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How wonderful is optimal health with products that are all Certified 100% Toxin Free, GMO Free, & USDA Organic?

*Why is Essante Organics so important for you & your family?


​   Why should you join Essante Organics?​ Health issues have been on the rise due to many factors: Lack of nutrients in ALL the foods we eat, even organic; Toxic chemicals in all of our daily use products; Processed foods with now GMO's; Stress" & much more! I want you to think about this, especially if you have not watched the videos like the "10 Americans" To sum the video up, the average American tested in this video had OVER 200 chemicals in their bodies mainly from store bought products that are loaded with chemicals!


   Soils in America were tested in 1992 by GreenPeace & they found the soils were over 85% depleted of nutrients! Over farming (even organic) has virtually used up all the nutrients in our soils! All of this truly weakens our immune system! Simply look around you to see how many people, even younger people who now have major health issues! How about all the kids with ADD & ADHD, diabetes, etc...Sad!


   We have 2 choices today...ignore it and pray or take charge of our health using products that finally work. I have not found one store bought product that does due to so many fillers, binders, glues, etc...in them to increase shelf life and profit! We also have 30 Certified USDA Organic Essential Oils too.

​   ​

   You do not​ have to promote Essante Organics to receive the major benefits of totally toxin FREE & certified organic ​products for you & your family! You can simply sign up as a customer for a ONE time fee of $29.95 to buy their products at WHOLESALE! They have a FULL 30 day 100% money back guarantee on ALL of their products too! So, no matter what you order, the worst that can happen is you get FREE products to try! Not only that, but you can order what you want, when you want as there is no requirement to be on auto ship!​

Full company overview by the owner, Michael Wenniger> https://youtu.be/qmXStyIkYTA

Full Company Overview With President Dr. J.J. Levine> https://youtu.be/FOxJQyiZenE

Our recorded LIVE webinar to review anytime> https://youtu.be/oRzxdGe8rcg

Here are some helpful videos again to put this all into perspective!

http://www.livinglifechemicalfree.com (2 Videos: “10 Americans” and the solution).


http://www.ewg.org/SkinDeep (here you can put in any of your store bought products to see their toxicity).​


http://www.essanteorganics.com/teamgreen (my main site to sign up on & order). Call me to discuss this.

http://gogreengetpaid.com/live LIVE Webinar ONCE a week: Tuesdays ​at 9 PM EST, 8 PM CST, 7 PM MST, 6 PM PST, & 4 PM Hawaii time


https://www.facebook.com/pages/Essante-Organics-Wellness-Tom-Sparrow/282049191908135  My Facebook Fan Page

https://www.facebook.com/groups/EssanteNation/ Corporate Fan Page to join for updates, discussions, and notifications

Essante Organics Compensation Plan


   Angie's Ad Booklet for FREE  which you can run FREE ads on Craigslist too!​ To listen to the recorded message we use with our toll free numbers, call 1-618-355-1448. Once people listen to this they will leave a message for you to call them.


   ​As a final thought, I can’t instill this as a priority for you & your family, it has to be your choice. If you are truly not interested in eliminating chemicals from your life & taking supplements that are life changing as well, please let me know & I will remove you from my follow ups. If you do truly care, call me to discuss a first order to maximize the impact you will get from our products.


   If​ health is the priority, I do recommend trying these products first: Super Reds, Earth Greens, Supreme PH Drops, Bee Natural, Calcium, & finally the Omega 3-6-9 Vital Oils for maximum health impact! If you are more into skin care, the Z3 Anti-Aging Trio is the best choice. No matter how many wellness companies you see out there, simply ask them if their products are ALL "Certified 100% Toxin Free, GMO Free, & USDA Organic.


   When you click JOIN, the packages I recommend which are BELOW wholesale​ are: Maximum Health​: # 510 or # 927; For Weight Loss: # 920 or # 925/926; For Skin Care: # 918 or # 919. If you simply want to be a customer only, you can sign up for a ONE TIME FEE of $29.95 US to buy products at the wholesale price. There is NO auto ship requirement, simply buy what you want, when you want! Products have a 100% money Back Guarantee too for 30 days.​


BLOG POSTED 01/26/15 ON LINKEDIN> https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/high-time-go-beyond-all-hype-mlm-network-marketing-tom-sparrow



Tom Sparrow-CEO

Health Innovations & Marketing, Inc.



Skype: tom.sparrow53

Email: scubapro48@gmail.com


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