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Day 62: Vitality's Decision Statement + Big Whys

Decision Statement: I am THE weight loss coach in the industry and I am actively changing the world.

What are the reasons behind this decision?
I have done so much work over the past couple of years and my transformation (inside and out) is truly amazing. I am a completely different person and I am constantly becoming better. Even though it can be frustrating at times, I wouldn't give up the experience for the world. I know that this transformation has been frustrating for me so I can go on and teach others how to make the same transformations...sans the frustration. That is really important to me...because with this transformation becomes the confidence to pursue taking care of "your corner of The Universe". By losing this weight, it makes them naturally connect with their higher self. When they connect with their higher self, they come to realize why they are here and their life purpose. That's why I do what I do. And it's such an important job!

I truly feel like I work with the lightworkers of the world..that is who is attracted to me as a coach. That's amazing! And a big job my soul signed up for this lifetime. I truly feel like every single lesson in my life is leading up to what is about to happen. I feel like I am here to do big things and I just have to get out of my own way. Doing this work in my life purpose..it's why God sent me here..it's what I signed up for this lifetime. I have the ability to inspire those around me that is truly special (even though I can sometimes forget how "special" I am ;).

Doing this work makes me so happy...I Love the see the difference I can make in the lives of others. It truly is life-changing work and I truly feel like I change lives for a living. In addition to that, I am able to create the life of my dreams when I am doing this work. I can travel when I want, take time off, etc. etc. I have the potential to create the life of my dreams on every level by changing the world..I mean..what's better than that?! I have been given and have developed all these special gifts and it's time to share them on a big level.

Not only that, but it keeps me accountable for the growth in my life. I get to do everything I have always wanted to do...for my work. I get to be on my own time, making good money, and changing the world in the process. It truly is so neat that I have established all of this and am able to do that.

Doing this work makes me feel so happy and fulfilled..nothing makes me happier. Just like my Divine Support System says..it's in my blood..no one can do this work like I can because I have so much heart into it. I don't think anyone gets excited about this stuff like I do.

I truly believe that this work will revolutionize the way America loses weight. I truly believe I literally have the solution to the world's weight problem..and that solution is Love. It's so simple..but no one presents it in the way that Vitality does. In the way that my Divine Support System gives it to me. It's truly amazing.

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Comment by J carter on May 26, 2013 at 6:38pm

Awesome for you in  the weight loss and working in such an area that you love! I know what you mean about the transition and how you feel..I have lost 70lbs and the feeling has been amazing.  I have lost mine through healthy eating, running, cycling etc.  Its feels awesome to inspire others, however I have also lost some along the way...but would I turn back. No. Its about living our lives, discovering ourselves..being happy in our own skin and being healthy...we only get one body :) keep going!!

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