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I feel like I want to keep a blog on some of my experimentation and experiences in using various LOA techniques and tools and yes sometimes even products!  I want to be much more playful and I think this might help.  ALSO sometimes I DO manifest something and later I'm not entirely sure HOW or I forget about helpful things I used in the past so I want to keep a sort of record.  I will have some of it public, some of it private and just for me and keep it very positive and hopefully some others will learn from the public parts.

Where to start? Hmmmm

Well, OK.  One of the things that seems to be helpful for me is repeating an affirmation and keeping notes on any results. It's like I'm finding evidence to back it up.  I have had some fun results with two affirmations especially: One is by PI member, The Mystery, called The Object of Desire and it's from the I Deserve Love group here: http://www.powerfulintentions.org/group/soulmate/forum/topics/the-o...

I'm a bit shy about sharing this because I do weekly updates on how I found the affirmation, anything that seemed to be a response to it no I don't get graphic but sometimes I will say if I went on a date and or kissed a guy etc!

After my divorce - which I initiated, I had my reasons and my now ex husband is benefiting from this already, he has met a lovely woman in the country he lives in and although our marriage was helpful to both of us in many ways, I think this is for the best and I think she's a better match for him than me!! BUT I felt a bit insecure, I guess.  At the age it happened, was I still "young" and pretty enough to ATTRACT a decent guy? 

Well, the affirmation in that group has really boosted my confidence a LOT.  In my desirability.  My GOODNESS yes! 

I think it's helped me be a lot more playful about love than i was being.

It's a process!  AND I THINK it is also increasing my popularity socially, like friendship-wise too with both sexes! 

Another affirmation I've also had AMAZING results with is the one that PI member Fred Knight shared by Wayne Dyer: "I AM money, I can't HELP but make money"


Have I had results with it every time?  No.  BUT the results I HAVE had WOW!!

(I will write them on that page soon too.)

OK so the FIRST thing after doing that affirmation - I chanted it aloud maybe 40 times in a row!  - now my card had been declining again! was that I had been planning a trip home with my mum and it would cost me quite a lot and she would pay the money for the return flight.  Well I got a text from her, how did I feel about leaving it till NEXT year and I can ALSO spend the money that would be a return flight, they will give me that money! So that saves me money AND GIVES me money! 

when I went into work the next day, the senior management said they would try to extend my job for three more months!  It turned out it wasn't extended for 3 months, only 1 month but STILL! 

I think the next thing that happened was the lady in the office ran after me and then gave me a copy of a timesheet I'd submitted and I saw the date was from a month earlier & thought huh?  Did she fax the original back then and she'd just forgotten to give me a copy or did she forget to fax it?  Turns out she forgot to fax the original so I got paid for money she'd forgotten to fax for a month ago so that was a week's pay! 

I think they are the main things that come to mind.  I've had "little things' like my money seeming to go further at times & the leaving gifts I got from my job & then gifts from ex hubby.  

But ALSO when I found out they could only extend my job for one month, I said that affirmation quite a lot and a day later, I think it was, my agency had already found me 4 weeks more work with another place!! I had a training day on Friday to show me the ropes and in some ways that job seems like a GREAT job for me to do.  

I have potential money challenges coming up and also my ipad decided to somehow jump into the water!  so I will be exploring this affirmation more!!  I say it like I mean it, sometimes I forget and only say it a few times & I think I get better results when I say it more times but for me on the whole it DEFINITELY seems to work but also it seems repetition is the key and I say it with emphasis!! I haven't tried writing it just somehow finding a quiet place and saying it! 

OK, one more thing.  

I was thinking, does it sound manipulative?  Then I realized, no, it doesn't.  I try to intend things that benefit both/all parties involved and this is no exception:  This is a big thanks to P.I. member Kat Miller and P.I. member Victor.

There were two guys, not at the same time!!!  But in both cases things had just started and I realized I wanted to end them, that the guys are not a match.  Victor said, I wish I could remember it word for word: Say (as in mentally or aloud not face to face with them but say it like you are saying it to them) "Thank you for coming, but I no longer need you, you can go now" 

and Kat Miller said say the switch word "Cut Shut"

If you think this sounds mean, I say that it is NOT, those guys surely don't want to be with a girl who isn't into them let's free them to find one who IS!

I THOUGHT I liked them, but changed my mind.  We ARE entitled to change our minds at times!

So I did those things, said those things.

With the first one - we'd actually texted a lot, talked on the phone and had two dates - he called me but I did not see or hear the call even though my phone was right next to me, volume up etc.  Cos I checked that, I was like, HOW did I MISS that?

Cos I'd decided if he calls or texts again, I WILL explain.  

But I did NOT see or hear the call!

Then I wanted to have a bath a bit later, thought of taking my phone, decided no, he might call!

Had a bubble bath, about 20 mins and sure enough, when I came back, I saw he'd tried to call but I did NOT have my phone with me as I was in the bath!

He has not tried again.

With the other one.  

I did the same and I tried to call him, he'd texted me are we still on for tonight?  (for meeting for drinks) 

I tried to call him back and the phone was busy, he was on the other line so I left it.  He did not try again but then two days later I thought I'd try to explain so I called & did explain.

He's taken it OK, not thrilled but he just wanted to know if it's something he's done - it's not & I told him that.  He's OK about it now, but he's backed off as in maybe I will see you at an event some time. 

So it kinda worked, it's just that this time I felt like I needed to explain, maybe I should have done BOTH times but ANYWAY the first one even said he had gone off the dating site cos he's so busy with work and family stuff and also I know he wanted to move to a different country anyway!  

(Hinted he wanted me to come with! but I am happy where I am, thanks!) 

Believe me, it frees HIM up to focus on girls who ARE a better match - maybe even a girl over there!  And it frees ME up to meet someone who is a better match for me! 

About two days ago, I felt a bit down about something and someone on P.I. reminded me about the Abraham Hicks' moving up the emotional scale process so I did it and it really helped shift my vibration!! I feel SO much better now!

Can't find the good example I found the other day but this sort of explains it:


One final thing for now, two days ago, one of my fave Abe Hicks videos came back after a nearly three year hiatus!!  It has a new name but it's just the same, so I want to share it! 

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Comment by QueenieAthenie on May 29, 2013 at 5:23pm

Thank you so much rachel! I look forward to writing more!  :-) 

Comment by flower girl on May 29, 2013 at 9:23am

I really liked reading your post and lok forward to reading more.  :D

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