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In today’s economy many people are having a hard time trying to find things to be grateful for. People are losing their jobs, losing their homes, and finding it difficult to pay their bills. Being laid off last year and unemployed for eight months, I started falling behind on my mortgage payments. But instead of being part of the problem, I chose to take action and be part of the solution. Deciding to make the best of a difficult situation, I started to focus on being grateful for everything I have in my life right now rather than on what I don't have. I discovered that by simply thinking about the positive things I wanted in my life, I became much more tuned in to noticing new opportunities rather than noticing the lack of opportunity.

As "Dave, The Gratitude Guy", my mission is to provide an awakening to individuals and businesses about the benefits of choosing Gratitude and how this powerful vibration can be the source of abundant healing, joy and prosperity. I want to set an example for others to follow that will inspire people to have vision, purpose and faith so as to take action toward their own personal life goals and thus cultivate the habit of being grateful for every good thing that comes and to give thanks continuously.

With the limited financial means I currently have, I am embarking on a Gratitude Tour and will be driving from Miami to New York City. I have hired a videographer to film the experience.

Here is the schedule for the tour:

May 13 - Miami
May 14 - Orlando
May 15 - Cocoa Beach
May 16 - Atlanta
May 17 - Washington DC
May 18 - Washington DC
May 19 - Philadelphia
May 20 - New York
May 21 - New York & New Haven, CT

Among the highlights include: a visit with Former NFL player Ricky Watters, a Gratitude Walk from the Washington Monument to the Lincoln Memorial, and a special one night comedy show in New York City. I will be filming a video during the tour with the objective of showcasing the gratitude community of the world.

My vision is to educate everyone that the best way for us to value our present day happiness and gratitude for what we have is to live up to our potential. Being grateful for the situation at hand now is mandatory if you are ever to be happy. The main purpose of the Gratitude Tour is to meet empowering people from all walks of life who are making a difference, learn from their experiences, inspire others, and make a needed contribution to society. If more people made a decision to be grateful for what they have now, great changes would occur. It's your choice.

I know that without a doubt I am supposed to complete this journey but the Universe never told me how. I have had countless reasons in my head to stop and just give up, but continue, regardless of the many obstacles I encounter. If you feel you are in alignment with this project, please consider supporting a social entrepreneur who wants to be an example and inspire others to reach toward their full potential. All the money raised will go directly to the Gratitude Tour to help cover the travel expenses. I believe the act of Gratitude and the act of Giving Back reinforce each other and lead to a more fulfilling, meaningful and happy life. As I reach out to the Powerful Intentions community for assistance, I ask you to look deep into your heart and mind and give if it feels right to you. I would be most appreciative and very thankful for your support to help create something special we all can share together for years to come.

~~ If you want to get more of what you want, love what you already have~~

For more information, please visit: http://www.mygratitudelife.com/Gratitude-Tour.html

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Comment by Tim Hoff on May 6, 2017 at 2:26am

This post is very good. There is motivation for others. Gratitude

Comment by Tim Hoff on May 6, 2017 at 2:26am

This post is very good. There is motivation for others. Gratitude

Comment by Tim Hoff on May 6, 2017 at 2:26am

This post is very good. There is motivation for others. Gratitude

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