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It is real and imaginary. You need to discover how real your imagination is.

Our true nature is spirit or formless consciousness with infinite potential. It contains all possible ( :) conceivable or imaginable :) ) states of existence regardless of how feasible or realistic they seem to the sensory mind. This state is often referred to by many other names e.g. Source, Undifferentiated Divinity, I AM, Being-ness, Super Conscious, Unconscious, Infinite Intelligence, Infinite Self, Holy Guardian Angels, God etc.

Philosophically speaking it boils down to the question of whether the ideas we come up with are our authentic creations i.e. created out of what seems to be nothingness or if we are just tapping into another plane of existence ( :) or state of consciousness or mind :) ) that is absolutely real in its own right but alien to our capacity ( :) at least at the moment :) ) to experience on this plane and therefore seemingly fictitious or imaginary. It all begins with the questions of “Where did all that I perceive come from? Is it from my perception itself?” and science is currently unwilling ( :) although it does consider it :) ) to accept that it comes from our true selves or our consciousness. All that is material is an imagination or dream of our spirit, we the dreamers are the “god” that we will discover when we awaken i.e. become Self Aware. The All is pure consciousness with formless and infinite potential, containing infinite imaginable forms and planes of existence and since humans ( :) especially those who are not scientists :) ) tend to insist on everything in the Universe following established scientific norm it becomes a little difficult to appreciate the true nature of reality i.e. everything that we label “natural”, “real” or “material” is the result of a something spiritual, imaginary and immaterial.

What are the implications of this? It means that regardless of how “nuts” it might sound, Donald Duck, The A-Team, Archie Andrews, The Avengers, Angels and Demons ( :) Yes, all of the “established” systems of magick are the same :) ), Fae, Pixies, morals / values / virtues and all the rest exist on appropriate planes of imagination, just like we experience the imaginary plane of the material world and humanity. It’s all imagination that is accessible and experienced via imagination, but may be expressed on this imaginary plane of material existence in strictest accordance with what we accept as a “genuine” possibility on this plane i.e. as a work of “fiction” like movies, books etc., or as is the case with ritual working, in a way that is objectively imperceptible when we engage other planes of imagination to join us in our imaginary material pursuits.

Further, even from the perspective of “established” spirituality, most of the Necronomicon is based on Sumerian spirituality which is closely linked to the Assyrian, Akkadian, Babylonian and Mesopotamian pantheons of “gods”. These spiritual systems were/are as valid as and preceded most other “established” or “recognized” systems such as Egyptian, Judeo-Christian, Roman, Greek, Nordic, Celtic etc. If you research a bit you’ll see that this system is derived from “Solar” spirituality ( :) “Marduk” means something like “son of the Sun” and is generally associated with Jupiter, Jove, Jehovah etc. :) ), and the names of spirits / gods in the system are authentic from the perspective of historical spirituality. For instance: Gibil is the Sumerian god of fire; Mummu represents the mental ( :) real :) ) world, awakening and craftsmanship; Tutu is the comforter and bringer of joy and there are of course many others which you can learn about by browsing around and reading the Enuma Elish which is the Sumerian / Babylonian spiritual mythos.

As for whether the Necronomicon is black or white or grey magick: that is entirely dependent on YOU because the planes of imagination may interact only on corresponding levels of vibration.

Okay, so that’s my final word on this topic and I hope it helped. Write me if you have any questions.

P.S. I LOVE MY SMILEYS :) :) :) :)

Reproduced with permission from http://thedarkclear.wordpress.com/

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