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Online LOA school for kids...parents...recovering kids?

Thoughts in progress...open session...

starting ideas...and some follow up ones..

hhhhmmm...Ziz has a good idea...seems an obvious choice...I confess I'd thought of it too...now suddenly..it feels..next logical step..actually already in progress.

Let's see..online school-for-your-soul...for moms/dads/kids/adults who want to re-parent themselves.

Starting point...write text books...design class formats/objectives/flesh out the details...wa la!

Decide membership frees if any..profit sharing if any..and "final decision" processes for internal company culture maintainance...let collaborators design and choose their roles...and their own tools...decide on "approval for inclusion" procedures (in standard schools..the assistant dean does that..if the dean trusts them enough) Ha..wonder if I could get a dean...and a secretary so I could be the assistant. Would I want to be the dean? Yes..but no...too public for me...the dean is the "front man/woman"...

Pulled a card while contemplating this:
I will never cease being...or desiring

You will never cease to be; new desires will be constantly born within you. Soruce will never stop answering your desires, and your expansion is, therefore, eternal. And so, you may begin to relax if, in this moment, there is something that you desire that has not yet come to fruition

Yes..I find it relaxing to know that there is something that I want. Somewhere to go. Good..my list just got longer. And BIGGER. That's exciting. I'd love to hear the door knocking..and it be Claire and Reinis and Greg and Ziz...at least..saying...good idea...this is the part that I want to play...move over..make room, chica.

Delighted. Coffee, tea, cranberry fizz, anyone? What's in that? Cranberry and soda or ginger ale..rum or vodka after five oclock? Let's see..got half and half...splenda...real sugar...and milk...and disposable travel cups..biodegradible with lids..and paper towels and spray cleaner and stir sticks. Good place to start.

follow up thoughts...

more steps:
determine funding...(I'll pay when we get there..I only need about fifty grand in the market to "make" my living..should be there in a year...less than two...and meanwhile..there is lots to do that each contributor can do for themselves...like design their class formats and tools.

teachers salaries...I vote self responsibility...less over head for the school...and keeps everybody on their toes...profit sharing annually...even steven..no pecking order there..if there are profits..have to decide membership fees.

determine corporate structure...and accredidation...and who does the online structure..might want to hire and IT for that...that would go under funding...I vote no teachers do it...too many details..even if they can handle it. Lobbiest for washington? No...let them come to us.

Ideas to web process: concieve...polish..share...brainstorm...find the logic flaws...polish and perfect solo...re-present...repeat as desired...vote on inclusion...someone make the final decision...regardless of what the vote results were.

might be ready to publish and incorporate by this point.

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Comment by Abe Enthusiast 333 on October 3, 2010 at 12:44pm
difference between aggression and control. want that sorted out in the semantics and the resulting emotions when you are working with the energies of them...or..wanting to work with agression as refered to by seth..will find quote, think i only have two, in nitty gritty terms. i'm wanting my agression and wanting to work with it from higher energy points than revenge...what does the energy that is agression feel like when it hits hope on target and you are not folding back into revenge?
Comment by Abe Enthusiast 333 on July 21, 2010 at 1:06am
lol! i just got this error message from my email. i can't tell you how good it felt to read this...in the middle of a service failure! i think it's really good and wanted to put it here for the i.t. department.

hilarious. why do i feel like i could build a school with my eyes closed? seems pretty simple, the concepts. not being in a hurry always makes it super easy. and i like how it's just something that is occassionally a thought occurring. it will be like that for me too when it is up and running. i'm not looking for a full time gig at anything. it's enough to be consistent enough to brush my teeth every day, and i've a whole lot of nonwork life that is calling to be lived in.

oh yeah...the error message from yahoo during their "service failure". loving!

Can't talk now. System's down.
Sorry for the holdup. Looks like a temporary glitch in our network has part of Yahoo! mail down, so you're briefly without service. Rest assured the alarms are blaring in the basement and our team is working frantically to get you up and running ASAP. Again, the snag is on our end — so there's no need for you to do a thing.

