This week has a great deal of positive energy surrounding it and this is shown to shine greatly on financial matters and areas where money is concerned.  There are new chances and opportunities to either create a greater sense of financial wellbeing or there is unexpected money coming your way, this can be a lot or a little but either way the focus this week is on allowing more of the financial wellbeing that you already have.  You may feel that financial security is not something that you can achieve but I am being guided that as this month comes to a close it is vital to remind yourself that money can come in many different ways and forms and abundance does not even need to mean money at all.  Be open to accepting and appreciating what you already have to boost more of that coming to you.  The angels know that this time of year starts to make a lot of people worry about money and finances and at this time money is not going to be helpful.  Instead allow the angels to provide you with new and boosted prosperity by allowing yourself to be more open to how money can come to you instead of all the different ways you need to use it.  Flip that perspective and things can be very different for you.

To follow on from the first message I am being given the card of Alchemy which means that this is not a time for getting down in the mouth if things seem to be going differently from what you might want to happen.  Instead this shows me that having things not turn out quite the way that you have wanted them to over the past few months is actually more to your benefit now because of the way in which this feeling has left you more determined to succeed and in a lot of cases you have tried the way in which you thought that this was going to work out for you and now not having the answers is actually going to be better for you.  Whatever you set your mind to and intend this week is going to turn into gold so make sure that you are only thinking about what you want instead of what you fear might happen.

The final message that the angels have for us this week is that using tools to get into that place of being able to manifest and create, and to feel powerful and sure of ourselves to do this is vitally important.  These tools can be anything that make you feel a certain way about yourself and the world around you and music is a fantastic tool for this.  I am being guided that putting together an empowerment playlist would be a really good idea for you as this week unfolds and listen to that playlist in the car, at the gym, at home etc to really get yourself feeling strong, in control and above all empowered.  Music is a fantastic way to change your mood so next time you feel a little low turn on some music that you can’t help but dance to.  It will be much more useful than listening to something that makes you cry.  This is just one example of how you can control your mood and therefore what you attract to you.  Use music to help you manifest.

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Love and Light

Aravelle xxx