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Last week I wrote the post “When the Going Gets Rough” and suggested the main thing to do when the going gets a little rough is to hang in there, keep the faith, and be positive. But what happens if faith begins to falter no matter how hard you try?

The answer is to ask for confirmation in the form of a sign that things WILL get better and you are on the right path. In other words, reaffirm the faith by asking for a sign. I believe there is no such thing as coincidence or luck. Have you ever thought you were in the right place at the right time? It wasn’t luck or coincidence. People, things and events show up and manifest in your life, not by chance, but by the journey of your intentions, your vibrational thoughts and what it is in the depth of your heart.

What happens if you ask for a sign and confirmation and you don’t believe you received an answer? You have to totally believe in your higher power and strengthen you faith, believe in your dreams and believe in the positive outcome of going through a rough time. You will have to begin to re-train your vibrational thoughts from negativity to positivity. When you have reached this level of positive thinking, the manifestation of your dreams will begin to present itself to you. When you do this but doubt starts to creep into your thoughts, ask for a confirmation. Your vibrational thoughts will be tuned into an awareness of the energy around you to receive this gift of confirmation.

A little over a year ago, I went for a walk in a park with feelings of despair and began to wonder if some of my choices were the right ones for me. So I asked for confirmation. This is a personal true story:

I asked to see a heart – well as I looked up into the sky, I thought I saw a cloud shaped as a heart, but it could be anything else to another person. I asked to see a butterfly and within seconds, many butterflies appeared. I asked to see a hummingbird and as I was walking, a hummingbird began to follow me. I asked to see a rainbow, but quickly dismissed that thought as I live in the desert and it very rarely rains to produce a rainbow.

As I continued on my walk, I took a different way out of the park – under a street tunnel. I heard a plastic bag skittering on the ground and as I got closer, it was a deflated heart shaped Valentine’s Day balloon (Valentine’s Day was in February – my walk was in April)! After seeing the heart shaped balloon, I had no more doubts and was grateful for these powerful signs that confirmed that I truly was on the right path on my journey in life. Later that very same day, I was driving my car and saw a beautiful rainbow fill the sky. It was from the tinting of my windshield, but the way the light was reflecting it, a rainbow it was! This walk inspired me to create a video (click on the photo below to view the video) depicting my walk in the park and the photos you see in this video are actual photos of the park and the tunnel where this amazing walk occurred.

Before and after this walk, I have always asked for confirmations and I always get them. Sometimes not immediately, but the manifestation always does occur at some point. Here are a few signs or confirmations I have asked for and received: a red rose – I was at a party where I was asked to come on stage and assist a magician – he was doing some tricks with a paper rose – he lit the paper rose on fire and presented a red silk rose to me – two days later I received a call and offer to come to Las Vegas for a job (Note: this magician was brought in to perform at the party in Illinois – from Las Vegas!); a monarch butterfly – I asked and as I looked out my bedroom window, a monarch butterfly appeared nearly bumping into the window; while driving recently, I asked again for a rainbow and as I was approaching an overpass I looked up and read the sign and it said Rainbow Boulevard; I asked to see an orange car and orange car after orange car would appear – this has happened with purple cars as well; Many times I have asked for hummingbirds, butterflies and hearts and they always do appear in some form or another.

Recently, as I was doing a video interview for “Cabana Talk With Abfabwomen”, during the interview a beautiful monarch butterfly appeared and flew around us and gave me a “kiss” on my forehead near my left eye. You will actually see this in the video coming up soon!

So what about a pink Cadillac? Well, I asked to see a pink car and in my mind I thought of an old 50’s bubble gum colored pink Cadillac. I felt it may be a little too farfetched so I asked to at least see a pink car on an advertisement or billboard or in any type of form. As I pulled into the shopping center parking lot and got out of my car, guess what? Yes, you guessed it! There it was right before my very eyes, an old 50’s bubble gum colored pink Cadillac exactly as I envisioned it – top down and white leather seats to boot!

The point is that when you ask for a sign of some sort or some kind of confirmation, it will always manifest – maybe not immediately and maybe not “literally” as you have asked, but in some shape or form and at some point of time you will receive that confirmation. This is not a coincidence. This is a way for you to release and reaffirm the faith you have been trying to hold onto when the going gets rough. This sign will help you to keep on hanging in there for the good things that WILL soon come your way. When you ask – you always will receive! Release the faith for a confirmation and always keep on believing!

So next time you are out driving, go ahead and ask to see a pink Cadillac – I dare you!

I would love to hear some of your stories on the manifestation of any signs or confirmations you have received. Please feel free to send me an email at info@abfabwomen.com and if you like, I may share them here. Happy manifesting!

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