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ABRAHAM-HICKS - The Art of Allowing, Letting the Good Life Flow


by Abraham Hicks

Your Emotions are Your Guidance System

Your emotions tell you everything that you need to know about your state of allowing or of not allowing. In other words, when you feel positive emotion it means you are in vibrational harmony with your Source, and you are allowing the good things that you are wanting to come to you. It is that simple.

As You Are in a Place of Feeling Good, You are in a Place of Allowing Good.

When you feel that which you call positive emotion, such as joy or appreciation, or a feeling of love or well-being those feelings that make your heart sing, those exhilarating feelings, those feelings, whether it ranges from contentment to passion, those feelings that you would call good feelings, those feelings that you would wish for all people that you love, (and if you are very wise you would wish them for all people that you don't even know and maybe not love) as you are in that place of feeling good you are in the place of allowing. You are in the place of allowing what? Allowing Source Energy. Allowing connection with who you are. Allowing wellness. Allowing clarity. Allowing abundance of all things desired.

When you feel negative emotion, such as anger or fear or frustration or rage, even anxiety, those feelings of depression? when you feel that which you call negative emotion, what that always means is, for some reason, right now, you are not in the state of allowing. Allowing what? Allowing Source Energy, allowing clarity, allowing all that is good. You are, instead, in the state of resisting. You are in a vibrational state where, for whatever reason, you have found some reason to focus in a way that disallows the Pure, Positive Energy, the Source Energy, the Energy that creates worlds from flowing to you and through you in the way that you've intended it.

You Live in a Sea of Well-Being

What a magnificent Guidance System, your emotions. Not something that has to be translated by another. Not something that has to be written in a book and studied for years to be understood. It is right there within you in the moment.

Why Aren't More Using Their Guidance System?

So why aren't more people utilizing their Guidance System to hold themselves more often in a state of allowing the things that they want? Because you have become accustomed to the feeling of resistance, so much so that your Guidance System is sort of numb. It feels normal for many of you to feel a little ornery, or a little aggravated. In other words, you have become so accustomed to the feeling of resistance that you don't understand the Guidance System when it is there within you.

And because most of you have not been made aware of the process of Energy flowing, and how it feels as it flows through you, most of you have lost your place in your Creative Universe in terms of flowing Energy. You have become those, almost without exception, human beings who are charting the results of how you and others have flowed Energy. You have become post Energy studiers. You are looking at the manifestation, which is the result of how the Energy has been flowed, instead of being aware of how you're flowing in the moment.

Your Power is All In The Now

The only thing that matters is how you're flowing in the moment. Right now is where all of your power is. Right now you are either open and allowing your Life Force to flow or not and you can tell by the way you feel whether you are allowing or not.

You are receivers of Well-being in extraordinary fashion. You live in a sea, or an arena, of grace. Well-being is the sea that surrounds you. But sometimes, without meaning to, you can get focused upon a piece of something that somebody has manifested in their art of resistance, and as you focus upon it, and as you achieve vibrational harmony with it, you include it in your vibration, as well, and now you, too, are practicing resistance. How is that so? Because everything is about attraction.

Your Attention To It Includes It

When you look at something that you want and you give your attention to it by your attention to it you include it in your vibration. As you say yes to it, you include this thing that you want in your vibration. But when you see something that you do not want, and you shout no at it by your attention to it you include it in your vibration. In this Vibrational Universe, there is no such thing as no. Everything is yes. So when you see something wanted, it is yes. When you see something not wanted, it is yes.

You Know What is Wanted By seeing What Isn't

It is by your very objective nature, as you weigh the pros and the cons and the pluses and the minuses, that you keep including things that you don't want in your experience. "But Abraham, isn't that a logical thing? I thought you said that I'm here to examine the content of the Universe, and that out of this sea of contrast will be born rockets of desire? So how can I help but see those things not wanted?" That's right. You have to be able to see things not wanted. How would you know what is wanted without your awareness of what is not wanted?

Every Stick Has Two Opposite Ends

Every subject is two subjects. It's like a stick with two ends on it. On one end is what is wanted and on the other end is that which is not wanted. So when you pick up the stick that says wellness, you're also picking up the stick that says lack of wellness. When you pick up the stick that says abundance, you're also picking up the stick that says lack of abundance. Every possibility has two ends. "So how do I be in the place of allowing, when I pick up the stick that says abundance? How do I keep from picking up the other end of it that says, not enough?" And we say, that's where your Guidance System comes in. You can tell by the way you feel whether your propensity for vibration on a topic is one of resistance or one of allowing.

