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Hello friends,

TO all my friends in the USA, I hope you had a very Happy Thanksgiving and those of you outside the USA, I simply express my Gratitude for YOU. Thank you for being among my online friends.

Now, during our Thanksgiving season is a great time to focus on Gratitude. Gratitude is among the highest vibrations. We all have things to be grateful for…

When we express gratitude for what we have, we attract more of what we want. ~ Louise Hay

KNOW that I am very grateful for YOU in whatever capacity we are acquainted and I THANK YOU for being my friend.

I AM PERSONALLY grateful for my improving health since diagnosed with a brain tumor in March of this year. My surgery was successful and I am now taking chemotherapy to eliminate any traces of the tumor. I am MOST grateful for my husband Dennis who takes such good care of me and drives me to all my appointment hours away. I am grateful for my miraculous doctor who collaborate to give me the latest technology... and I am grateful for my family and friends who have showered me with love, prayers gifts and support.

Enough about me!

Below are some wonderful expressions of gratitude from some of my subscribers a couple of years ago.

I encourage you to take a few minutes to read what others are grateful for and you will be reminded of all the things YOU have to be grateful for in your own life. Enjoy...

Expressions of Gratitude

Your letter on gratitude came at a very opportune time! This afternoon I struggled to walk down my hallway with the new prosthetic leg. It's the hardest work I've ever done, but I did it. Then I went out into the cold (well, it's FLORIDA, so most of you wouldn't think of it as cold, but we're creampuffs!) and drove around my little community in my electric wheelchair. I went down to an old entrance to my community and was watching the traffic go by, enjoying the beautiful sunshine and crisp Florida air, and thinking with much joy and gratitude that if I hadn't lost the leg I would not have had these things given to me!

Walking has always been painful, but now I have an electric wheelchair paid for by Medicare! My leg was also paid for through Medicare! My life was spared, as I spent 6 months in hospitals and rehab centers this past year, much of that on the brink of death, but I have come back feeling better than I have in the past 10 years! NONE of that would have happened, I feel, if I hadn't lost the leg.

So for the first time I felt somewhat grateful for that awful loss and for the fact that this has brought me ever closer to my beautiful husband of 30 years, that my daughter and I are closer than ever before, and that I have a beautiful little 3 1/2 year old granddaughter in my life whom I am now well enough to talk to on the phone and enjoy.

My house is paid for, so are my cars, and I can afford to live comfortably and eat well. I am at peace for the first time in my life. Tears streamed down my face as I thought these things before coming home. Then your email arrived. :-) ~ Linda


I'm Pam and I'm in Queensland Australia, where we are into our storm season with a vengeance. I have no car because I cannot afford one, but this is an ASSET!

I'm 74, am completely alone, and value my independence to the point of being a fanatic!! So being without a car means that I must walk everywhere. In turn, this means I need to exercise. No ifs, buts or maybe's, because if I don't, rust gets into the joints and I will lose that independence. So I'm GRATEFUL that because I don't have a car, I'm fitter than most women my age. I'm GRATEFUL I can get out at 4.30 am and do a 6km walk/run. I'm GRATEFUL I can walk the 1.25km to the train station (and back). I'm GRATEFUL that I can lug a heavy wheelie bag of groceries the 1km home. Sometimes on a hot day I whine about that long trek, but then I give grateful thanks that I CAN DO IT, and know that it's good for me. A huge bonus!

During the past week, my area has been hit with 3 violent storms, with more to come. Wednesday night peoples' homes were flooded, roofs torn off, houses completely demolished, literally flattened. Flood water waist high. That storm was slow moving and lasted 8 hours. No trains because the tracks were blocked by fallen trees and other debris. My rented home was safe, with only the laundry floor covered in mud from the passage of the flood through it. I'm just so-o-o-o-o GRATEFUL I still have a bed, where others don't; clothes, when others have lost the lot; power still on, while others still struggle without; clean water to drink. I'm GRATEFUL I still have my life, but one lady died as the flood swept her car off the road.

I'm GRATEFUL that I have the ability to learn new things, and to KNOW that mental gymnastics are as essential as physical stuff. I'm GRATEFUL for all the God-given abilities I have, and try hard not to take them for granted. So much more, but the list is endless.

No, I don't have money, and have only a Government pension, but I have the basics, and a lot more intangibles than others, so yes, I'm grateful, every day.

Pam in Qld Australia.


This was just the right moment for me to find Linda's gratitude posting in the top of my email queue. I am attempting to stay positive and focused in the face of financial and other burdens that feel overwhelming some/a lot of the time.

It is really helpful to think of the blessings and be grateful... so here are some of mine:

I live in a beautiful little apartment, nestled in the earth. I never knew I would so love living in a 1/2 in the basement apartment, but truly it feels like a safe cave.. and it has window ledges in every room... with pictures of plants and loved ones and pottery treasures on each ledge.. I had a chance to move upstairs this year to an aptmt that is in better repair... but I chose to stay here... mostly because I love the coziness and the ledges that don't exist upstairs.

