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Goal Setting For Students: How to Write Papers Better in 30 Days

Students get to write a countless number of different papers every year. It takes a lot of time, often even too much time. Many think that you have to have some hidden talent to write great papers. Of course, a writing talent helps a lot, but in academic writing, it is all about practice and dedication.


If you want to, you can train yourself to write better and faster in just 30 days. Here are some tips for that. If you follow them every day for a month, you will see how faster you write and how better your papers are. 


  1. Read more. Only a rare talent can write incredible texts without reading first. If you read a lot, you automatically get to write better, too.
  2. Write every day. Being a student, you get many assignments every day. Try not to leave all of them for the last minute, but do them in parts every day.
  3. Start a diary. Writing about your personal experiences on a regular basis can help you develop your writing skills, too. You can write every second day trying to depict your daily affairs in an interesting light. In 30 days, it can become an exciting habit for you.
  4. Exercise every day. For example, you can take any long sentence and try to make it look completely different but convey the same meaning. 
  5. Ask people’s opinion. Ask your family or friends to read your texts and to give you their honest opinion. Often you cannot do without an objective look.
  6. Fight procrastination. Procrastination is your worst enemy when it comes to writing. It is important to fight it if you want to improve your writing or to write faster. There are many ways to defeat procrastination; you just choose the one that works for you.
  7. Analyze. If you want to write better, you need to know what areas of writing you should improve. Analyze every work that you hand into your professors and pay attention to every mistake you make.
  8. Try not to be very complicated. Unless it is some kind of a serious research paper that demands complex language, try to express your thoughts in an easy way. Don’t get too far with it, though. As Albert, Einstein liked to say, “If you can't explain it to a six-year-old, you don’t understand it yourself.”
  9. Use the right sources of getting information. Writing better papers often depend on the information you use in your texts. Try to use only the good reliable sources and always cite them.
  10. Find a good place to write. Maybe you will get more productive writing-wise if you just find the right place for it. Try to go to some quiet place that you like and try to write there.
  11. Read theory. Reading books are one thing; reading theory can be necessary, too. You can do it every time you analyze your mistakes. If you see, for example, that you tend to make stylistic mistakes quite often, you should read some theoretic book or article about style.
  12. Reread everything you write. And don’t just reread it right after you write it. Give it some time and then read it with a fresh perspective.
  13. Get inspired. You need inspiration not only if you write a book. Writing academic assignments can go much more efficient if you have some inspiration for you. There are different ways of getting inspiration for writing a paper. You can watch an inspiring speech from some brilliant professor, read an original article online, etc.
  14. Plan your writing. And it is not about planning the time to write. It is about planning what you are going to write. Writing problems usually appear if you don’t know what to write about. Having a plan should help.
  15. Have a notebook with you. Anytime you feel like you have an excellent idea, write it down. Who knows, maybe it will help you with one of your future assignments.
  16. Reward yourself. People like getting rewards. You can create one for every time you finish your writing task (and the sooner you finish, the bigger reward you can get). It can be anything starting from candy and end with going out.
  17. Edit only when you finish. Many students spend more time on writing because they edit every sentence after writing it. The work will go much faster if you finish the whole thing, and only then edit it.
  18. Sleep and eat well. If you normalize your sleeping and eating habits, many aspects of your life can improve, too, including writing papers.  
  19. Set some limits. If you put a time limit on your writing tasks, eventually you will become to write and think faster. 


If you follow at least half of these tips for 30 days, you will definitely improve your writing and organizational skills. Just try it out and feel the difference! 

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Comment by Sir Neil on January 5, 2017 at 1:47pm
All of these I agree with, having written papers and dissertations myself. I'd like to add something to number 17 and that is always edit on the HARD COPY. Print up your text and then proof read it. It's a lot better than trying to proof read it on computer screens.

You can see the whole things right in front of you, and you can lay the whole paper out in reading order. You can see the whole paper unfold in front of you and all of your arguments. You can see which arguments are good, which need to be strengthened, which aren't necessary, which could be added to, which you need more evidence or examples for, and generally how the thing reads. Does it flow and is it readable? Or is it disjointed. This one thing can make quite a bit of difference.

And from an LOA point of view, start to believe that YOU ARR TRULY GOOD ENOUGH. In your field, as an academic, and in life in general. That will make a lot of difference as well.
Comment by Amy on December 17, 2016 at 7:30pm

Hi, Alyce.  this is an interesting post.  I'm in high school and I'm pretty smart, but I can never inspire myself to write papers; it's always a painful process.  We shouldn't have to do things we don't want, and I feel like school messes with that, with deadlines and everything.  If I have to reward myself, that implies that writing the paper is not intrinsically rewarding.  If it's not, why the heck am I doing it?  But I don't want to drop out.  I don't know.  Even writing a post that I wanted to publish on my own blog was difficult because I kept getting bored while writing.  Keep up the great posts!

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