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So my question to most people that haven't manifested their desires yet will always be "Is there a disturbance in your force" and the answer will always be yes. If what you desire hasn't manifested yet then there is a disturbance in your force or your energy is mixed. When your energy is mixed then you may manifest some desires but usually your life will remain close to where you are now because Law of attraction is only paying attention to your energy.  Your energy is how you really FEEL in the moment. Every single desire is attached to your feel good positive emotions  and if you're not seeing your desires then that means you're  either not 100% aligned with your positive emotions or you're paying attention to something that is keeping you from feeling good.  The one thing I have learned  is that sometimes our normal day to day activities could cause our energy to be mixed and because most people do not make feeling good important, they allow themselves to get used to feeling just ok or something other than feeling good..      

I used to listen to my friend tell me that Law of attraction doesn't work and how she tried feeling good but nothing seem to manifest for her. I asked her to list her daily activities and I noticed 90% of the TV shows she watched were  drama shows.  If you're watching drama TV shows most of the time then guess what you're going to attract into your life ?  Here is a hint. It won't be your desires. lol TV is one of the major devices that changes your energy.

 Believe it or not your favorite TV show could be what's keeping your from your major manifestations  So i had my friend to stop watching TV for two weeks and focus on feeling good.  Within three days she manifested something she had wanted for the last four months.   There are other activities besides TV that doesn't help you stay aligned to your pure positive energy.

My daily activity that kept some of my most desired manifestations from manifesting was debating people . I had a habit of debating friends and even people on social media. Once I stopped debating people for at least a week, some of the most amazing manifestations started flowing into my experience. Some of my manifestations I still can't explain how they happen.    

If something that you have wanted for a long time hasn't manifested yet then take a inventory of your daily activities and how each activity makes you feel because they just maybe causing a "Disturbance in your force"  LOL 

If you haven't noticed yet, I've watch a lot of Star wars movies. lol     So use the force but make sure your force is clean and free from any energy that is not positive.

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Comment by Sir Neil on April 25, 2018 at 7:38pm

I am reading this as someone who has the emotional range of a cardboard box.  I rarely feel an emotion outside of 'OK' somewhere in the middle of the emotional feeling point range.  I haven't really felt serious grief or hopelessness, and I have only really felt major joy on a couple of occasions.  Here I think is the key to manifesting some long-standing desires which haven't yet manifested: work on feeling better.

Not good or great or amazing (just yet anyway) but BETTER.  When you start out affirming thoughts about feeling good, you may not actually be feeling too good.  You may be feeling bad or just 'alright' and feeling good or amazing may seem like too much of a bridge to jump.  Too much of an emotional difference to do all in one go and it may feel unrealistic.  Doubts can then creep in.

But work in feeling better, and you don't really get the doubts.  On day one you feel better than the day before.  Day two you feel better than day one.  Day three you feel better than day two and so on.  By the end of the month you could be feeling 31 times better than day one, and after a year, 366 times better than day one, and that is a huge improvement.  The realities on day one may not be all that good, but by day 366, they will be a HECK of a lot better.

Comment by Goddess Radiant Love on August 6, 2016 at 2:20am

Makes sense to me.  Feel good :D  Choose better positive thoughts :D

Comment by Dorothy on July 22, 2016 at 5:19am

Thank you, great post Will! Here are some quotes i just found about that:

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