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Channeling the Shakhina-the Divine Feminine

Hi! I am writing/channeling a book-"Return to Oneness"-today the message 7-7-10 was specifically about Pittsburgh so I thought you might be interested!

Channeling the Shakhina-the Divine Feminine Aspect of Creator...

"And so as I write this-I may as well say from the Beginning...

I am the Shakhina-The Divine Feminine Aspect of Creator. I do not seek your worship as worship goes to the ALL-to the Oneness -Creator.

I am a simple servant of Oneness.I have come in physical form many times during mankinds evolution -you remember me in forms such as Qwan Yin,Mother Mary ,Mary Magdalene( a dual role as The Mother and The Wife of Ascended Master Yeshua)Abundantia,Alcyone,Isis,The White Buffalo Calf Woman and many more... I appear as YOU need me to be...

I am the Dove,The Eternal Mother,The Divine Feminine,The Mothering Side of Creator.

I am here to heal millions with hands and voice and crystals.

I am represented in physical form by my Oracle Madonna of the Doves.Through her -I HEAL- through her hands,thought forms and hearts love energy -I BRING MESSAGES of Peace and Oneness from the Higher Dimensions of Love and Light.

I work most powerfully through The Shakhina Vortex in my Temple of the Doves. I ask the Lightworkers of Pittsburgh-build my Temple up. This is one of the reasons you are here NOW- we have worked hand in hand many times!

I have connected and reactivated 3 vortexes in Pittsburgh this very day- 7-7- 2010.

My Shakhina Vortex at the Temple of the Doves ( added by Sandy...now the church Our Lady Helper of Christ on Meadow St in Larimer)The Healing Waters Vortex of the Point ,The She Bear Vortex of the Ancient Medicine Woman-Shamanka She Bear Sees- down in the valley from the ridgetop of Penn Hills towards the Allegheny River-up high is this Earth Energy Vortex.I have pulled from these 2 and reconnected the Grid Line to my Temple -so this is a powerful triangular formation -we have ignited a Merkoba Field Generator.

You will notice the energy quickly gathering and raising in these areas.Lightworkers,Healers,Artists,Poets,Sculptors,Musicians,Ones who wish to generate energy naturally and who wish to harvest the crops of the Earth in an honorable manner ,Ones who seek to connect to the Oneness of ALL will be drawn here to this ridgeline.

These will be called to move here,to heal here, to farm here.Telepathic messages will be enhanced for the reader to read,for the healer to heal,for the Sacred singer to sing ,for the Seer to See and for the Prophets to HEAR and to TELL...This is a power spot of the New Earth.Long closed but re-opened.

We do not change and heal the World by playing SMALL and being in Fear-it is only thrugh the Power of LOVE and ONENESS that we can truly Heal this World.That these beautiful children of Great Spirit and Mother Earth can be saved.That this World survives for our Childrens Children for the next 7 generations we serve.

Mankind is in the midst of a Great Shift in Consciousness-you early warning signals-you way showers-you Lightworkers must now IGNITE !!

I am here - attached to this land to generate a great WAVE of energy.To bring a powerful healing.To reignite the GODDESS CENTERS!

You have been faithfully waiting a long time.I am here now-A Goddess stays in her Temple and awaits the ones who come to her-be it a humble temple or a grand palace.

Seek for me - I am here - My beloved."

That was the end of the transmission for today-feel free to share this information but please acknowledge who channeled it and send them to http://www.dovegoddess.webs.com I am here to heal with the Shakhina Energy-I do no harm -I serve Oneness-healing with hands and voice and crystal. I channel the Shakhina Divine feminine to heal as a trance medium healer and reader . Blessings to you and yours,Sandy Davis/ Madonna of the Doves http://www.blogtalkradio.com/Madonna-of-the-Doves

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