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I am grateful to have employment.  It is not my dream career though.  I went into nursing because my mum is a nurse, and I like to help.  I wanted to provide HOLISTIC care as a nurse.  Its mentioned in nursing school but in the real world its not really provided in hospitals.  I got good grades for Complementary Alternative Medicine class.  The idea I could work in a hospital, light up incense, aromatherapy, drove my imagination wild.  However only to find out in reality there are no alternative hospitals in Australia.  I heard there is one in China and somewhere in USA???  A hospital that does not give out medication, that would be awesome.

I have been a nurse officially for 8 years.  I feel my soul screaming to get out of it.  Not so much as a Community Nurse because it is hard but its not as hard as it is in the hospitals.  I commend the nurses who have been in it for such a long time, even my mum to this day who I would love to see retire from nursing and enjoy her life.  Some people are really made to be nurses, but I feel if only I took a while in 2001 after 911 events to sit and ponder my life and really consider what would have been best for me.

If I could work in these following areas before I win the lottery jackpot, I  would love to work with animals, and or land conservation, and or Park Manager of a Caravan Park, and or make cakes like the tv show ACE OF CAKES, and or just be creative in block printing or screen printing (which I know is more of a hobby). 

I spoke with my partner last night about my time as a nurse wanting to get out and he said to me are you doing anything that could lead to that direction.  I said No, only my thoughts.  He advised me well you need to look into these areas.  He was right, I haven't done any action.  All my action is visualising.  So I am going to look very hard in my career path and seek guidance.  I do appreciate nursing but it really isn't my calling, and when I feel resistance in my gut, I find it hard to go with the flow. 

I want to find my passion as though going to work isn't hard, I know there is a quote out there about what I mean but I cannot find it right now.  Pursue what interests you :D  I am still not giving up on winning lottery :D

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Comment by QueenieAthenie on October 27, 2016 at 7:19am

Someone once said to me, what about pet-sitting and well I DO love animals, but a lot of pet-sitting or house-sitting jobs over here anyway, seem to now be unpaid.  BUT I am wondering if it might be an action YOU could do whether paid or not --- pet-sitting and or dog-walking to get up experience with animals to start off with.  Volunteering at ooh let's see a vet clinic or an animal charity?

I don't know how much of this is doable for you cos I suspect your work-load is a bit like mine but it's just what came to mind.

And the cakes, definitely make some and get your partner to be your taste tester if he wants :)

I think one thing I might do is go to some kind of meetup public speaking type group?

I don't have the content i want to have but if I do what I want to do, it may well involve at some stage workshops or public speaking, so I feel like developing THOSE skills would still be SOMETHING along the lines of what I want to do, wouldn't it?

I also have someone in my life, wanting us to do this mortgage advisor's course together and it's not what I really want to do but I said to him, we both said, we will look into it.

Maybe learning that new skill-set might boost my confidence.

I'm also reading a book on two of the skills I want to use in what I want to do, I'm only half way through though, and I sort of have an online mentor for that, which is nice.

ANYWAY think about the animals and cakes.  And I guess visit some caravan parks now and then to start off with.  MAYBE action-wise, the things I said might be starting points, baby steps, that might help?

Comment by Goddess Radiant Love on October 11, 2016 at 4:42pm

Also in saying what I have.  I always visualise winning the lottery jackpot, so I can be able to pursue the wanted prospects.

Comment by Goddess Radiant Love on October 11, 2016 at 3:57pm

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