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How to create a vision board in 6 steps!

Create a Vision Board for Law of Attraction and Manifestation

How to create a vision board in 6 simple steps... And, more importantly, how dream boards can ignite the Law of

Attraction and Manifestation process with the power, energy, detail, emotion and passion required to manifest your

desires more quickly than ever before! ...when the essential steps of the process, imagination and intention, are

included that is!

How to create a Vision Board for Law of Attraction and Manifestation and ignite your dreams with passion!

...In 6 simple (but, when working with BIG goals and dreams, not necessarily easy) steps!

Still, just starting the process of making dream boards (vision boards) for your goals and dreams can help

hasten manifestation, and YOU CAN do it- here's how:

Step 1: Start with the intention of working with the ONE dream or goal you have right now that is the

MOST important to you - your fondest wish for yourself; your MOST cherished desire. Work with only one

goal per dream board.

When you can honestly admit to yourself (and the Universe) what is most important to you right now, the

Law of Attraction (LoA) can get right to work on manifesting it for you. The truth is that LoA is always on

the case anyway, for ALL of our heart-felt desires, but the process is much more efficient when we KNOW

what it is we REALLY want.

Also, when you are working with a dream that is very important to you, it will be FAR easier to do the rest

of the steps... The Law of Attraction will direct your attention, and the pictures and symbols that are

particularly meaningful are MUCH more like to jump right out to be noticed. ...But, I am getting ahead of


Step 2: Assemble the materials - collect magazines, catalogs you like, newspapers, and photos (or

copies of photos) that you can cut images out of. ...Make sure you won't be damaging someone else's

property by instead making color photocopies of images you like from sources that are not your own.

You'll also want to get a fairly large piece of poster board, card-stock, or cardboard to use as a mounting

surface, and a glue stick or some rubber cement (white glue is too wet for most paper, and will cause it to

wrinkle and warp.)

Step 3: Now take a few minutes to daydream about yourself AS IF you are ALREADY living the dream

that the vision board will express... Think of your goal for your life, and imagine it as if it is ALREADY true

for you - think of yourself experiencing the smells, the sights, the sounds, the feelings that you will be

having when the vision is real.

Imagine your dream as REAL NOW, with as much detail as possible, for as long as you can. When

you do not know the details, make them up... The vision (and the vision board which will represent it) is a

work in progress, it doesn't have to be perfect.

Step 4: Start the manifestation of the dream into a visual representation of what you DO know about it by

cutting out words, images, pictures, quotes, and symbols that evoke the feeling of your dream for

yourself. If you see a picture and think: "That's it; that's what I want to have, do, be, look like, feel like, be

able to do!" then that is the kind of image/symbol you want to cut-out. Cutout and collect as many little bits

of inspiration as you can, you can edit them when you start to add them to the vision board itself.

Step 5: Assemble the collected bits of inspiration onto the vision board by picking out the 2-3 most

evocative, most inspirational, most representative of all your cut-outs and attaching them to the center

area of the board with your adhesive.

With the vision of what it feels like to ACTUALLY BE living your dream foremost in your mind, allow your

heart to lead you as you pick out each successive word, image and symbol to add to your vision board.

FEEL your way through picking out the details that are truly meaningful and descriptive for you, and

attaching them to the dream board in the most symbolic place. You cannot get it wrong! ...Just use the

images to visually describe your dream as best you can now, and let the Law of Attraction call your

attention to any more which could be added later.

Step 6: Now consciously set the intention to be on the lookout for more examples, details, information

and data which can be added to your dream boards in the future (if necessary). And, more importantly,

look for reminders that the energy of your dream IS around you. Once the vision board is (at least mostly)

complete, the only REAL goal becomes to LOOK for examples of the dream manifesting - not to keep

adding to the "symbol" of it. As such, you should put the vision board AWAY where you cannot see it

on a daily basis, and only add more detail when it is REALLY important to you!

That last part of the instruction in step 6 really should be a step of it's own because it is SO important.

Vision boards and dream boards work best when they are put away and entrusted to the care of the

Universe. The "releasing" of the vision is the key to using Law of Attraction and manifestation most


...By putting the vision board away you are not giving up on the dream, but rather, you are sending a

message to the Universe that you KNOW it will come, and you trust the process of life to bring it to you!

WHY "putting a vision board away" is so important...

Real Life Law of Attraction provides free how to Law of Attraction tools and real world manifestation

information online

By Andrea Sholer

Published: 4/29/2009

Did you know that every thought that we think creates a vibration? Negative

thoughts create negative feelings that lead to low frequency vibrations,

whereas positive thoughts create positive feelings that produce high

frequency vibrations. According to the universal Law of Attraction, "vibes"

attract like "vibes". Have you ever noticed how, when you're feeling down

and depressed, you attract situations that are in line with your state of

mind? So logically, the key to attracting only the things that you desire into

your life, is to vibrate positive energy. Okay, that sounds simple

enough...but how do you DO that?

