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The importance of family solidarity against addiction

56% of 50-64 years have supported a dependent relative, depending on the Opinion Way poll for Le Figaro-Weber Shandwick. These caregivers also need to be helped.
Half of the French state to occupy or have already occupied a near loss of autonomy. For the first time in France, a OpinionWay survey for Health Observatory Le Figaro, Weber Shandwick, reveals the importance of the phenomenon of family caregivers on a sample of 1010 people aged 18 and over. According to the survey, older are most concerned: 56% 50-64 years and 71% over 65 years have helped or help a dependent relative. This issue of carers has become a public health problem, because older themselves, and lack of support, they may turn to crack.
After work (for those who are still active), for their father or mother, or their spouse, they manage shopping, cooking, conversation, worried about their health, their wrinkled hands caress, kiss their cheeks wrinkled, out of duty, gratitude, affection or love. If the fact to support his elderly father or mother is not a recent sociological curiosity, this activity has grown incredibly in rich countries where life expectancy rose continuously. They are now older than 50, 60, 70 years to see who rush around their elderly parents, themselves, 80, 90, or 100 years or more. There are also elderly spouses of patients with Alzheimer's disease, who watch over them, threatening the physical and psychological level.
In some countries, support for caregivers is institutionalized and perpetuated this device family, which relieves the community of significant weight. In France, the issue of support for carers remains intact, although some municipalities aware of the issue have established trade groups, hotlines for advice, or other means of support. In light of this exclusive survey for Le Figaro, it is urgent to reflect on the measures put in place to help those who have chosen to support their dependent relatives.
More rarely one; According to the survey OpinionWay, these caregivers are themselves help in three quarters of cases, mainly by other family members (36%) or professional caregivers (33%) specialized institution (19%). What kind of support when asked would be most useful, they cite the equality advice from a network, association or public structure (49%) and the formation of twenty hours. Only 10% say they can do without help.
The vast majority of French (90%) is also waiting for concrete support in the event of loss of autonomy in the family, including financial (42%). According to respondents, the most difficult to manage for the entourage diseases are Alzheimer's disease and Parkinson's (85%), the effects of a stroke (63%).
In 2010, the High Authority of Health recommended a regular and personalized monitoring of relatives of patients with Alzheimer's. In particular, it highlighted the need for an effective organization for the family caregivers of a special kind. Finally, it proposed explicitly for these caregivers attending support groups with other caregivers, telephone support or online to face new situations or difficult moments, training on the disease, possibly psychotherapy. "A pain, anxiety, depression or sleep disorders may occur," the experts claimed in a report on these issues.
For now, the issue of support for carers is still primarily an object of analysis and reflection, rather than a practical matter. "In a number of cases, the caregiver is an elderly person with Alzheimer's spouse, says Professor Bruno Vellas (responsible gérotonpôle, Toulouse). And there is a great risk for helping to sink into a frailty that can ultimately lead to an entry into addiction. "The caregiver quickly becomes easily tired, losing weight, isolation, not out , this muscle wasting ... "The healthy people do not even imagine the physical stress of caregiving situation, says Dr. Jean-Philippe David (geriatrician, Emile Roux hospital). Studies have revealed large biological disturbances in these vulnerable people. It has been demonstrated in elderly caregivers excess mortality compared to people of the same age who did not manage a dependent relative "The issue of family caregivers has also become a real problem in business:. Rates of absenteeism related to support his elderly parents becomes more important than the risk to children.
Preventing "burnout"

How can society support families so they do not have to pay a heavy price on the physical, psychological, not to mention the financial aspect, far from negligible? "France was not so organized in this way, despite a number of initiatives, limited, and several reports, says Dr Olivier de Ladoucette (psychiatrist, geriatrician, Paris), should be developed, for example, relay structures that support the dependent patient for a limited period of time for loved ones to blow, increasing day centers, creating homes of autonomy to centralize such information and advice for caregivers ... "
In Sweden, some municipalities will even offer caregivers weekends at the hotel during a business replaces home for 48 hours. The idea is interesting. Besides rest and prevention of "burn out", it offers dedicated families a true recognition of the care they provide in tenderness to their parent became addicted.

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