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Hi, everyone.  My Purpose is to find like-minded souls that would enjoy discussing pop-sci quantum physics and the nature of perceived reality.

I am a jazz musician with a strong interest in the mechanics of our apparent reality, as discussed in The Secret and Down the Rabbit Hole. Two things impressed me - one I knew from basic science - "Nothing touches anything." The other was the Double-Slit Experiment that is now available all over YouTube. This convinced me that we ARE indeed, beings of pure energy, despite appearances.

As a result, I am currently researching the nature of Intent - how to define Intent at the quantum level, how to codify the LOA that it may be analyzed, understood and incorporated into a comprehensive worldview/Unified Theory that more accurately reflects the true nature of the universe.

For an example of "real"-world Intent/LOA: I wanted to play music as a profession. So I did not study farming, or get a job as a factory worker. I directed my actions in line with my Intent, and sixty-plus years later - voila - I am a jazz musician. But how far down the quantum scale does this concept work? Do my cells have Intent? My atoms?

The Secret talks constantly about waves of Possibility, implying that at any instant there is a non-zero chance we could suddenly turn into a flying pig. It is MY contention that we manifest NOT as waves of "possibility", but as waves of Intent. We are not random, drunkard's walk creations of an infinitely random universal (un)consciousness. There is Purpose and Intent, and this is what directs the unfolding of future events - conscious entities competing/cooperating/interacting to manifest their Intentions.

As a result of these musings, I have created a website, the Church of Zero, www.churchofzero.com to discuss the ideas. (Admins, if this is considered an ad, I apologize, PM me and I won't do it again) I need alternate ideas from science-oriented seekers to help me crystallize the concepts before seeking scientific validation. The site is a bit snarky, largely because I am a huge cynic, but entertaining. Apparently have a unique viewpoint, and I really need some feedback to help me determine if I have uncovered something significant or am just blowing smoke.


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Comment by David Kempton on January 2, 2017 at 5:57pm

IF my research/satori has any truth, I can view LOA as the vector of Intent - I posit, and the purpose of my site is, to demonstrate that we are waves of intention that interact by synchronizing elements/frequency regions of the wavesets that are interacting. Synchronizing waves which always remain waves and NEVER "Collapse the wav" to become particle. Particle is an Illusion of scale, we sync our waves to observe our realities...

Comment by Amy on January 2, 2017 at 4:16pm

in terms of "alternate ideas," some quantum physicists contend that the "observer effect" does not refer to a conscious observer but simply that the instrument doing the measuring changes the result. I personally view LOA as a spiritual philosophy. If it's backed by quantum physics great! If it's simply psychological principles that's fine too, as long as it works!

Comment by David Kempton on January 2, 2017 at 2:22pm

I realize this is primarily a self-help-oriented site, but is no one interested in what's under the covers? I am trying to equate Intent with Gravity and and LOA, the underlying methodologies intrigue me. Any takers?

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