Yahoo! Mail Team
Comment by Abe Enthusiast 333 on July 11, 2010 at 10:57pm
stabilizing tools. this ride is so fast and so dramatic in the changes that it brings that a little stablizing makes sense. how to stablize in the midst of a complete overhaul on topics that are important and loaded with resistance. i've seen some hotseaters report being hospitalized due to the stress of this, and they do say that we are "uncomfortable" in quantum leaps, but it seems to me when you step outside of your natural life's path and answer your contrast in one life...the species has only evolved up to handling success and then death....success and then moving on to a "new" life....on the other side in that new life..if it happens within a decade span....seems like its a bit tough to stablize in sometimes, sort of a restless feeling that makes negative feelings attractive by comparision....it's a lack of familiarity. ah...there it is....stablizing in the familiar small details of life...focusing on things like brushing your teeth, how you always have...in your crappy childhood...and in your magnificient now that is more than you knew enough to want until recently...the past few years? and how you'll be brushing them years from now in that wonderful next lifestyle overhaul that you are plotting (deliberate creation, round 2! lol)

something like that. must have the tools and the symptoms mapped out.
Comment by Abe Enthusiast 333 on July 10, 2010 at 2:38pm
note to self on seeking resolution regarding reoccuring vibrations or past trauma....

what's the negative payoff of the negative manifestation OR what's the negative manifestation feel like that reminds you of something else that's been bothering you. what's the false premise that is causing the screwy perception on this topic?

that's your pivot, unless the setpoint of the belief is below disappointment. then setpoint at disappointment and pivot from there. anything below disappointment is jumpable in most cases unless there are personal safety matters hinted at, then delving into uncomfortable emotions and possibly actions might be the path of least resistance so long as the path IS leading upward using the emotions as stepping stones.
Comment by Abe Enthusiast 333 on April 21, 2010 at 8:26am
i think that this would make a good format for doing a reader's digest version of abe...what they teach, how to implement what they teach and what life is like after you know it (kinda) and are living it at first and then as you get blind sided by dormant vibrations that are triggered in new contrast.

When we say, "You are creators," you think we are talking about creating furniture, or creating houses, or creating empires, or creating relationships. That isn't what we talk about when we talk about creating. We are talking about the creating of your state of being.

And when you have understood that, and are giving that your dominant attention, then all of the physical trappings of this Universe will fall into alignment in such glorious fashion that you will amaze even yourself. YOU CANNOT DO IT WITH ACTION. IT IS THROUGH FOCUSING UPON HOW YOU WANT TO FEEL.


Regarding your creation of your own life experience, there really is only one important question for you to ask: “How can I bring myself into vibrational alignment with the desires that my experience has produced?” And the answer is simple: Pay attention to the way you feel, and deliberately choose thoughts - about everything - that feel good to you when you think them.

Ask And It Is Given calendar

There is never a reason for you to be without something that you desire. Nor is there ever a reason for you to experience something that you do not desire - for you hold absolute control of your experiences. We want you to know that you always hold the power and control of your own life experience. The only reason why you could ever experience something other than what you desire is because you are giving the majority of your attention to something other than what you desire.

Ask And It Is Given calendar

If you know that all is well, you know all you need to know. And if you know life is supposed to be fun, you know more than almost anybody else knows. And if you know that the way you feel is your indicator of how connected you are to Source, then you know that which only a handful of Deliberate Creators, respective to the total population, really know.


Guest: Well, that was the question that I wanted to ask you. What is the process to develop better focus on what..

Abe: Caring about how you feel, and focusing until you feel it.


No matter how intensely intertwined you find yourself with another person, your relationship is affected many times more by the thoughts that are moving around in your own mind than by the other person who is moving around in your house or in your life experience. That is why it is so interesting to us to see people working so hard at controlling one another while working very little on controlling their own thoughts and perceptions --- especially since they have no real control over another and they do have complete control of their own thoughts and perceptions.

- Abraham-Hicks -

As you learn to accept your vibrational nature, and begin to consciously utilize your emotional vibrational indicators, you will gain conscious control of your personal creations and of the outcomes of your life experience.

Excerpted from book, “Money, and the Law of Attraction"
Comment by Abe Enthusiast 333 on April 20, 2010 at 8:49am
home and body care for easy mastery on the fly, (carpet-hydrogen perixide, breathing exercises, curly hair care...blah blah blah) fun side interest forum for off topic whole life exploration
Comment by Abe Enthusiast 333 on April 20, 2010 at 8:47am
clutter, "the vibration of your things affect how you feel", soothing by distraction (cleaning, cleaning, cleaning)
Comment by Abe Enthusiast 333 on April 20, 2010 at 8:24am
oh yeah, abraham's world leaders. "stay off the commitees"...do this instead. if you ARE active in committees or bigger, here's the vibrational game plan.
Comment by Abe Enthusiast 333 on April 20, 2010 at 8:23am
character analysis by the masses, working with the public, trauma victims, vibrational change, vibrational integrity, monitoring your vibration, material in reverse order, all concepts folded into each section for big picture skimming prior to semantical dissection. special emphasis on trouble shooting problematic behavior vibrationally with cognitive therapy and priming.
Comment by Abe Enthusiast 333 on April 18, 2010 at 8:15pm
Guest: Well, that was the question that I wanted to ask you. What is the process to develop better focus on what..

Abe: Caring about how you feel, and focusing until you feel it.


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