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Abraham Hicks based study of Sexual Energy, Influence, Quantum Leaps and Emotional WhipLash

Intentions: To gather the available material of quotes and organize by topic regarding Sexual energy and functions, Influence of any kind, and to revisit the emotional guidance scale as a bouncing off place to study and begin to recognize accidental or deliberate quantum leaps and the resulting emotional whiplash as it is occurring...so you can get a handle on that :-)

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Comment by Abe Enthusiast 333 on November 14, 2010 at 10:12am
faq answer: abraham says that influence exists and tells you how to render the fact of it to your advantage. it's simple vibrating on purpose, just like anything else in deliberate creating. and the effects are very clearly point-at-able, but it's unbalancing for many to find that out until they do have the WHOLE picture...which is that it does exist but it is your right and responsibility to live gracefully within it if you are to benevolent and truly powerful for your own intentions, and this has nothing to do with the personal power of any other individual. in essence, if you determine that their thoughts are negative, you can use those thoughts to help them along in their own "agenda" via their asking and thereby move them away from you. however, that is direct attention to another without actual intention of upliftment for them in most cases since we are all selfishly wired and most forget that true benevolence IS selfishness....so...yes it is irrelevant when you know who you are bc you know how to manage it and go anywhere and focus in and out of anything, but you really have to be strongly learned about all topics and how source sees them ....or very very sensitive to your emotions and you avoid anything that feels off. there is no middle ground in this, by the way bc when you are out of the vortex....anyone else with a stronger, more practiced out-of-the-vortex vibration can inadvertently call you as strongly or stronger than your own source unless you remain very very sensitive to yourself.
Comment by Abe Enthusiast 333 on August 16, 2009 at 12:10pm
overwhelment equals wanting more than you can easily acclimate to, mexican cruise 09. , this quote links to allergies:

If you take a period of time, and you ask more of yourself than is really
physically possible, you put stress on yourself. It's just not possible to
do it. So you get smarter and sharper and more efficient, but still, if you
are not in the vortex, if you are outside the vortex trying to make things
happen, then you have this imbalance taking place.

The more you are in the vortex, the more the resources are there for you to

But if being in the vortex is not your highest priority, and you are still
active and involved, then you just deplete yourself a little bit.

And it's the same as not being able to take as much air in as you are
breathing out. It's exactly the same thing.

So we're really talking about in the vortex-out of the vortex kind of stuff.

So stay with us just a little bit and you'll feel some things click into

So what if, knowing all you know about being in the vortex, what if you, and
others that you know, including Esther, too, what if you're trying to make
too much happen outside the vortex? So that you are spending more than is
coming in, in essence. So that you're breathing more out than you are
breathing in. It's that imbalance that is at the heart of this. It's not
about an allergy. It's about over-extension.

Asheville, NC 5/29/09
Comment by Abe Enthusiast 333 on August 16, 2009 at 11:11am
FAQ section: Doesn't Abraham say that influence is irrelevant?

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