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Neo, the main Matrix character, started experiencing a whole new reality and getting answers to his questions when he heeded to the clue he got in his computer screen, it said: “Follow the white rabbit…” At first he didn’t seem to understand this message, it was too vague. But when he saw a white rabbit tattooed in the arm of a weird girl who invited him to an even weirder party, he did not hesitate, he went along.

Pretty much as what happened to Neo, when we decide to transform our realities and start connecting to our own source of power, many “white rabbits” will cross our path. The question is; are we ready to follow them? Some of my students have told me that right before meeting me they asked for a solution to their troubles and for a teacher that they could trust. You get what you ask for. Your teacher or master can be a book, a person you meet in a bus ride, or it may even come through a dream. You will never know. The Universe works in mysterious ways.

But be aware you must…opportunities for transcendence are all around you when you’re in the right frame of mind, when you trust that only the best will come your way. But still, you must move your butts and follow the lead.

This reminds me of an old inspirational tale. You may have read it somewhere else, but it is always worthy recapping it.

Once upon a time there was a very “spiritual” man who trusted God with all his heart. The weather service announced that there would be a severe storm in his village and it would cause damaging and deadly flooding. This man was very faithful and confident that God would save him, no matter what.

The storm came, and as the water was rising around his house, someone passed by in a truck and told him to get in so he could be moved to a safe place. The faithful man said: “No, thanks, I trust God will save me.”

A few hours later, when the water was covering the first floor of his house, a couple of people passed by in a boat and asked him to jump in so he could be saved. His answer was the same: “No, thanks, I trust God will save me.”

Later on, when the water was covering his house, the “faithful” man, now sitting on his roof, saw a helicopter fly above him. They threw a rope and said: “grab this rope, we will save you.” But, nothing could convince him, and again, he said: “No, thanks, I trust God will save me.”

The faithful man drowned. When he reached heaven he was very pissed off and asked God: “Why my Lord? I have been faithful all my life and I was sure you would save me. Why did you let me down?”

And God replied: “Dear son, I sent you a truck, a boat and a helicopter. Why didn’t you jump into those opportunities for salvation?

You may be experiencing a symbolic “flooding” right now. You may have been given clues, choices, opportunities, signs. What are you doing? Are you embracing whatever comes to you as a gift from the universe, or are you imposing your own conditions?

Most of you, even though you ask, pray, visualize or supplicate, are still hesitant to jump in the opportunities that come by. It may be a friend inviting you to a party in which you could meet someone who can help you. It can be an article that you read. It can be a book that calls your attention at a bookstore. It can be a dream. It can be an article like the one you’re reading now.

Are you awake enough to see the clues, or are you afraid of jumping in a new reality? Will you buy the book that calls your attention, or will you save the “few bucks” to eat a hamburger or buy the newest Lady gaga CD? Will you take up training with a teacher that can transform your life, or will you rather “save” because you want to go to Cancun in six months? (Just for the record, this teacher does NOT have to be me. There are many great teachers out there.)

You have the choice. You know your priorities. But, if you’re not attuned, you will make poor choices and be confused about the priorities in your life. And I tell you, from personal experience; your ONLY priority is your inner growth. As the wise book says:

But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you.” Matthew 6:33

Yes, all others things, such as health, happiness, wealth, good relationships, etc. are dependent only on one factor; your degree of attunement to the universe, or to be more specific, the fabric of reality, the magical place from where any and everything originates.

So, be aware of the clues in your life, be in the lookout for the “trucks”, “boats” and “helicopters” that are sent to you. They may not pass by again if you just keep on disregarding them. Avoid trying to impose your own conditions on how it should be. You have no way to know, nobody does. That’s why wise people live in a state of constant awareness and follow the leads.

Sometimes what appears to be a bad temporary circumstance may be the doorway to amazing transformations. Some of my greatest growth moments came in times of supposed crisis or troubles. Circumstances, either good or bad are created by ourselves and we have the choice of how they will develop and turn out. If you feel hopeless, desperate or lost during a so-called self-created crisis, you will take the down-spiral. But if you trust that it is an opportunity for growth, things will lead to an unexpected and surprising final result. You always have the CHOICE.

May the Force be with you!

R.J. Wellington


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