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Gratitude and Saying Thank You Are NOT One In The Same.

Everyone is so obsessed with gratitude. Saying 1,000,000 thank you's a day and writing all these lists of things they are "Grateful" for - that's fine.



But really what gratitude actually is, is just JOY - it's not really about saying thank you at all.



 Many times saying "thank you" just comes naturally, either because you are so happy to receive, or to experience something, or you feel so appreciative of someone GENUINELY. This would be considered true gratitude. Giving thanks and showing appreciation came as a RESULT from FEELING joyful - from being in the FEELING of Gratitude.



BUT many times, when people say "thank you", its mostly out of having manners and being polite. There is nothing wrong with having manners or being polite. There is nothing wrong with list-making either. BUT if the feeling of JOY is not being felt and expressed along with those words - then the power of "gratitude" will not be by your side. In cases like those there is no "Gratitude" - those are just words. Gratitude is JOY - Happiness.



Feelings and Emotions hold power - not just words alone.


LOA followers tend to say "thank you" for just about everything. They make plenty of lists to write out what/who they are thankful for. Many times there is no true "feeling" involved though. Its similar to giving thanks out of politeness - but in this way they are giving thanks and showing appreciation, writing lists and journaling - more so as a positive ACT or as a positive DEED rather than actually being in the feeling of true Gratitude (joy).


Doing something to "be" Grateful is not the same as actually feeling Grateful (happy, joyful). Being in the FEELING is what matters.


For instance:


Imagine if a little boy goes to visit his grandparents for the weekend and the grandfather surprises his grandson with a new baseball and catchers mit? When the little boy sees the gift - his eyes get big, his smile gets wide and brightens up the entire room! The little boy starts jumping up and down in excitement as his grandfather places the gift in his hands - and the little boy says, "Wow!!!! Grandpa! Grandpa!", still jumping, still smiling, still wide-eyed, " This is soo cool! Can we play Grandpa? Can we go play catch right now??", as he gives his grandfather a big hug...


Now, even though this little boy forgot his "manners" and his "politeness" due to his excitement...How do you think his grandfather felt in seeing his grandson react this way over those gifts? He probably didn't even notice that the little boy didn't say "thank you" to him at all because he was too caught up in his grandsons happiness and excitement to notice or to care. The boys feelings of JOY and his expression of happiness WAS him showing his gratitude. Words of "thanks" weren't even necessary.




Now imagine a different scenario with the same boy, the same grandfather and the same gift. But instead of being happy and excited about receiving the baseball/catchers mit and wanting to play catch with his grandfather all weekend long, the boy says "Thanks Grandpa, You're the best!" And he sets his gifts down nicely and goes off to play his video games...


How do you think the grandfather will feel in this situation? Not as good right? Maybe even disappointed. At least the boy and his " manners" softened the blow. But all in all, the grandfather probably feels like the boy didn't like the gift much. The boy was UNGRATEFUL for his gift - not because he was rude or impolite - only because he wasn't JOYFUL, he wasn't HAPPY about it.



That is what gratitude really is. That is where the "power" of gratitude comes from - its from the FEELING and EXPRESSION of JOY.


So writing 100 lists of 1,000 things you are grateful for everyday, mean NOTHING and will not help you create/attract/manifest deliberately - UNLESS those lists actually DO make you feel JOYFUL in writing them or reading them. The ACT of writing lists and saying "thank you" holds no power at all - only the FEELING and EXPRESSION of JOY holds power in Gratitude. That is all gratitude really is, its just JOY.

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Comment by Olaolu on August 20, 2014 at 2:44pm
Wow these are some profound words. Yes I do agree that true gratitude comes from within and is more than just words but I also feel that regularly keeping track of things that your grateful for can shift your momentum and help to facilitate those positive feelings. Just my two cents worth! :-)
Comment by Nicolas on August 19, 2014 at 11:24pm

Yes Gratitude is something you are rather than something you do. Well said.

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