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Now it's time for the crazy stuff. This topic has been talked about in some form or another for generations but nobody that is willing to talk about has it all the way figured out.  Those that know exactly how to do it simply will not talk about it at all but if you push them hard enough they will talk about their experience but will not say how. From my personal experience it's very real.  No this isn't some physic 101 "escapism" this is very real means of travel. First the teacher Bashar has explained that shifting between realities is how we create the illusion of motion. Also that continuity is an illusion. 

So how do we shift between realities ? Well it's something we're doing every second of the day .We shift through what some people call reality frames which are frozen moments that our energy flows through a billion times per second giving us the illusion motion. 

Each reality frame your energy flows through is determined by your emotional state. Your emotional state or what you're feeling in the moment is a representation of your energy state. So whatever reality frames your soul is flowing through are a direct match to your emotional state and the topic  or topics you're focused on.

So how do you make a complete reality jump?   Well a reality jump is based on the topic you're focused and your energy about it.  So any change that happens in your life is based your energy making a reality jump based on what topic you're focused on and your feelings about that topic and feelings about that reality as a whole.     So you may change your feelings on one topic and not have any change in how you feel about the rest of your reality. Which will give you a reality jump to a reality that looks exactly like the reality you were in but with one change. Even if the change is a very noticeable one since the rest of your reality appears to be the same most people believe they are in the same reality.

Now how do you use this information ?   Well use this information like you would use LOA. Just change your energy about one subject in your life and hold that energy and watch that topic change in your life. Realize the truth that although everything else seems to be the same it's not the same reality just similar to the realty you just left.

You can focus on one topic at first and as you get used to focusing and changing yoour energy on one topic you can move to multiple topics because your whole entire reality is a representation of your energy or emotional state on every single subject in your reality. 

So if you're willing to test this out then give it a try. Remember in order for this to work you have to completely feel the feelings of what you want to change and not care that you're not seeing the change yet because the reality with the change you desire already exist and is happening right now.

There are stories of people making huge jumps but a huge jump takes a lot of focus because you're changing all of your energy completely . 

Here is a story below of a woman that did it but doesn't understand how she did it and some people are so powerful that they unknowningly make huge reality jumps and have no idea how they ended up in the new reality. The reality is so different than the reality they came from that they can't ignore it. 

Here is a story about a woman that woke up to a huge reality jump. Now I don't know if this story was a joke or true but this is the type of stuff  thatreally happens to some people but others call them crazy but of course some people call Law of attraciton crazy but we all know it works. 

Here is the video version and the text version is under the video.  Enjoy

Here is this woman's story from 2008.

Four months ago I awoke on a normal morning. I was in my rented home where I’d been living for seven years. Everything was the same, except that my bed linen was different, and I paid no attention at the time.

"So I went to work in my car, which was parked where I’d always parked, and it was the same office I’d worked in for the last 20 years. But when I got to my department, it wasn’t my department. It has names on the door and mine wasn’t on it. I thought I was on the wrong floor, but no, it was my own floor. I went over to the office’s wireless section and looked myself up. I still worked there, but in another department, reporting to a superior I didn’t even know.

"So I went to the department indicated in the directory, said I was feeling ill, and left. All the contents of my handbag were the same: my credit cards, my ID, everything, but I didn’t recall having changed departments at any time.

"I went to the doctor and underwent drug and alcohol testingall clean.

"I returned to work the next day and was able to make my way by asking questions and saying that I wasn’t feeling well."

Lover disappears, old beau remains

I’ve been separated from my partner of seven years for some six months. We broke up and I started a relationship with a fellow from my neighborhood. I know him perfectly well, having been with him for four months. I know his name, surname, address, where he works, his son from another relationship, and where he studies.

"Well, that fellow no longer exists. He appeared to have existed before my 'jump' but there is no trace of him now.

"I’ve hired a detective to find him and he does not exist.

"I’ve visited a psychiatrist and its all been put down to stress. He thinks they’re hallucinations, but I know this isn’t the case. My former boyfriend is with me as though nothing had happenedapparently we never broke it off [in this world]and Agustín (my current boyfriend) appears to have never existed. He doesn’t live in the apartment he used to live at and I cannot find his son.


The multiverse is an architecture of puzzles and paradoxes

"I swear to you that it's true and that I’m very sane. My own family doesn’t remember things like surgery performed on my sister’s shoulder a few months ago: she says she's never been operated on. Small things to that effect."

Yes, just small things. Things like a different job, a loved one that's vanished forever, and another life in another universe that can never be returned to again.

"What upsets me is that that I’m in the same year, not in a different time, and I’m exactly the same. Let me explain: it’s as though I had lost my memory five months ago and woke up having dreamed those five months, with the exception that everyone remembers me during that time, and I’ve done things that I’m not aware of having done.

"Has anyone had a similar experience? Pranksters and people with a grasp on 'the truth' can refrain from commenting. This is very serious to me. Thank you  Luz.”

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Comment by shadow kittie on August 9, 2016 at 10:28am

hi! i know you don't know me, but i'm really glad to see someone talking about this stuff. i've experienced similar, albeit less intense, changes in my reality, and it's kind of lonesome. it does make me feel crazy sometimes. :P in case you're curious, some of these include a change in carpet pattern that everyone else swore up and down had 'always been that way', a row of trees that (based on size) are at least 20 years old, but weren't there when i visited that location a month prior, and witnessing another girl who appeared to teleport, or maybe micro-time-travel, due to one (or both?) of us shifting slightly in relation to the other. the first time i remember it happening, it was a pretty small difference, just a book moved from the floor to the shelf somehow as i crossed the room (in order to pick it up and put it on the shelf). i was so freaked out, i ran out of the building, lol. i think that after that, i trained myself not to notice too much, until i started reading about loa/deliberate creation/etc.

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