When you pick up the stick that says abundance, do you feel confident? Do you feel free? Do you feel glorious? Do you feel exhilarated? Or when you pick up the stick that says money, do you feel restriction? Do you feel shortage? Do you feel worried? Do you feel fear? Do you feel anger? What is the feeling that you hold when you activate the subject of dollars? Or of wellness, or of any subject?

Are You Selfish Enough To Feel Good?

Nothing Matters More than that I Feel Good

With much less effort than you have ever thought before, you can learn to bring yourself into vibrational harmony with Well-being at all times. But there's one thing that you have to decide before any of it will begin to make sense, or before anything that we are going to teach you here today will be able to be applied by you: You must be selfish enough that you are willing to feel good. You have to reach the place where you say, "Nothing matters more to me than that I feel good." Because until you are willing to actively work at feeling good, you're not going to know when you don't. Until you deliberately reach for the conscious feeling of the higher vibration, you won't be able to recognize the lower vibration.

You and the Cork are Naturally Buoyant

Imagine a cork bobbing up here on the surface of the water. On the surface of the water is where your natural vibration is: high, fast, pure. It all means the same. High, because there's no resistance, fast, because there's no resistance, pure, because there's no resistance. That's who you naturally are. Now take hold of that cork and hold it under the water. That's what negative emotion is. But, as soon as you let go of the cork, it floats right back to the surface.

And so, we're not here to teach you to raise your vibration, because your vibration is naturally raised. We're here to help distract you from the lower vibration. Jesus said, turn the other cheek, and that's exactly what he was talking about. Turn your attention from what holds your vibration in a lower place, and your vibration will naturally raise.

Meditation, the Practice of Allowing Well-Being

Many teachers, we are among them, teach meditation, because meditation, when you achieve it effectively, means you distract yourself from the physical stuff. It's like a withdrawal of consciousness when you are still awake. When you are asleep you withdraw consciousness too. But when you slumber and withdraw consciousness, your consciousness is not consciously aware of what it feels like to be in that higher vibration. But when you are awake and in a state of meditation, now you are consciously aware of what it feels like to be in that higher vibration. Which means, you will be more aware when your vibration dips.

Use Meditation as a Process to Allow Connection to Source Energy

Sometimes people say, "Abraham, is it normal for all hell to break loose in someone's life when they begin the meditation process?" And we say, yes, because what happens is you are bringing yourself to a place of heightened sensitivity, so that formerly achieved patterns of lower vibration are less comfortable to you.

There are other ways than meditation: Appreciation, a rampage of appreciation raises vibration. Listening to music that makes your heart sing raises vibration. Petting your cat raises vibration, or sitting and watching the river go by? Often you are in your highest states of connection to Source Energy while you are driving. It is the reason that there are fewer traffic accidents, because you are, as a mass consciousness, often more connected when you are driving. Something about the rhythm of the road, or the lack of something to focus upon.

Here is the process of meditation that if we were in your physical places we would utilize: Every day for 10 or 15 minutes, and not for much more than that, we would sit quietly by ourselves somewhere. Maybe under a tree, maybe in our car, maybe in the bathroom, someplace where we would not be interrupted.

We would do our best to shut down our physical senses. In other words, we would draw the curtains if it is bright. We would close our eyes. We would put ourselves in a place where there is not much sound. We really would not even play music. Some people play music, but even that can be distracting in nature. Something like the ticking of a clock, or the dripping of a faucet, or the trickling of a waterfall, something of that nature can be very soothing. And some music falls into that same category. But it must be something that does not stimulate thought.

And we would focus inward, even on our breathing. We would be consciously aware of air in, and we would be consciously aware of air out. We would concentrate on long breaths in, and we would concentrate on long breaths out. We would breathe air in, and when we thought it was all our lungs would hold, we would bring still more in. And when we think it is still all our lungs could hold we would breathe more air in. And then, at a place of full expansion of lungs, we would take a long, slow, delicious time to let the air out. And our intention would be nothing more than being in this moment, and being consciously aware of breathing. We would let it be our fullest responsibility. Not fixing breakfast, not combing hair, not wondering how someone is doing, not thinking about yesterday, not worrying about tomorrow, not focusing on anything in this moment except air in, and air out.