I live with two of the most beautiful and loving animals a little cat Malaika who has been w me for 15 yr... and JuJu a perky, cheery, smart, sweet greyhound.. who won 4 and placed in 6 in her racing career and dances circles on the lead... we call them "twizzlers."

I have two smart and loving sons... 3 fabulous grandsons... the best daughter-in-law on the planet... and a big yellow lab grandson dog who loves me as big and deeply as I, his Granny, love him.

I have work to do that is useful and fun with clients... at a clinic and here at my home office... that I adore.

And i have eyes to see the sunshine.. a nose to smell the woodfires and crackly leaves of the fall.. ears to hear the hoot of the train I love riding a mile away... feet to feel the heat of the heater and the crunch of the leaves underfoot... health to enjoy everything.

And.. of course... so much more.

Thank you, linda for doing the ministry you are doing w your marketing from spirit business. And thank you dear list readers... I look forward to reading other folks' posts. ~ Emily


I love ur emails
It gives me the right messages to my soul
I am grateful for my beauty and my health and the prosperity iam living
I am grateful for the health and love of my children
I am grateful for the presence of my beloved and generous husband
I am grateful for my supporting friends and aquantancies
I am grateful for being able to help people in need emotionally and materially
Thank you GOD for everything
ps pls i like my name not to be revealed


I wanted to share all the wonderful things that I am grateful and thankful for.

I am so truly blessed and thankful as I am able to feed, clothe and keep my children safe and warm. I am blessed because I have great health insurance for myself and my children. I am blessed and thankful that we have the best doctors to care for myself and my children when ill. When my daughter was diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor, we had the resources to have some of the best doctors from the best hospitals in the United States treat her.

I am blessed because I have my family near and everyone is healthy. I am truly blessed and thankful that I have a job. When I look around my home, it doesn't seem that I have much, but I do, I have a place to lay my head, shower, sleep, watch tv, eat, etc.... I am truly blessed for being born and living in the United States where I have my freedom to believe in God the way I choose and to attend any church without fear of violence, to make my own choices and to have the resources to live my dream no matter what it is. If you want to know how truly thankful and grateful, even for the little things that you are just pay close attention to what is going on in Congo and other Countries and they don't have any resources for help. They worry everyday about how to feed and take care of themselves and their children. They have to sleep in fear and eat and sleep in unclean conditions. They have no choices. If we are out of milk, bread, etc.... We crab our car keys on go the store and purchase what we need.

Thank you for this opportunity to let you and everyone know how truly thankful and grateful I am for everything that I have, not matter how little or how much, it is all a blessing.

Take care and Happy Thanksgiving. ~ Sandy


I do have so much to be thankful for. I am thankful for my husband , my beautiful daughter Emily , I have the sweetest Chihuahua in the world that gives me that unconditional love that is so wonderful. My daughter is healthy and that in itself is great . She is a wonderful person and I teach her everyday about the universal laws and positive thinking and she absorbs it like a sponge. I am so thankful for this group and how it has helped me from feeling helpless to strong and in control of my life. I have use some of the different products you have suggested like the Quantum Mind and I think someone from the group introduced me to the Mind Movies and they help me everyday . I remember the night that I googled "God help me " and some how I came across your websites. I feel like you were put in my life for a reason and I appreciate you and your blog. Thank you Thank you Thank you with much gratitude and love ~ Marion


I have so very much to be grateful for. I am grateful for my wonderful, loving husband, my daughter, whom is my daily inspiration, my dog whom always makes me smile, my home all paid for. Today I am extra grateful for a financial miracle.

My husband and I had been struggling to keep up with numerous bills that seemed to all come in at once. For some reason I kept feeling like God was trying to show me something. I had prayed unceasingly for a miracle. Well this morning we were debating whether to go to the bank and take out a loan, to have some emergency money. I happened to look on the credit card bill and noticed that the bank had increased our credit line. Since we were able to pay all of our bills and register the truck for this year we decided to hold off on applying for another loan. The increased credit line will help serve as emergency money until our savings can be increased. This is a miracle for us and it was right in front of us. We did not even notice until we opened our eyes and were conscious to the fact that God always takes care of us with His abundant blessings. ~ Kathy


I may not be rich in monetary terms but my Father is and for that I can be thankful because he promised to meet my every need. He didn't promise to spoil me by granting every wish however, and for that I am grateful. I am rich in friends both online and off. I am rich in acquaintances in the community, patients I took care of while working as a nurse at the local hospital. And those same people often express their gratitude for my care when our paths cross at area businesses. I have a husband that adores me, a family that loves me and friends who care about me enough to provide moral and/or spiritual support when they discover I'm in need. But most of all I am thankful for my Heavenly Father who loved me so much that he sent his son, Jesus, to live and die as a human being to pay the price for my sins and then returned life to Jesus and called him from the tomb that I might live forever with them in Glory. Thinking of this brings tears to my eyes.

