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Lately, I've been reading up on Angels a lot. I think they want me to communicate with them. While reading the articles, I realised they had been communicating with me a lot through goose bumps, clouds, feathers and a peaceful feeling. What a fool I was not to realise this. Just now, I'm feeling a feather brush my left leg and feeling goose bumps all over, I think they are liking being acknowledged. But sometimes, don't know whether it is them answering my questions or my ego talking, will someone help me out please. Thank you

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Comment by Elaine Enlightening on June 18, 2012 at 10:46pm

Hey Jyoti,  I love hearing your experiences with Angel Gabriel and Beth.  I have received messages from them, too, but through Angel cards.

Ah, yes, it's good you tuned into your fear of not knowing who is communicating with you.  All fears are of the ego, but you must first tune in to where the limiting belief came from.  The more detail the better.  Otherwise the fears will cause you to keep attracting what you fear.  Awareness is key!

 Trust your intuition!

Comment by Jyoti on June 17, 2012 at 3:47am

Thank you, Attraction. Yes, I have found that feeling good is an indication of proximity of angels.

Comment by Attraction on June 16, 2012 at 12:35am

good feelings................

Comment by Jyoti on June 13, 2012 at 2:02am

Thank you Elaine, I'm looking it up on the net. I guess I have to let go of the fear that something other than Angels are communicating with me.That limitation I feel is stopping me. I have to trust that none other than Angels are coming close to me. Once when I was giving Reiki to my husband, I saw in my mind, a young man with beard and golden hair standing on the opposite side of my husband smiling. He looked a lot like Jesus but I knew it was not Jesus. So I asked his name. He told me he is Gabriel. I asked my Reiki teacher about this and she said it was Angel Gabriel. I searched the net and came across an article describing him in the same way as I saw him. I was shocked to learn that he is an Arch Angel and I was totally humbled that he came to give me this message that he was with me. Once more I asked the name of my angel who looked like a female but had very short hair. I reckoned her name as Beth and was once again shocked to learn that there is indeed an angel called as Bath. After this there has been no communication except for the goosebumps. Therefore, I was a little frustrated as there seems to be little progress after that. Hence I wrote this blog. I wanted to learn how to communicate with them more easily. Should I resort to written to written communication? Haven't tried it yet.

Comment by Elaine Enlightening on June 12, 2012 at 2:42pm

Hey Jodi,  Nice to hear from you.  As far as "required" mediation, I don't know about that.  I do a type of mediation every day that helps to slow down the thoughts and integrate the right and left brain.  In the western hemisphere we are taught to be very head-scentric, which means we are not in touch with our intuition.  God, angels and the Holy Spirit guide always speaks through our intuition.  When our intuition is blocked by rational ego thinking, we are not able to tune in very well to the messages.  Holosync is the type of meditation that I recommend to my clients because of the amazing technology it has.  It really works, but if you choose to do it, you must realize that like Bill Harris, creator of Holosync, says, it will cause upheaval, and as long as you have tools to move through it, the feeling of overwhelm will be pretty intense at times.  This is all well and good and necessary, but one must be prepared not to be afraid when it happens.  There is a reason for it and it will be best to be with whatever is going on for you at the time. I hope this helps.   Elaine Enlightening

Comment by Jyoti on June 11, 2012 at 11:13pm

Thank you Elaine, your comments are very inspiring. I'm still learning to distinguish between the still small voice and my Ego. It is more difficult because I realised that my inner quality is Prophetic so I just know things. This makes it a little difficult because what I know is coming from Ego or angels, I'm not able to decipher sometimes. I've to rely on my feelings more I guess or maybe practice might help. Can you just let me know whether meditation is necessary to connect to Angels or whether it is enough just to talk to them? In fact yesterday, I asked them to give me a sign they are near but nothing happened. Then around 6 hours later, when I was writing this blog, I felt goosebumps. Why? I read that they are always close by.Is any specific meditation required for this connection? Please let me know. Thanks a lot for your help.

Comment by Elaine Enlightening on June 11, 2012 at 11:52am

I, too, have had great experience with the Angels, but not until the past 3 months or so.  I agree that they love to be acknowledged.  As a beginner I love the Angel Cards.  

I have found that God, the Angels and the Holy Spirit speak in quiet ways where the ego talking sounds more like noise in my head.  I have had to realize that the still, small voice might ask me to do some bold and audacious things, though.  

The key is to always follow through with the messages to receive the desired results.  The Angels are always right.  I also know the message is "true" if it teaches truth.  I have to remember that truth is true if it benefits me AND everyone else.  If I remember that the decisions I make send out vibrations, no matter what, then I will be careful to send out good vibes because I know I am not alone.

I received a very timely message from the Angels, to "GROUND MYSELF, When you detach from the awareness of your body and the physical world, you become ungrounded.  Although it's pleasant to float heavenward, your attention and work are needed upon the earth.  We're helping you balance the spiritual and material so that you can enjoy a fulfilling Earthly life."  

Keep us posted on your Angel messages.

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