Now, during this process, within 2 or 3 days of doing it, you're going to begin to feel a detachment from your physical experience. A very common thing that you will feel is a sort of numbing sensation. Some describe that they cannot tell their toe from their nose. Some, if their eyes are closed, and we recommend that, may begin to see movement of light around under their eyelids, or even flashes of color.

There is no right or wrong in this process of meditation. There is nothing that you should be reaching for. This is a state of allowing. This is a state where, for just a few moments, you stop running the show. You stop trying to make anything happen. This is your time of allowing. This is your time when you are saying unto your maker, unto your Source Energy, unto your Inner Being, unto your God - whatever you're wanting to call it, this is your time of saying, "Here I be, in a state of allowing. And what am I allowing? I'm allowing Source Energy to flow purely through me."

15 minutes a day of that effort will change your life. Because it will put you in the state of allowing the Energy that is natural to you to flow. You'll feel better in the moment. You'll feel more energized when you come out of it.

You may spend 14 minutes before you achieve any state of detachment. You might not ever be consciously aware that you've achieved any state of detachment. It doesn't matter, you are making enormous progress as you allow yourself to be.

"Ask and it is given." Not, ask and get worthy? It is Ask and it is given. Ask and Allow

A big benefit that you'll notice, right away, is that things that you've been wanting will begin showing up. "Now, why is this? Abraham, I didn't sit and intend. I didn't sit and set goals. I didn't sit and clarify what I want. I didn't tell the Universe what I wanted. How come 15 minutes of just being will set those kinds of things in motion?" Because it has always been, ask and it is given. It has never been "ask and do something right and it is given". It has never been "ask and get worthy". It is ask and allow. Ask and allow.

And so, every day, you've been asking. You've been launching all kinds of intentions. You cannot live in your physical body, you cannot be part of this physical environment without endless desires being born within you. And as these desires are being born within you, the Universe is answering them. And now, because of your 15 minutes of allowing, whether you were petting the cat, or practicing your breathing, whether you were listening to a waterfall or listening to happy music, or whether you were on a rampage of appreciation, what happened, for that time of allowing, is, you set up within your vibrational auric field a vibration that, for the time, was not in the state of resisting the things that you've been asking for. And progress is made in that time.

Bring Your Guidance System Alive Again

"Well, Abraham, if I've been really negative for 50 years, is it going to take me 50 years to turn it around?" 15 minutes ought to do it. "In 15 minutes I can undo all of the disallowing that I've learned to do?" In 15 minutes you can allow, you don't have to undo anything. "Well, what if I've really developed habits of negativity? Is 15 minutes going to change that?" Probably not. But the next time you go to one of those negative thoughts, you're going to be more aware of it. Your Guidance System is going to say, "Hey!" You're going to feel your state of resistance in a keener way. Your Guidance System is going to be brought alive again so that you will be aware, probably for the first time in your life, of what you're doing with Energy.

Everything that happens to you is created by the Energy you are Summoning and Allowing (or not).

And that means everything. What you're doing with Energy is what you do. You do everything with Energy. You are Energy flowing beings. Everything that happens to you and everything that happens to everyone you know, happens because of the Energy that you are summoning and allowing, or not allowing. Everything is about that relationship with Energy. Everyone you know who is having every experience that you know is having it because of the focused desire that their life has brought to them, and the state of allowing or resistance that they are in at any moment.

You Could Release any Deadly Disease, Now

You could have every deadly disease known to man, and some they haven't even figured out yet, you could have them all in your body right now and tomorrow they could all be gone, if from one day to the next you learned how to allow the Energy to flow. We really are not encouraging those kinds of quantum leaps, they are a little uncomfortable. What we really are encouraging is every day being selfish enough to say: "Nothing is more important than that I feel good. And I'm going to find ways today. I'm going to begin my day by meditating and bringing myself into alignment with my Source Energy. And as I move through the day, I'm going to look for opportunities to appreciate, so that all day long I'll bring myself back into Source Energy.

"If there's an opportunity to praise, I'm going to praise. If there's an opportunity to criticize, I'm going to keep my mouth shut and try to meditate. If I feel like criticizing I'll say, here Kitty, Kitty, and I'll pet my cat til that feeling goes away." Within 30 days of mild effort, you can go from one of the most resistant people on the planet, to one of the least resistant people on the planet. And then those who are watching you will be amazed at the amount of manifestations that begin to occur in your physical experience.

