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More About Despair -- Tip on Bidding It Bye-Bye

I appreciate some excellent comments in response to yesterday's blog post about despair.

I'd like to go over some of the suggestions that were shared:

--When feeling out of sorts, take some time to sit and write -- possibly with paper and pen -- what you've been thinking about until you notice thoughts that were likely bringing you down. Once you've identified those thoughts, then reach for thoughts that feel somewhat better -- and better -- and better yet on that topic.

--When you notice yourself thinking negative thoughts, tell yourself to "STOP" and reach for some thoughts of appreciation, etc.

--Change the way you label the "dead zone." Find something that has a more positive and temporary connotation.

Now, if you still aren't recognizing what you were thinking about to put yourself in a bad-feeling state, then you might try something I once heard a psychologist share. She had been self-imprisoned in her home at one time due to panic disorder, and she moved beyond it sufficiently to become a therapist. However, she still sometimes experienced intense "free-floating" anxiety. When that came about, seemingly out of thin air, she would say to herself, "Oh, I'm having an anxiety attack," and she would simply be OK with it while turning her attention elsewhere as best she could. She had trained herself not to react to the negative emotional state, trying to analyze it, fight it, or feeling frustrated about it. She would shrug it off, saying to herself, "Well, here it is again. No big deal. Thankfully I don't experience this all the time. And thankfully I can use what I've experienced to help others."

Another potentially helpful habit: BE PROACTIVE. Nip negative emotional states in the bud by deliberately injecting good-feeling thoughts throughout your day. Make it a priority to think thoughts of appreciation, fantasy, or pleasant memories, regardless of how you're feeling emotionally. If you will do this, you will find yourself in those extremely bad-feeling places much less frequently, and they won't last as long when you do go there. One friend makes it a habit to think of ten things to be thankful for as she goes to sleep and ten things to be thankful for when she awakens, and she says it has had such a positive effect on her life. She calls it her "Things" exercise.

I have never found any tool or gadget as helpful for adding good-feeling thoughts to my day as my handy-dandy clicker. Some friends who are using it agreed with me that I could call it the magic clicker or the miracle clicker, for it truly helps to change patterns of thought if used consistently. I'm becoming addicted to it (in a good way). I wear it all day, every day, and I've even pondered attaching it to my jammies, so I can click as I go night-night. :>

Click each time you add a good-feeling thought to your vibration. You'll be glad to see how quickly they add up and how much they'll improve your mood and your circumstances.

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Comment by Tim Hoff on May 15, 2017 at 11:59pm

It is a very useful article about the Positive Thinking.

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