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Is this how we attract the relationships we want?

Why do we really love someone? Have you ever wondered about this?

Isn't it that we love someone because we love how they are BEING? If so, have you ever wondered what causes a person to be how they are? Here's what I currently think.

A person is the way they are because of the beliefs they have.

For example, if a person is kind and loving, and confident and wise, they also deeply believe that this is the kind of person they are, or want to be. This kind of person is merely acting out their dominant beliefs.

As we know, not everyone we come across seems kind, loving, confident and wise. But it's not because they can't be this way. It's because at some deep level, they believe they aren't SUPPOSED to be this way. It may mean they were taught that they are meant to be stupid or mean, or callous, or indifferent.

Now, that may seem ridiculous, but think about it. Why else would a person behave in stupid, callous, and mean ways?

I know one person, who gets a thrill when she gets to be indifferent, or inconsiderate towards someone. She gets a momentary thrill when she gets to bully, or when she can laugh at someone elses shortcomings. She seems to thrill at moments, when she can put people down. Now, she doesn't think of it as being mean, she sees it as having a little fun.

So, it seems to me, somewhere in her past she apparantly learnt to think of it as fun to put people down. Somewhere in her past she was taught that life is a game of one-upmanship, she was taught that in order for her to have a good life, someone else had to be be-littled or made to suffer.

Take a pause and look at peoples behaviors through 'the lens' of Law of Attraction.

The Law of Attraction states that the 'world out there' will merely reflect back at us, how we are being. So, if we are genuinely loving, kind, considerate, and confident, and if we value wisdom, and attempt to act wisely, this is the kind of treatment we'll get back.

Whereas, if we (even unconsciously) believe it's good to be mean, stupid, or vicious, or to put others down, or to be indifferent to others, then this is how we will tend to behave, and what we'll get back is, others who seem to only want to be mean or vicious to us, or who want to put us down, or be indifferent to us.

Could this be the way life 'delivers' us our relationships?

Do you want loving, uplifting, happy, nurturing, caring, strong, trustworthy, win, win, and inspiring realationships? Then, it seems to me, you need to be clear with yourself, that this is the kind of person you want to to be.

Fuel, nurture, and feed these qualities. Get clear on the qualities you want to embody - Trustworthiness, caring, consideration, ect, ect. Get clear on why it's important to you, to embody these characteristics.

Then, as you more and more embody these characteristics, just notice over time, if your life begins to reflect, what you embody, believe, and value.

Could it be that, the way to attract, and keep the relationships we want, is to become the person that is the reflection of the kinds of people we want in our lives?

Could it be that to attract the perfect partner that we desire in our lives, all we have to do is become that type of person?

Have a lovely day everyone :)

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Comment by Cosmic Conductor on February 14, 2017 at 5:09pm
"You must be what it is that you're seeking" ... 'Yes! Indeed!' Nice post! So true!
Comment by Goddess Radiant Love on February 13, 2017 at 2:36pm

I agree :)

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