My prayer this Thanksgiving is that others might find the peace that passes all understanding by putting their faith and trust in this same Jesus. He promised to accept all those who would come to him in faith believing that he is the rewarder of those who earnestly seek him and for this I am also grateful. Thanks for this opportunity to express my thoughts of gratitude for publication. Love, M


How nice that we get to reply and send all our gratitude to you. I am firstly very grateful for my Beautiful 4 year old son who I waited for ,for many years his name is Connor Mc Caughey and he is the most beautiful little boy I have ever met (not biased at all here!!!) he bring's great joy to our lives. I am also very grateful for my Husband Sean we have grown up together and I am very lucky to have found my soul mate.
I am grateful for the Air we all breath, the food we eat ,the belly laughs we have, the money we earn, the beds we sleep in, the friends we have, the parents and family we have ,to be Irish and living by our holy mountain in the West of Ireland, my work, my teacher's past and present, for you, for Life, for willingness, for commitment, for compassion, for love, for truth, and for heart felt feeling's of joy and gratitude.
Thank-you Linda.
Love Clodagh, Ireland.


I can just imagine how beautiful your log house would look like and I too start crying when I go thru my gratitude list while being still, praying or meditating. My father helped his brother build his log house here in New Zealand in the middle of our beautiful Bushlands and my Dad who just loves Nature, Animals and good fresh air built into the home a natural tree with its big branches going from the ground floor to upstairs. Its amazing.

Im grateful for the trees, ferns, flowers, rocks, Hills, Mountains, that surround us.
Im grateful for husband Damien, my 3 daughters- Kelly-Jo, Caroline and Kimberley
Im grateful for my home, my garage that gives me space to do my Healing Artwork in.
Im grateful for my loving Van that has been such a blessing in serving others and taking my family down to the South Island to get greenstone for us to carve.
Im grateful for my car that takes my husband to work safely
Im grateful for my shoes that look after my feet while standing up for long periods of time
Im grateful for health that has been great
Im grateful for the abundance of love that comes to me and my family every minute of the day
Im grateful for the abundance of money that continuously flow my way
Im grateful for my friends that love my unconditionaly and for my Parents and extended family that are so supportive
Im grateful for opportunities that come to me everyday in creating spiritual art pieces for people who need love in their lives and Im greatful for our Heavenly Father who answers my prayers and blesses me for and protects me and my family always.

Theres so much more that Im grateful for and right now Im grateful for my Oreo shake that my 14yr old just made me with her 4yr old sister and that is my cue to go and enjoy my Saturday nite with my family.

With lots of love and laughter
God Bless you Linda and your family:)

Arohanui (lots of Love)....thats a maori word as Im maori ~ Karen


I am grateful for finding you and your wonderful websites. My daughter introduced me to The Secret about a year ago, I love to follow their principles along with The Law of Attraction from Louise Hays and her husband.

I am also grateful for my great health, my wonderful family, my unlimited abundance, my part time job, my retirement, my Internet business and everything that I am and have.

In addition I thank you for your E-mail courses, I have learned a lot from them. You look wonderful in your pictures and your log home will be fantastic.

I woke up today in a great mood and as I was riding the bus to pick up my grandson from school I gave thanks to the Lord for being so good to me. I also felt that something great is in store for me. I do not know what it will be, but I can certainly feel it. Will let you know when I find out.
I also live in a state of gratitude. May God Bless you and your always. Victoria G.


LINDA,I feel blessed every day. I have the most wonderful family. My husband is a great man. My daughters, are souch great moms, wives, and daughters. And they married really very good men. Iam so proud of all of them. Of course I can,t forget all my fabulas grandchilderen (9). I have soooo, much love in my life, I can,t ever be greatful enough. After all isn,t that what it is all about? I am greatful for all the material things also,we can,t get along without those. However without love and family, nothing else matters. ~ Gay


I am so happy and grateful for the unconditional love I receive from my partner Debbie, my two kids Mya and Dezmond and from our 2 cats, Maltby and Scarface. I am also grateful for the comfort and security of The Blue House. A well stock fridge (that includes a few beers) helps. But I am extremely grateful and excited by the money I am attracting so that I can give it away on my website. With much Love and Peace - ~ David


So, how's THAT for some great expressions of Gratitude?

You are welcome to REPLY with YOUR expressions of Gratitude and I will also share them!

I absolutely LOVE it!


Many blessings for your continued and increased prosperity and well being!

In sincere appreciation,

Linda Miller

How to Manifest a Miracle Now

We attract what we think
Whether we want it or not

Living in Gratitude

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