Manifestations, On Other Side of Your Door

Open the door and allow your natural Well-being to Flow

If you could see an aerial view of your life, an aerial view, where we are seeing you, electrically, it's like you are standing here, and over there is a doorway, and on the other side of the door is lined up all of these things that you've been wanting. They're just leaning on the door, just waiting for you to open it. They've been there from the first moment you asked for them: Your lovers, your perfect mates, your perfect bodies, your perfect bodily conditions, all of the money that you could ever imagine ... all things that you've ever wanted.

Things little and big. Things that you would call extraordinary and significant, and things that you would call not very significant. Everything that you have ever identified that you wanted is lined up right outside that door. And in the moment that you open the door, all things wanted flow to you. And, then we will hold a seminar on how to deal with the manifestations, with all this stuff that is flowing in.

One of the most significant things that we are wanting you to realize is that you are not here about the manifestations. You are here about the feeling of Energy flowing through you. You are here to give birth to the desire. It is the desire that is alive within you that is everything. It is the desire that is alive within you that we are all about. But the manifestations are fun, too, aren't they?



Jeff - Feeling Good Now

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Comment by Jeff on May 22, 2008 at 8:52am

Have you ever known someone whose life was not based on what
you thought was moral or appropriate behavior? And yet, they
continued to win.

You know why?

They don't listen to the other side of the argument and mix
up their vibration.

They focus upon and hold themselves in alignment with what
they want—and the Universe delivers to them what they want.

It doesn't matter how many others stand back and claim
injustice, foul play, or inappropriate, the Law of Attraction
always answers your vibration.

And it doesn't have anything to do with what anybody else is
doing—or thinks about what you're doing—unless you change
your vibration because of what they think about what you're

That's why a variety of medical remedies work differently on
different people. That's why a variety of religious
intentions work for different people.

Abraham - Hicks
Comment by Jeff on May 16, 2008 at 7:11pm
Vibrational Escrow

Make a decision to have an out-of-body experience where your Inner Being gives you a glimpse of your Vibrational Escrow. We think it would be good for all of you. We think it would be really good for you to get a glimpse of your Vibrational Escrow because when you get a glimpse of it, before you can see it, you have to feel worthy of it. In other words, you can't see it until you feel worthy of it even in your dreamscapes.

Make that an intention. Start writing this down -- `Inner Being, in my dream state, in my out-of-body excursions, I want a glimpse of my Vibrational Escrow' ? which means I want to work my way into a place of such worthiness that I have full view of it. And as you let that be a vibrational challenge or goal, and as you begin to accomplish it more and more in your dreamscape, then you'll begin to see it filling-in in your life experience.

Abraham-Hicks.com Hawaii Cruise 12/05
Comment by Jeff on May 16, 2008 at 7:09pm
Your Motor is a Vibrational Offering

Most of you weigh in, emotionally, somewhere around frustration and overwhelment, while you can dip into the lower registries depending on different subjects. And we also acknowledge that on some subjects you're in different places than in other subjects. On money you could be feeling pretty good, while on relationships you're not feeling so sure of yourself.

In other words there's all kinds of variation, but for the most part you've got a motor running, and that motor is a vibrational offering that is equalling the way life is treating you, what you're getting back. And what we are here to remind you of today, is that with far less effort than you've ever thought, with far less effort than it takes to learn quickbooks on your computer, you can move up the emotional scale, you can take the emotional journey.

We want you to make your journey from not enough money to more money, from not enough love to more love, from not enough wellness to more wellness. We want to help you take that journey from where you don't want to be to where you want to be. We want to help you make it an understandable journey.

You've got to be able to tell if you're moving in the right direction, because we see so many of you start to move in the right direction, then listen to the opinion of someone else and move in the opposite direction, and you regain your resources and you start to move in the right direction, but then you take score too soon. You say, 'I can't tell if I'm moving in the right direction because my body isn't healed yet,' or 'Because the money hasn't landed in my bank account,' or 'Because my lover isn't in my bed yet.'

And we say, friends, you got to stop taking score, and start feeling the vibrational countenance. And when you consistently feel better, everything begins working for you. And those who are watching you think you are magic. Those who are watching you say to you, 'What in the world are you doing? What's changed in you?'

And you tell them, 'I stopped beating up on myself. And I stopped listening to everybody else's idea of how I should feel. And I started caring how I feel. And I started reaching thought by thought for the best feeling I could find.'

