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How would you like to be a part of my very powerful intention? Yes, you can be a part of it. Imagine having the right to say you helped create a very powerful intention and that your being part of it launched the Intention around the world. How would that make you feel?

I am going to guarantee you that I can help you raise your success vibration several times over. I am also going to help you raise your health vibration. And I am also going to help you raise your Wealth vibration. I can do this in just a matter of seconds. Well, you can do it in just seconds. It will require a few minutes of reading on your part.

I am going to tell you how to do it then you can use this technique to raise your vibration any time you feel like it is down. I am sure you have times during the day when you feel a bit sluggish. Or you have times during your days when you feel something is just not right with you.

I am going to tell you right here and now [in other words, it is not going to cost your a dime] how to raise your vibration in a matter of seconds and move to a higher realm of consciousness and attraction. By using what I am going to share with you 'right now', you will be able to maximize using the law of attraction during most of the 24 hour day that you live. Too many people are not maximizing their capability of being in the state of mind and body to attract the things they want and desire in life ~ the attractor factor.

You must first understand that the 'law of attraction' is a secondary law. While it is an important law, a more important law that you need in attracting the things you want in life is a 'primary law' and that is the 'law of vibration'.

When you are out of vibration, you are not attracting what you want. Many people are so out of sequence, that they can't even attract the most simplest of things into their lives.

I am going to show you how to raise your vibration and be in tune with the object(s) of your desire so you are attracting those things to you more hours of the day, let's say 99.5% of the day. The only moments of the day you should be out of sequence will be those times that you slip out of the vibration and recognizing it, you put yourself back in the vibration.

My request is that you share this with others by sharing this complete blog/post/email [copy/paste to email, your blog or whatever] or share the link to this blog with them. I am sure that you will find this of value and that you will want others to experience this as well.

Let's get started.

First thing I want you to do is, tap out on your leg what you feel is the vibration for lack, sadness, sickness or any of those things that people want to overcome. Simply take your hand and pat on your leg what you feel is the beat of that vibration.

Second, now I want you to tap on your leg what you feel is the beat for abundance, happiness, joy, wealth, and exuberant health. Go ahead, tap what you feel about this vibration.

Once you have tapped these two beats out on your leg, you probably have found that the beat for lack and poverty is much slower then the beat for exuberant health, wealth and happiness. When people are happy and healthy they feel more upbeat and excited about life. When people are lacking in any of these areas, they feel down and out and sluggish.

So here is what I want you to do whenever you are feeling any of those negative feelings which detach you from the 'attraction factor' of magnetizing the things to you that you want and desire.

The Attractor Factor ~ Close your eyes for just about 15 seconds and tap yourself on the leg, on the stomach, on the chest or wherever with the Abundance, Health and Wealth beat ~ the attractor factor. It only takes 15 seconds and your vibration will be back in sync with the appropriate vibration to attract everything you want in life.

This process works every time. Just like when you enter a concert where you get excited and feel good about the music, when you tap out the 'attractor factor' beat on your body, you reset the frequency in your body so that you are in the right frequency to be attracting the things you want.

Now you can be in the attraction state of being more hours of the day and start experiencing the reality of the things you want and desire. Just before you go to bed, make sure the last 'thought' of the day is being grateful for receiving the light and enlightenment needed to have more health, more wealth and greater happiness.

Do not use the 'attractor factor' when about to go to sleep because your body begins to slow its vibration for sleep. Just let your subconscious continue to send out the vibrations of your final thoughts just before sleep throughout the night and watch as your life begins to take a huge turn toward abundance, health and happiness.

This is my gift to you. I hope you will share it with as many people as you can.

Bruce Goldwell, Author

** Please be sure to copy/paste from this line to the top when sharing in email or via your blogs or whatever. Thanks

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Comment by Bruce Goldwell on August 1, 2009 at 3:33pm
Therese When you tap.. lets say you are tapping out the rhythm for lack.. it would be tap....... tap....... tap...... tap....... tap..... meaning there are seconds between each tap... so in fifteen seconds you might only tap yourself about 10 times.. but when you are tapping for wealth, health and happiness... it is tap.tap.tap.tap.tap.tap... you could tapping 4 beats a second.. so in fifteen seconds... you would tap yourself about 60 times.. does that help???
Comment by Therese on August 1, 2009 at 1:57pm
Bruce, when you say tap, do you mean one time or several times, 15 seconds, while you close your eyes?
How do you distinguish one tap from the other, by what you think in the moment of tapping?
Thank you for your gift

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