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Getting a SOUL MATE HERE hopefully updated :D

You see, this one question has bothered so many of my students , and it time you all need a real way to help
Ive created a 1 month mind medication , I call it (_Mcube_) and this will work with some beats, some meditation and books 
What I have here the contents 
You will need:

  • Romantic Books, with happy endings and good stories that touch you
  • Some Romantic Movies/Shows with unconditional love
  • The beats i provide
  • paper/pencil
  • the drive/ belief

Okay step one, in the month lets say 30 days 
the first day , you must listen to  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3nsoyio9FM8
remember to listen before bed. During the day in free time, with paper and pencil write down the best moments, and all the love feeling you can describe and feel, let it out into your world. Also on day one, do not desperately desire to much , just feel satisfied , day two and the rest of the first week copy day one .

Week 2 day 1, Now we start the Books, get some either, ebooks, or regular books, and read the romantic books late in bed when you are tired, or at work free time, and visualize the story in your mind, but with you and your loved one, instead of the main characters, also try to get a book in first person , so "then He kissed me and i feel for his charm"
these will open you to love, and help your visualization for you :). also during the second week , make affirmations of love " I deserve love"  " I open love to me" " he loves me" " he wants me". last thing to do on week 2 , is mostly relax, and feel good 

Week 3 ouuuuu, Now we start the Movies all the Romantic films, that make you feel good, also any other happy films that lift you up , also good love songs, and happy songs, the mood week, to make you on top of the world , also listen to more beats like the link that week. lastly Start to imagine you and your guy/girl , in your arms, and dating .

Week 4 AHHHHHHHHHHHH BEST ONE, now from day one to day 7, day 1 mediation, day 2 Paper Pencil affirmations/dating stories , day 3 Music/Movies, Day 4 Books, Day 5 Mix it upppp, Day 6 hardcore mediation/books, Day 7 Relaxxxxx, 

Finally Enjoy, this is the ultimate rule to getting ur soulmate, and a gift to you all, thank you for your time:) 

Lastly and questions/concerns, please message/add and i am here for you :) 

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Comment by Sofia Blade on October 3, 2015 at 7:10am

BE LOVE and you wont have to worry if you're lovable nor loving.

Comment by QueenieAthenie on October 3, 2015 at 3:48am

I have a question about this...by the way it sounds like a great idea overall! When it comes to the book part though...see, I am VERY VERY romantic, but I also find some romantic things cheesy and that includes most romantic things in books.  But I have a love journal I wrote about the kind of guy I want, as if we are together, plus I've finally recorded me reading it...could I use that INSTEAD of the books for that week? 

I definitely have a few songs that generate the feeling place.  I actually find most love songs incredibly cheesy too BUT there are some I just LOVE.  

I'm not so sure about the movies either...I'll have a think about this, yes there are definitely scenes from movies, the other day Sofia shared Heath Ledger's character serenading his love and I thought I'd LOVE to have a guy do that to me.  I could possibly find clips of movies on youtube and watch just those clips...hmmm...food for thought!  

Thoughts on the books???

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