Comment by Jeff on May 16, 2008 at 7:08pm
Prayer - Allowing vs Pleading

The universe assists and responds. That which you call God, it does not matter what you name this Source, answers you. You do not have to plead your case of need. And in fact when you do, it complicates your energy.

That?s like saying, I want this thing that I do not have and I really want everyone to understand that I do not have it and that?s why I want it. I want it, you see, because I do not have it. If I had it, then I wouldn?t want it so much, but since I do not have it, I really really want it, but I do not have it.

So, I?m aligned with my desire and then I?m not, and then I?m aligned with my desire and then I?m not, and then I?m aligned with my desire and then I?m not. And the question we want to put to you, is how much are you in alignment with your desire and how much are you in alignment with the absence of your desire.

And the answer to that question is simple. How much do I talk about what I want and why I want it and feel all the delicious feelings around that. Or how much do I plead my case for how badly I need this thing that I do not have.

Every time you justify your need or desire for something, you are in alignment with the absence of it. You cannot speak your need from your pleading, prayerful position, and be a match to what you are asking for. Any more than you can set your radio dial for 98.6 and hear the music that?s being projected on 101 FM. They are different vibrational frequencies and they do not line up.

You must be a vibrational match to what you are asking for.

Abraham-Hicks San Antonio, TX ? 4/12/03
Comment by Jeff on May 16, 2008 at 7:08pm
Anything And Everything That Feels Good.....

Every single thing that you like and every single thing that you don't like, every preference that you have honed out of your life experience through all of the days of this physical life experience and even before is known by Source Energy and all you gotta do is get into a place where you feel good and let IN what you've been asking for.

And that's why people will say, "Oh man, I got something so much better than I even imagined. I did not even know that such bliss or such experience could exist. The Universe has imagined it FAR better than I could have", you will say.

And we say that's not exactly accurate because the Universe got every bit of it from you. It's just that the Universe got it piece by piece by piece and you can't comprehend all of the preferences that you have honed all at once. None of you can do that. None of you could stand right here and know yourselves and express yourselves to us as clearly as we know you.

In other words, not one of you could put it into words. Source Energy KNOWS who you are. And is offering response to it at all times. You just have to find a way to let it in.

And working too hard doesn't do it. And fretting over it doesn't do it. And jumping throught hoops doesn't do it. And feeling unworthy and trying to achieve worthiness doesn't do it.

What does it is anything and everything that makes you feel good when you do it. Anything and everything that feels good while you do it.

Happy memories do it. Pleasant imageries do it. Noticing lovely things where you stand do it. Taking in the splendor of one of these magnificent chandeliers and acknowledging the spectacle. The current that flows through it... and the glass that is formed... and the abundance of the glass... and someone's creative design... and someone's willingness and ability to put it there.

In other words, there's so much to behold and appreciate just on something as insignificant in the scope of your life as that chandelier.

And yet nothing could put you in a better place of allowing your lover or allowing your perfect body weight or allowing anything that you want than beholding and achieving the feeling of appreciation in doing it, you see.

Abraham-Hicks.com Buffalo 5/21/02
Comment by Jeff on May 16, 2008 at 7:07pm
We're asking you to trust in the Well-being. In optimism there is magic. In pessimism there is nothing. In positive expectation there is thrill and success. In pessimism or awareness of what is not wanted, there is nothing. What you're wanting to do is redefine your relationship with the Stream. We do not ask you to look at something that is black and call it white. We do not ask you to see something that is not as you want it to be and pretend that it is.

What we ask you to do is practice moving your gaze. Practice changing your perspective. Practice talking to different people. Practice going to new places. Practice sifting through the data for the things that feel like you want to feel and using those things to cause you to feel a familiar place.

In other words, we want you to feel familiar in your joy. Familiar in your positive expectation, familiar in your knowing that all is well, because this Universe will knock itself out giving you evidence of that Well-being once you find that place. We have enjoyed this interaction immensely. There is great love here for you. We are complete

Abraham-Hicks.com Excerpted from a workshop in San Rafael, CA on Wednesday, March 4th, 1998
Comment by Jeff on May 16, 2008 at 7:07pm
We're asking you to trust in the Well-being. In optimism there is magic. In pessimism there is nothing. In positive expectation there is thrill and success. In pessimism or awareness of what is not wanted, there is nothing. What you're wanting to do is redefine your relationship with the Stream. We do not ask you to look at something that is black and call it white. We do not ask you to see something that is not as you want it to be and pretend that it is.

