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Could I ask for your Happy Fun Loving Support my Magical Friends & Connections? ★ Giving opens the way for receiving ♥

The Red Carpet is Rolling ~ What else is possible?

Its all happening with just 1 day to the red carpet tomorrow! WHOOHOO! I am in total appreciation to be nominated and then shortlisted for the National Women Inspiring Women Awards at the NEC tomorrow ~ Your votes count and I am asking my magical universe ~ What would it take to have an abundance of votes? If I have inspired you or you feel inspired to do the do it will be magical to have your vote :))))) Click the link below it only takes 2 seconds & you can watch my "Vote for me Vid" and read more about my life journey :))))))

Vote for Liz

I have also been tuning into my inner guidance and creating lots more exciting ways for us to share vibes from Breakthrough coaching to intuitive guidance to future pacing ~ & as from next week I will be starting "Dear Liz" videos where you can send me your questions and I will share my guidance with you on youtube! I am excited! :)))))) What are the infinite possibilities? Click the link below for more info.. & just click reply to mail me back with your questions :))))

Services with liz

Happiness is a State of Mind & Fun is a Way of Life
Guidance flowing..........

The choice is yours ~ be Happy be Sad ~ Have Fun or Don't.... Whatever your current state of mind you have created it and you can un~create and recreate it at any point you choose. Limiting beliefs, stuck patterns and ways of thinking keep you held in a state of lower emotions. Start to recognize these habits and start to think a new way about life.....

You can start to look for happiness now ~ you can start to look for fun now ~ take a moment ~ look around you right now ~ take a nice big breath and soak up the life that is all around you.... It is TRULY magnificent!

This magnificence is ALL around you NOW......You can start to live a fun life now ~ you can start to experience fun now ~ take another moment ~ look around you right now ~ take a nice big breath and SMILE ~ see the colours of life all around you.....

Get a sense that you came here to have fun ~ you came here to enjoy life to have fun to play to be happy!Start to allow limits you may have put on life fall away ~ get a real sense of the magic of life in the right here and now ~ wherever you are ~ whatever you are doing ~ however you were feeling before you landed here today its all good and you can choose to be even just a little bit happier or have just a little more fun.....

What thoughts can you change today to experience more happiness & fun? How does your life get any better than this? What else is possible?How much fun can we have today?

Life is a beautiful rainbow and you are hear to soak up all the beautiful colours enjoy it all ♥

Stay tuned in for lots more guidance and vibes on my YouTube Channel & soak up the latest vibes by clicking the button below..... Be sure to check out the last 2 Pioneers of Positive Change shows too ~ LOTS of Gems shared on these..... Sonia Choquette coming next week be sure to click subscribe :)))))

Liz Green Live

Wishing you an absolutely magical day, weekend and week ahead ~ Thank you SO much for being here co-creating and sharing this magical life journey with me ~ I LOVE YOU ♥ ♥ ♥
With Love & Happy High Vibes,

Liz ♥

AkA Liz Green Law of Attraction Queen ~ Spreading Positive Vibes Right Around the World & Back

PS ~ Click the button below for shopping in the Vortex Gratitude Gifts Shopping in the positive vortex

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Comment by Giovani on June 8, 2012 at 7:50pm

Hi Liz,

Vote casted!

Enjoy the red carpet! :D

Sunshine & Blessings,

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