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I'm sat writing this weeks blog, bleary eyed, in an airport coffee shop.  I'm on my way to Spain to help a documentary film crew with a few episodes of 'Dead or Alive' for National Geographic.

The very fact that I'm on my way to Spain today, is 100% down to a series of thoughts I had the last time I was in Spain just a few weeks ago.  I was there to work withdirector Ridley Scott.

Please let me explain and expand on that.

You see, when I say my current journey is taking place due to a series of thoughts, I mean just that.  No phone calls, no emails, no letters dropped in the mail - just pure thoughts. Creative thoughts, utilised
in ' a certain way'  to turn thoughts into reality.

If you're new to my blogs, that might sound a little ' out there', a
little 'science fiction', yet I assure you I mean everything I say -
quite literally. 
The only other explanation for my current adventure, outbound to Malaga, is 'coincidence'. If you believe in such things.

How many times can you say to yourself "Wow, what a coincidence!" before asking if something great and wonderful might be at play here instead?
I learned many years ago that there are no such things as coincidences.

Just 3 weeks ago, I was out in Spain filming the movie "The Councillor" with director Ridley Scott.  What looked on paper as being an arduous shoot, turned out to be a pleasant experience, with good people in pleasant surrounds - shot close to Alacante.

After wrapping on the film on a Sunday evening, I was fortunate enough to be booked onto a late flight on Monday - meaning I had a rare chance to enjoy the Mediterranean sunshine for a whole day, while the autumnal chill struck my home back in England.

The morning of my rest day began with a steady ascent of the steep hill behind my Alacantian hotel, to reach the battlements of Santa Barbara castle.
This rewarded me with wonderful views over the coastline and
mountains.  I remember inhaling deeply as the warm breeze ruffled my hair, with closed eyes facing the morning sun.  I gave thanks.  I smiled within, soaked up the moment, and gave thanks - being so genuinely happy to be out in the sunshine earning good money, with good people, in a beautiful place.

The connection in my mind was brief, but lasted long enough for me to desire a more sustained visit to this internal place of peace and gratitude later that day.  And that's exactly what I did.

Several hours later, after a light lunch, I found myself with friends on the beach next to my hotel.
Having splashed through the warm surf for a while, I eventually
reclined on my sun bed, and allowed my body to relax with the rhythmic lapping of gentle waves washing over soft sand.

Once again, I allowed my mind to tune in to a state of gratitude.
How wonderful it was to be away working in the sunshine, filming
with friends.  I pondered how my career as an author and speaker
would also allow me the pleasure of such international visits, and
my heart sang with happiness and gratitude.
I sent out a very clear feeling of thanks, for filming in the sunshine with good people, and earning good money doing things that I enjoyed.  I also pondered the good this money would do to those I love, and those charitable endeavours I support. It felt wonderful.

Drifting in and out of consciousness, smiling within, I soaked up the atmosphere, and gave thanks for FUTURE work, as if it were here NOW.  The future merged with the present, and the present merged with the future - my imagineering (as Walt Disney used to call it) was of future work, filming in the sun.

Like an online order, placed and forgotten about until delivery, I continued with the rest of my day - checking out of the hotel, awaiting the taxi to the airport, and my eventual flight back to England and the family I love so much.

It was only 3 days later, while still adjusting to the sudden chill of England in mid- October, that the call came.

It was from a dear friend of mine, Andy, who asked if I could do him a big favour and cover him for a job.  He had been booked to stunt coordinate a shark attack and hippo attack for a National Geographic documentary, but dates had changed and he was now double booked.   I was very happy
to accept the job, and it was only in closing that he said, "Oh, and it's out in Spain!"

A cold shiver ran down my spine, quickly followed by a wide smile
and a deep feeling of gratitude.  Coincidence?

Please let me recap.  In 20 years in television and film, I had filmed only once in Spain - 2 days work when I was fairly new to the industry.
Then, following a really good feeling in Spain during filming recently,
I make a concerted conscious decision to attract a similar experience.
Only 3 days later, someone I hadn't even spoken to in weeks, who hadn't known I had been out with Ridley Scott in Spain, knew nothing of my desires, suddenly calls out of the blue to give me my first 'covering' job ever, and it's over in Spain again.

To the uninitiated, this would be a mere coincidence.  To the learned, it is the result of thinking in a certain way, and knowing that our thoughts have a direct effect on our immediate environment.

Please consider this the next time you find yourself saying or thinking "Wow, what a coincidence".  Notice yourself doing that.  Notice yourself noticing those thoughts.  Then consider this - is it REALLY a coincidence?

Please don't dismiss the immense power of creation within, to form a thought in your mind, and
with practice, illicit a FEELING within that transmits like a powerful magnet, to bring everything to you required to make it real.

Usually this attracts the 'ingredients to bake the cake'.  You usually have to recognise the arrival of the ingredients and take action - to mix them and bake them to produce the cake.
As I now prepare to board my plane to Malaga, I have a warm feeling inside,  because on this occasion I attracted the finished cake!


Wishing You Peace & Abundance
Curtis Rivers

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Comment by Curtis Rivers on November 29, 2012 at 1:30pm

Thanks Harsha - glad you liked it.

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