What we ask you to do is practice moving your gaze. Practice changing your perspective. Practice talking to different people. Practice going to new places. Practice sifting through the data for the things that feel like you want to feel and using those things to cause you to feel a familiar place.

In other words, we want you to feel familiar in your joy. Familiar in your positive expectation, familiar in your knowing that all is well, because this Universe will knock itself out giving you evidence of that Well-being once you find that place. We have enjoyed this interaction immensely. There is great love here for you. We are complete

Abraham-Hicks.com Excerpted from a workshop in San Rafael, CA on Wednesday, March 4th, 1998
Comment by Jeff on May 16, 2008 at 7:05pm
Scripting An Appropriate Body of 120 Years
JERRY: Esther and I went to the Cirque de Soliel, in New York City, the other evening. Our friends, who are show business folks also, wanted us to go because of my circus background. And it was really fun watching folks do the things I used to do. All the somersaults and the flips, and the trapeze kind of stuff, and all of the other business... clowning around. Then I got to thinking, "Well, I don't really have the urge to do all that stuff, anymore." Every now and then I kind of half feel like doing a flip and don't do it.

What I'm considering: When I was a kid, I looked around at older people, like over thirty, and I saw them, the old ones, complaining that their bodies weren't doing what they used to do. And I would say, "Well, mine doesn't do like it used to do, either... I remember when I used to get almost my whole foot in my mouth... when I was five or six months old. So, my body doesn't do what it used to do, either."

Before I met you, I had decided what I wanted... I knew my body was going to change, given observable circumstances, and that I wanted to live to be 120 years old, feeling good about it. Then I thought, "Well, I need to find a way to get my mind patterned, along the way, so I'll always be happy with what my body does", provided my body keeps doing happy things, which I expected that it would.

Now, here's my question: How would a person Script their body to be when they're at one hundred years of age? What would be an appropriate Script to write for a hundred year old body?

ABRAHAM: We want to do that, but before we do, we want to amplify something that you have said to us. So, what you decided to do was to write a Script that would match the expectations that others had given you? What we are getting at is, when you decide that you will reach a certain age and then, as you have previously stated, rather than take your pleasure from your body you will, instead, take your pleasure from your mind, the reason that you made the decision to do that is because you assumed that your body was going to be less flexible, less pliable, less strong. And so, you actually began writing a script that acquiesced to what you thought your body was going to do. You looked at the reality, and mentally wrote a Script to match it. And what we are encouraging, and what you are asking for here is: "Do I let my body Set the Tone, and I write a Script to match it, or do I write a Script, and my body will then acquiesce to the Script?" And the answer must be: Everything in the Universe responds to your Vibrational Tone.

If we were standing in your physical shoes, we would be writing Scripts about everything. We would make a decision that we are going to exercise our creative control about anything that matters to us, and certainly your physical body is that.

So, what do we think is a good Script for you to write about your body when it is a hundred years old?

JERRY: An appropriate body.

ABRAHAM: By whose standards?

JERRY: I mean like, once the caterpillar gets those little wormy feet on it, it's like your "jumping without a parachute" anaology. It's kind of hard for the bug to make a whole lot of decisions about whether it's going to be a butterfly next or not. Isn't it? Am I not clear?

ABRAHAM: Very clear. What you are saying is, "Have we not set into motion this thought? Have I not begun this Creation from a broader Nonphysical Perspective, and am I not here as a physical being working for the continuation of that?"

An Appropriate Body
"Appropriate"? We think that it would be inappropriate for someone who is really not having much fun in this physical experience, who looks around and doesn't find much that interests them... it would be inappropriate for them to decide to design a body that would live to be 120 years old, because now what they're saying is, "I'm going to hang around in this body, but I have no desire here in this physical experience, nothing that's going to summon the Life Force." And so, that would be inappropriate.

But if this were someone eager about life, still exploring and finding new things to focus upon, someone who had practiced floating their cork, who knew about accessing the Energy, who was digging through or sifting through the data of this physical time and space, having endless things that they were focused upon and excited about... In that situation, we think it would be most appropriate for them to Script a body that would live to be 140, 150, 160, 170.

What is the potential of your body? You make a very good point. You've been changing, constantly. From the day you were born, you were changing. Let's use the word "change/evolve/becoming" rather than "change/evolve/declining." Let's talk about change in terms of evolving/becoming.

Is it possible for a physical being to maintain their wellness for as long as they have reason to focus through this apparatus? Yes. Because your cells are constantly regenerating. If you are Setting the Tone, if you are Setting the Tone and writing the Script, your cells will acquiesce to the Tone that you have set.

