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Fun Questions that gave opportunity to think.

" I guess I worry that if I'm not nice to people when they need it, then they won't be nice to me when I need it. I'm being nice to people as an insurance policy?? "

I've heard Abe say that that is the basis of most friendships, and I've even been scolded for not being "nice" and making small talk with others socially because "small talk is the glue of friendships, and your friendships are what get you by when you are in trouble".

What's funny about human perception is that there is usually something right about whatever we think. And usually something wrong too. And just like life on the emotional scale: what to do when perceiving a statement of truth is really more about where you are emotionally than what is being said.

When you are stable and have all that you want, the only thing left is to give. And not giving at that point is a life that is cold and teaches it's own lesson, one that few really learn, and most miss the point and refuse to learn because it is a lesson that puts all that you are on the line after you've come so far....The bottom line is though, when you've reached a certain point, the only thing left to receive from life is the priveledge of giving, and you realize that without that, nothing that you have means anything to you anymore.


ah the risk of being in love, or truly caring for another, platonic or otherwise.

the daredevil in me sees that as the opportunity for the greatest thrill and challenge in life. never mind fast cars and pretty boys, winding paths in the woods that enchant the eye....let me really care for another and not get taken down by that, but not disconnect so much that i am cold and just doing a mental exercise...let me really feel...and mold those feelings just right until my soul is liquid song and the ethers are rippling a strong and clear signal to my beloved that they can now follow even easier than they can their own source. (thus sayeth abe yet again in toronto ca 3-16-2007... ga head, scrabble challenge me, i dare ya lol)

On the other hand, when you are on your way up, you take what you want from others and let no strings be attached if they are offering, and could give a rip if they get their feelings hurt, and give away what feels good to give, but recognize that as always...its "me first, especially right now until i really know that i am safe and stable no matter what". and that safe and stable is a state of being, not an amount of money in the bank. but when you get to that state of being...the money will be in the bank too.

And, the really funny part is that ...life is really never "on your way up" OR "really stable". It's a mix, if you are human. Sometimes you're up, sometimes you're down, and life is the stuff of many rebounds.

And now I come full circle. I'm not nice to people so that they will be nice to me if I need it: life brings me what I need, if necessary, from a complete stranger. But I am nice when I feel like it, because it feels good to be nice. But, only when I feel like it, because it's me first...and unless it's me first...at some point, I'll have nothing to give anyway, and if I don't feel like giving...who ever's asking...is probably asking for the wrong reasons. So the question really isn't about how much should I consider others in my giving, as how much should I trust what I feel when I consider whether to give or not to give.

And I say: what your emotions say: goes. Never mind shoulds, laws and social norms. Just do what you feel and life will show you something that you will have to write home about over and over and over again...because suddenly it all makes sense.

This is the song of my heart. Thank you for the opportunity to remember it.

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Comment by Abe Enthusiast 333 on October 8, 2011 at 11:43am

o...these questions really gave me a nice stance that i've been seeking for a bit...


Question: why do teachers come here, learn and then go away to earn with what they've learned? because to them what they've learned is still work and so therefore they don't have enough source energy to use what they've learned with or without payment...so they focus on getting paid bc they also don't have enough money (they think) to do both and they don't do it here for free bc they can't muster enough energy to still serve their paying customers...they aren't yet "teaching" in abe terms where they are flipping and soothing others with every interaction with others where the other is asking for what we know that they have on this earth. it is still too much work and so they only do it if they can charge or where there is potential flirting or potential charging or potential business opportunity involved...and when they try to do it here what they don't know becomes evident here as what they express contradicts abraham or misses the feeling marks...but they don't want hear that....they want to feel like they already know, they are closed off to new and better ...they think they are done and don't see the value in going deeper still for more...they are not willing to expand anymore into what is still coming forth and don't even see that more information IS still coming forth.


Question: why do some stay here even "after they've learned what's here to learn"? those that stay here whether they charge elsewhere or not are still eager to expand into more and are still willing to be wrong; if they do charge elsewhere they are also successful enough now in this work that they can pay advertizing fees to the community and expand this industry...it's quality and effectiveness actually lol, and they are eager for the practice because this work is so fun and if they have to work at it on any topic...they are eager to know this too.


Question: what's the piece(s) that they are missing? that there is nothing wrong with having a question, that having a question is where eternity comes from AND that what abe is teaching is how to guide ourselves so we must never guide anyone else. we soothe or challenge or confirm...we do not give them wisdom but prepare them for knowing the wisdom that they come equipped with by sharing them the semantics of how and what to discern.

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