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I walked into a store today, to be greeted by their latest promotional display, “Back To School’.


Nothing sinister about that of course, except that it’s 26 July and the kids only broke up for the summer holidays a few days ago!


Mums were there, sifting through the bargains, already mentally dressing their kids for their first day back in September.


I felt that it served as a reminder to those of us who are aware of the power of mental rehearsal and powerful intentions.  While it is great to take some quiet time a couple of times a day, to visualize and ‘feel’ the things we want to attract into our lives, it’s equally important to live in the present.

It’s very easy to get so wrapped up in the exciting future that’s heading your way, that you don’t stop to enjoy the reality already around you.  I used to fall into that trap myself many years ago.  I'd be tipped off in January that I'd be working on a new Hollywood movie in the spring time, and then I'd be wishing my life away until the spring, never noticing the snowy wonders of winter around me.


Let me tell you - my life has been blessed since kicking the habit, and always choosing to live in the ‘now’.


We all know that the past is over and done with, and that the future hasn’t happened yet, so we really ought to know that all there ‘really’ is, is the present.


Please take a moment today, if you’re willing, to stop what you’re doing and just look around you.


Imagine if you were dreaming, and you realized somehow in your sleep that you were dreaming.  Imagine how cool that would be, to dream lucidly and do anything you wanted to do - if you could have, be or do anything you desire.

Now today, in your waking reality, stop and look around you in the same way.  Take in the sights and the sounds, the smells and the tastes, feel the gentle breeze on your skin, or the warm sunlight on your closed eyelids.


There may be a time in your life, when you would give anything to go back in time to this part of your life, and yet here you are, now.  Enjoy it.


And the next time you enter a store at the start of a summer holiday period, to be greeted by ‘Back To School’ promotions, why not forget September for the moment, and soak up every single detail of the wonderful summer holiday you’ve been looking forward to for so long.


May your day be filled with awe and wonder, living in the moment.



Peace & Abundance


Curtis Rivers




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Comment by Sir Neil on November 16, 2014 at 7:37pm
have another type of example of this. I am a very keen traveller, and 6 years ago, I booked up a big holiday around Australia and New Zealand. It comprised of 8 destinations, with what I considered to be the best one (Sydney) placed almost last with my logic being 'save the best till last.'

So in the weeks leading up to my trip, I kept it in mind that Sydney would be the best part of the holiday, and the place where the magic and sparkle would happen. I absorbed this idea in my mind, and it captured my imagination.

So the trio started, first to Hong Kong. I quite enjoyed that leg, but still had the idea in mind that Sydney would be the best part. I was projecting the idea into the future that Sydney would be the best leg of the trip, and was still doing this by the time I got to Perth on Australia's west coast.

And then something dawned on me; " whoa Neil. Stop all that. You are wasting your trip thinking of the future. You need to enjoy the present and feel good in it, otherwise you will arrive in Sydney and you won't be in alignment with the good that you predict will happen. "

And this was an important lesson. I did need to focus on the good of the present, and once I did that, I found that I enjoyed things more. I affirmed things like I AM HAPPY IN MY NOW, and actively sought out the interesting things I liked in the present, recording them in my travel journal. This made for a much better way of being, and I kept on attracting good things in EACH PLACE I went to.

So I arrived in Sydney in good, hot sunshine, the hostel I stayed in was great, and I even attracted an admirer who was very worth appreciating - but what if I hadn't had this change of mindset on the beachfront of Cottesloe? I would have missed out on things like the bohemian fun of Fremantle; the subtropical festivity of Brisbane; the volcanic beauty of Auckland; breezy walks along Wellington harbour; and the colours of Christchurch, intensified by the sunlight.

Yes, Sydney WAS the place where the magic and sparkle happened, but only because I had chosen to become more present, rather than live in a possible future which may or may not have come.
Comment by Curtis Rivers on July 30, 2012 at 5:57pm

bump :-)

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