Your Cells Are Observing
Now, you're really going to like this. You know how we talked about how most people are offering their vibration almost exclusively in response to what they are observing? Your cells do that, too. So, if the cells of your body are observing decline, then the new cells that are generated take on those same characteristics. That's why when you cut your leg, or your hand, the scar remains, even though different cells are replacing those cells. They acquiesce to the memory. And yet, there are those who can heal. There are those that can focus their Energy and change the vibrational expectancy of those cells.

If you are standing in your physical body and you have practiced connecting to the Core Energy and you have plenty of things that are causing you to eagerly continue to summon the Energy, you could turn that creative hose back on your physical body, use your physical body as your object of attention, and you could redirect the youthful attitude, or the regenerative attitude, of the cells.

Toward what end? And this is the thing that is most interesting. How long would anyone want to remain in the physical body? Well, we would tell you, from your Nonphysical Perspective, as long as the exploration is still interesting and leaving you in an eager place. Better said: As long as the contrast is still creating new desire within you.

Appropriate Longevity
"What is the appropriate longevity of your physical body?" The appropriateness of the longevity of your body is directly and absolutely related to your ability to glean desire from contrast.

Many people shut down, and don't glean desire out of contrast, early on. There are plenty of people who are teenagers who have already stopped gleaning desire from contrast. They are beaten down, already. They have already decided that "this is good and this is bad, but this is bad, and this is bad, and this is bad..." and they are no longer letting the contrast produce a new desire within them. And there are those that are well into their hundreds that are still finding desire.

So it really has to do with your understanding of the Law and your willingness to explore the contrast in order to discover new desire. And once you do that, there are no limits. You can expect your body to maintain it's vital, healthy, resilient, flexible, enduring, (youthful, meaning all of those other words that came before, in many cases) condition.

JERRY: Well, I remember, as a kid in New Orleans, that Pop Levan, out at Lake Pontchartrain, used to keep a regular aerial trapeze, set up, the regular rigging, with the net about 60 feet below it, all year round. And Pop was 77 and still flying...doing the flying trapeze. And for some reason, that got my attention. And it still holds my attention. Also, my gym teacher, Mr. Pierce, was about 70, and I remember, he was still doing somersaults and stuff, but he was kind of grunting a little when he did a lot of it, and he would mention how old he was, every now and then, which I thought had some bearing to him.

ABRAHAM: As you are standing in your now, and lots of people are sort of saying, "How are you doing?", there's a tendency to try to explain why you're where you are. And so, it's a common thing to explain, "Well, I'm not excelling in this moment because I'm sick," or "I'm not excelling in this moment because I'm old." But all of that is decisions that you are making along the way.

JERRY: So appropriateness would be relevant then to...? ABRAHAM: The individual desire.

When Will You Die?
JERRY: In other words, for me to decide that I'm going to die on the day I'm 120, is not necessarily appropriate to begin with. Is that it?

ABRAHAM: We would say to you, this is the way that it is: You will die when you are no longer desiring to live, and the desire is produced from the contrast.

JERRY: Is it basically inappropriate, then, to even consider Scripting a body for an age of one hundred?

ABRAHAM: Oh, we would Script it. It is not inappropriate at all. We would begin, today, telling the Universe who we are in this body: "My body will always maintain the balance of my desire, and as long as I am..." You see that's the way that it happens. When you are deliberately saying, "It is my intention to stay alive and interested. It is my intention, cells of this body, that you respond to my interest", you're more likely to stay alive and interested.

JERRY: For instance, I've noticed that every now and then I'll just spontaneously break out running across the yard, I'll just break into a straight out run, and then I'll think about it. I'll think, "Well, that's odd, because, normally, if I'm just standing here thinking that I'm going to run, I almost have to get going, and push to get a run going, but when it comes spontaneous within me...

ABRAHAM: That's because, for a moment, you forgot that it is not spontaneous for you to run, and when you don't think about it, it is spontaneous for you to run. Think about it. How many times have you seen young ones in their teens behaving very differently? Some of them run everywhere they go. Some of them you will never see them run. Does it have anything to do with age? It has to do with intent or interest in the moment.

JERRY: In other words, to Script a body, then, 20 or 40 or 60 years down the road, I'd almost have to know what my intentions would be then? Is that it?

