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Pilar Garcia, a music therapist: an art, a passion, a profession, a practice

Singing to stimulate the memory and keep the link

Pilar Garcia shows us through his publications and his work as music therapist collaboration: a practical manual "The song to stimulate the memory and keep the link" to the attention of leaders, the documentary "The recovered memory" and his paper on "Music Therapy and Alzheimer Disease: The mouth that sings, talks, kisses ... and eat.
"Song to stimulate memory and keep the link"

Practical Handbook: song to stimulate the memory and keep lienIl is a practical manual published by Pilar Garcia, a music therapist in order to help the hosts or caregivers to drive a vocal workshop with the elderly, sick Alzheimer's in particular.
A book written and audio, which allows you to the professional having previously received adequate training in these patients it accompanies.

Pilar Garcia, is primarily an artist, this practical guide, it communicates the result of his passion, she practices singing since she was small. Street singer, cabaret, stage, she has a wide repertoire.

With this book she also conveys his rich experience. Pilar initially worked many years with children with multiple disabilities. After three years of training in music therapy with a specialization in voice work, with deaf children and adults with disabilities and geriatric hospital * and retirement homes with Alzheimer's patients.

Download the order form "Song to stimulate the memory and keep the link" - A Practical Manual and / or DVD The recovered memory

Tel: 01 74 57 12 43
intervalles.pilargarcia @ neuf.fr

Association Intervals
108 Boulevard John Kennedy
91,100 - Corbeil-Essonne,

Pilar Garcia recounts his experience.

For many years it has also allowed people with disabilities or individuals with Alzheimer's disease in her husband's restaurant for evening dubbed "Be Angels."

Pilar Garcia and Roselyne Bachelot at the hospital of magnoliasPilar Garcia has his talent and skills in music therapy workshops at the Geriatric Hospital Magnolias Ballainvilliers (Essonne) since 2000. "I ask nothing more than to come and sing." Each meeting begins with a ritual: his name, be counted, greet and take his place. It must first warm the body. "The voice does not lie solely in the throat". Look, feel involved in the recognition of self and other. "When the patient looks at me, I know it won," she said. But it is important that the person finds herself the benefits. "The music appeals to the emotions thanks to its text but also in relation to experience." Recovered memory *! "

Garcia Pilar talks about what happens when her workshops.

She sings "Besame Mucho"

The recovered memory Documentary

The recovered memory "The recovered memory" is a documentary directed by Jean-Michel Kuess in 2005 at the geriatric hospital "The Magnolias" (Ballainvilliers, Essonne)
This documentary presents the music therapy service for people with Alzheimer's disease as a means to a communication possible again.
This place of care was set up this amazing experience around music and singing workshops with music therapy.
Pilar GarciaEn based on the enthusiasm and generosity of Pilar Garcia, and As of the meeting, stimulated by the sounds of instruments, voice, eyes and touch those people who lost for the Most use of verbal communication found the lyrics buried deep inside of themselves. The personal commitment of caregivers is important to affirm the general respect accorded to the elderly. Dignity is restored. For nearly two years, Jean-Michel Kuess followed the animation and the evolution of the group which he outlines five portraits.

Jean-Michel Kuess has a multidisciplinary culture where music, graphics and video are a place of equal importance. Trained in fine arts at Paris VIII, he earned a certificate in music therapy. Achieving documentary allows him to highlight this triple formation.

The evidence - narrative of the film:

"From the beginning, music has power over the conduct of man ..." the director

The first images of the film introduces us to the studio of music therapy, alternating with a session of vocal and visual experience Cymat (1), which opens a field sensitivity and exploration on the amazing world of vibratory phenomena nature.

"My mother taught me when I was that high! "Patient

Editor enthusiastic and generous Pilar GARCIA, each found his voice and the footsteps of his memory, through the storytelling of his childhood. The camera makes us witnesses of this resurgence that ignites, through the eyes of the elderly, a spark of dreams and happiness, giving them hope and serenity: a major phase of the recognition of self and others.

"The voice is like an identity card of the body! "The therapist

Built from several sessions, the film collects the most remarkable moments: that of the progressive integration of participants in different phases of the workshop.
In counterpoint, the talks with Pilar GARCIA guide us precisely in the path of his work, and allow us to better understand how, during the exchanges, it creates benchmarks, rituals that reassure patients and mobilize their energies on this space-time of the session to release their voice and their behaviors.

"It's emotional memory, not affected by the disease, which slowly reactive. "The therapist

The camera, which sets these great moments - the body which are spread, changing postures, voices that issue by saying the words, and often full songs proudly emerged from the depths of memories - allows us to account that this memory is still active, emotional memory, still alive.
In this by the image, just join with explanations of a speech therapist, a specialist in memory, which states that on which Alzheimer's patients working at various sensory stimuli.

"No matter that Ms. D ... can not remember it came this morning in music therapy! We observe that she knows it feels good ... "a moderator:

In a broader perspective, observations confirm the impact of the facilitators of these sessions on the behavior of their patients more likely to externalize and to communicate in other daily activities.
The camera follows them in their movements, can then allow himself to highlight the contrast, especially since it also serves to enhance their daily work of accompaniment.

"We become thereby true indicators of behavior change. Never we felt so close to our patients, since this experience with them ... "the head of animation

Time for a trip to the supermarket (when a significant link with the outside world), we are witnessing a curious bit of "this island" of elderly people, clinging to their shopping cart, which attracts attention of onlookers uncomfortable, that are activated around them ...
The physician in charge of the service highlights the importance of light, which determines the place that one wants to give to another, and the need for the team to consider.

"For those people who do not verbalize well, so it's basically a flash in the eyes ... externalize their emotions! ..." The director

More generally, the Warden and the doctor insisted on the essential role played by the unproven therapies medical facilities in the process of coaching people with Alzheimer's, and their ongoing needs to be stimulated to survive .

'We are alive! ... "Patient

Throughout the film, this evolution over the musical notes are interspersed with portraits, echoing these identities which find their place and dignity.
To make introspection softer, giving greater depth to these meetings and provide a setting more intimate picture, a particular feature film was created in a recreation area, called the Snoezelen (2).
It is within this framework that we are open to five individuals, five ways to show their past, their feelings about their illness ... and ultimately ... a way to be living apart right!

The recovered memory in dvdPour learn more and order the recovery of memory:
- Www.lacathode.org / jmkmemo / memoire.html
- Www.lesecransdusocial.gouv.fr/spip.php?article240

Download the order form "Song for stimulating memory and keep the link" - A Practical Manual and / or DVD The recovered memory

The memory of Pilar Garcia Music Therapy and Alzheimer's

Pilar Garcia 2004-2005 form V in Paris and won the IUD "Ethics and care of Alzheimer's patients and their families" - University Paris V.
The subject of his thesis focuses on assisting patients suffering from dementia Alzheimer type, by therapy. Pilar specifically focused his reflection on the voice. Thanks to extensive work on the expressions of voice and vocal intonation, Pilar approximates the vocal identity so that everyone finds his personality.

READ: Music Therapy and ALZHEIMER'S DISEASE "The mouth that sings, talks, kisses ... and eat. "
Memory IUD Pilar GARCIA

updated 26/07/2010

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