"If you want your life to be more rewarding, you have to change the way

you think." - Oprah

We spend far too much time worrying -- about the future, about paying the

bills, about upcoming exams, about our health, about getting that

promotion. What we're actually doing when we worry about any situation, is

concentrating all our energy on something that we don't want. Hate, worry,

fear, jealousy, anger, sadness are all emotions that make us vibrate

negatively. By focusing on unwanted situations we are actually attracting

the exact situations that we want to avoid! We would be doing ourselves a

favor by focusing only what we DO want, instead of wasting time and

energy on the things that we DON'T want.

Opposites Do Not Attract

Obviously, no one can feel good all day long, every day. The key is to do

the things that make you feel good as often as you can. Play uplifting music

while you drive to work, avoid the television programs that produce

negative feelings, don't read the newspaper if the content affects you

negatively, interact only with positive-minded people... just let go and have

fun! Learn to monitor your thoughts...if you notice yourself thinking a

negative thought, immediately negate its effect by focusing on something

that makes you feel good. Remember, there is nothing more important than

feeling good! Keep a photo of your kids or pet or favorite actor nearby to

help you make that switch. Be grateful for the things that are going well in

your life. Do whatever it takes to generate that upbeat feeling, because

opposites do not attract...but like certainly will attract like. The Law of

Attraction is on the mark each time and it does not make mistakes!

"Whatever the mind of man can conceive and believe it can achieve." -

Napoleon Hill

In order to get what you desire in life, you have to give those desires

regular attention. Fantasize, dream, imagine, focus... for what you create in

your mind, you create in reality. If it's a specific car that you want, order a

brochure of it and look through it every day. Think about what color you

want and which accessories and options your model has. If it's a fantasy

vacation in the Maldives or the Caribbean, compile your own colorful

screensaver, fantasize about those white beaches and crystal clear waters

abundant with tropical fish. Paste pictures of your dream home or that sleek

yacht that you desire on a board and look at it often. Be excited about it!

Focus wholeheartedly and with certainty on what you want, and do so in

this moment. Believe that you have what you desire now, today, in this

present moment. Focus on how good that makes you feel, and try to

generate that feeling as often as you can.

Don't confuse the Law of Attraction by being inconsistent in your desires.

Don't keep changing your mind, otherwise there's no way for what you ask

for to find its way to you. Be consistent, be determined...but leave the "how"

out of it. If you decide the method and schedule by which your desires will

come to you, you're limiting your possibilities to only what you can think of.

After all, what if there's something better out there than what you can

imagine? Just trust that it is happening now and allow it to come to you.

Follow where your intuition leads you. Don't worry about it, don't look for

proof, don't start doubting.

Affirmations are a form of advertising

If you do find that doubts and negative self-talk are getting in your way, you

can apply positive affirmations. When used consistently, affirmations will do

away with your limiting beliefs and replace them with thoughts that will help

you achieve what you desire. Does advertising work? Sure it does - there's

a multibillion dollar industry that proves it and affirmations are a form of

advertising with only you as the target audience. Affirmations must be

stated in the "I" form, in the present tense and always positively. They

should also invoke a positive emotion. For instance: "I deserve large sums

of money that allow me to have more fun with my family", "I choose to

effortlessly earn $100,000 per year", "I enjoy working out regularly and

maintaining a trim and slim body that turns heads", "I choose to attract only

healthy and positive people into my life who help me achieve my goals" "I

choose to create a positive, healthy and joyful lifestyle for myself". You can

write them down everyday, or use them as a screensaver, or buy special

affirmation or goal setting software that you can use on your computer.

If you're skeptical about how the Law of Attraction can affect you, just try

being happy and positive for a month. It will amaze you how easy it is to get

things going your way in that short period of time. A lot can be achieved in

relatively little time -- why waste any of it by being negative? Get out there

and manifest what you want!

• I have a wonderful work, in a wonderful way. I give wonderful

service for wonderful pay.

• I banish the past and NOW live in the wonderful NOW, where

happy surprises come to me each day.

• I am now on the royal road of Success, Happiness and

Abundance, all the traffic goes my way.

• My seeming impossible good now comes to pass, the

unexpected now happens.

• My supply is endless, inexhaustible and immediate and comes

to me under grace in perfect ways.

• All things I seek are now seeking me.

• My good now flows to me in a steady, unbroken, everincreasing

stream of success, happiness and abundance.

• My good now overtakes me in a surprising way.

Here are some more Affirmations from Catherine Ponder, author

of the Dynamic Laws of Prosperity:

• I now surrounded by divine substance and this divine substance

now manifests for me in rich appropriate form.

• Everything and everybody prospers me now and I prosper

everything and everybody now.

• I now bless everyone, everything, and every situation in my life

now, as good, good, and very good.

• I love the highest and best in all people and I now draw the

highest, best, and most prosperous minded people to me.

• I rejoice that I am successful in all ways."

• I give thanks that I am now rich, well and happy.

And here are examples of the sorts of simple Affirmations you can

create for yourself:

• I love and accept myself.

• I am worthy of love.

• I am always increasing my income.

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