ABRAHAM: Yes. And so, that is why we would say, "My body will always match my intentions." And then, if, each day, you are eagerly deciphering the contrast and finding new desire, the new desire will summon the Life Force and the Energy and everything else that is necessary.

Age is Irrelevant
If we were standing in your physical shoes, we would not assign age to anyone. We would never tell anyone how old we are. We would never ask anyone how old they are. We would start a new movement, and the movement would be, "Age is irrelevant."

We would have another category on the driver's license, or on the application, and that would be "vibrational average", or we would have a mood meter: "Which of the following is true: Am I more likely to be joyful or despondent? Am I more likely to be eager or bored...?" We would gauge everything by Energy, and we would never again approach life in terms of age , because age is irrelevant. Age, or what you call age, is only a by-product of your utilization of the Energy Stream.

The Energy Stream exists. There is one Stream, and one Stream only, and your relationship is two-fold: 1. How much of the Stream am I summoning, which means, how much desire do I have? 2. And, of the Stream that I am summoning, how much of it am I allowing to flow? And everything that you live and everything that everybody else lives, everything that exists in this physical time and place, is about somebody's relationship to that Stream. How much are they summoning and how much are they letting flow through?

So you might see someone that is very decrepit who has strong desire. So they are summoning all kinds of Energy, but they've got beliefs that don't let the Energy flow, so they've got this tug of war going on inside of them all the time. They look old and decrepit before their time. In other words, they're summoning, but they're not letting it flow.

Then, you might see somebody else who doesn't have a desire in the world. They are carefree, actually peaceful, contented. They are summoning almost no Energy, whatsoever. They have no resistance. They're just sort of placid and limp. They won't live long, either. Because they're not summoning Energy. They'll have a nice life. When they're gone, you'll put on their tombstone, "Lived a good life. Short but good."

But if you are sifting through the data and constantly finding things that cause you to make a decision, and you can feel that desire boiling in your belly, and you are eagerly thinking about it, and you have discovered how to modulate your Energy so that you are excited as you think about it, not frustrated... If you've played this game and you've learned how to float your cork, you could literally live indefinitely. The question is, how much do you allow this time/space reality to evoke new decision and desire from you? And as the desire comes, how much of it do you then allow to flow through?
Comment by Jeff on May 16, 2008 at 7:04pm
The body will transform to the new idea

Abe: Now let's consider this. We haven't talked about this before. This is really worth talking about.

So let's say nonphysical energy pours itself into a physical body and chooses to be less than the standard or the normal and is born into a body that by earth standards is dysfunctional in some way.

So now the person's in the body and they are having all of that contrast that they had hoped for, that they knew they would have. But in the contrast they are giving birth now to other desires, a desire to move from their inferior, by earth standards, bodily condition, to something improved. And so now the spirit that is them joins them in that new thought and now they have essentially, energetically, been reborn.

And now as the human form, as they bring themselves up to speed with this new idea, their body will transform to the new idea JUST AS IF IT WERE BEING BORN. AGAIN.

Guest: Really?


Guest: Ooo!

Abe: Every cell in your body is resilient and responsive and flexible and able, you see. And your body is just made up of those trillions of cells that are cooperative and compliant. And so when life experience causes you to want something more, Source says, Yes! Now all you've got to do is come up to speed with it, which means follow the thoughts that feel best. And so you say, "Well, I'm going to grow my arm into perfection," and the sociologist or the psychologist says, "You're delusional. Don't wish for something that is impossible!"

And we say don't listen to someone who does not know. Don't listen to someone outside of your vibrational crack, you see.

Abraham-Hicks.com Detroit, 9-24-05 B
Comment by Jeff on May 16, 2008 at 7:04pm
Natural State of Being

Jerry: How do we get the things we want to be perfect. Do we have to just keep at everything all the time?

Abe: You do not, once you reach the place that you are accepting it, as it is. In other words, it is your attention to lack that causes the negative creation. And so in the moment that you are no longer giving your attention to lack, you have it made! That is all.

In other words, once you acknowledge wellness as the natural state, and you release your guardedness of illness - wellness will be your experience. Once you accept abundance as your natural state of being, and you stop resisting not having enough money - abundance is your natural state of being. Once you have accepted harmony within a relationship as the natural state of being and you stop focussing on the lack - harmony will be your natural state of being.

And so the answer is - No, you do not have to continue to keep hammering away at what you do want. But it is important for you to no longer think about what you are not wanting.

Abraham-Hicks.com G-9/22/91

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