is quite real to miss someone that leaves this physical plane even if you do realize that they're still around.
Comment by Athena Starlight on March 13, 2009 at 3:54am
Thank you for the knowledge ... luckerly I do not fear death and I truely believe that we are beings of light that use the human physical form as a function to connect to tohers while we are here learning.

Atlantean Blessings.

Athena Starlight.
Comment by Goodgirl715 on March 13, 2009 at 1:48am
My husband died 3 yrs ago at the age of 41 in a car accident. I also listen to the teachings of Abraham, but it really takes a while before you can grasp this. I think you need to go through the stages of grief first. Now 3 yrs later I can appreciate the fact that he really isn't dead and in fact he really is only a thought away, Be patient with you friend, it's a hard road, especially for a mother.

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