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     I have to say, I was not a 100% skeptic but certain things did make me think "not me."  I can now say that I am a 100% believer.  Yes, I am still a Christian and feel that God is my One true love but I now am taking my belief in agency one step deeper and truly living my life. 

     I have always believed that my life is already planned, to an extent, and it is up to me to determine which path I take as to how it develops.  I am feeling my life force with in me guiding my every action.  I am so much more thankful for what I already have and am seeing it begin to grow.

     This has really struck me this morning.  I am very thankful for the money to be able to pay bills, have a place to live, have a car, and have my necessities met.  I am grateful that money comes easily and frequently and that I have a family that I love dearly.  I have, over the past few weeks, made it a habit within my morning routine and nighttime routine to say this over and over each day.

     I have been working on what I call a "start-up" business for the past few years.  After three years it is no longer a start-up, it just isn't bringing in the income I want and need it to.  This is where my shift has occurred over the past few days.  I have realized I need to become the OWNER of my business and take charge.  After all, I am the CEO of ME!!! (Thank you Christine Kane.)  I have been using LOA to accomplish and help my dream life come true.  The life that I can envision and have envisioned for many, many years.  I just need to take action if it is going to happen.

     One thing I have been working on is attracting clients.  Sure, I have people that I help through newsletters, my blog, social media and an array of other sources; however, none of them are actual clients.  One thing I have done is become much more clear on the fact that I want to help parents lose weight naturally while they enjoy and engage in an active, energized life with their family and kids.  Once this became clear, I have been able to work effortlessly on the things that I need to accomplish.

     One of those things is attracting new people that I can help with my love for getting them over the busy parent hurdle. 

    About a year ago I applied to be a writer for a fitness website and was accepted.  I never took action, until recently.  Within the last two weeks I have written 3 articles and have had them published.  This is one of the best feelings in the world.  Knowing that my information is out there helping someone.  I know that they have a large following so I will be able to help so many more people.  I still have a bit to go before I can have a page about me on the site, as they have stipulations for number of articles and such, but I am well on my way.

     I have found that it is so much easier to accomplish with support on my side and the help of LOA!

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