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I completed my Reiki 3A course 3 months back and have been practicing for a year and half now. Reiki has always given me amazing results. I wanted to share this amazing healing power with all of you. So I decided to send this wonderful Reiki to whoever wants it. Reiki should not be given free is what I have been taught. So what I would like in exchange from you friends is lots of love and blessings in return. Another thing to be understood is that no matter how much ever Reiki is sent to you, it cannot heal you if you do not want to be healed as you are healed only if you are open to receiving Reiki and the intensity and quantity of healing also depends on the receiver. So are you ready? Who all wants Reiki?

Light and Love to all

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Comment by Payal jain on June 3, 2012 at 2:34pm
Yes dear may b u r right
I m already reading many masters many lives
N i m getting clear in quite a lot of things now
Thanku very very much for this inpspiring msg
I will surely share my changes.....
Luv u n thanku thanku thanku
Comment by Jyoti on June 3, 2012 at 12:34pm

Hi Reikipowee,

I too learnt astrology and was able to predict many things but could never read my horoscope. Till date, I haven't met any astrologer who was able to predict correctly. I stopped following horoscopes. I realised destiny changes every moment with our thoughts. We can change our life completely with only our thoughts. Listen to your inner self. It is more reliable than any astrologer. They are human after all like you and me. They can only tell you of the possibilities and not the certainty. If you are worried abt Bad time, think of it as an opportunity to grow spiritually strong. What changes our destiny is our reactions to situations and not the situation itself. So be calm and think always, "If God is with me, who can be against me". Trust in your strength. Of course, situations arise which test you. Do read Brian Weiss Books, "Many Lives, Many Masters", "Messages from Masters". It will definitely open your outlook towards situations. Read and listen to all positive ideas. There is a lesson to be learnt every moment. Search for that instead of whys and hows of issues. It helped me a lot and I'm sure you too will be guided correctly. God bless!

Comment by Payal jain on June 2, 2012 at 9:42am
Sure dear
Thanku thanku thanku ....:)
God bless u
Comment by Payal jain on June 2, 2012 at 9:37am
Hi jyoti
U r an indian n me too
U must b knowing about horoscope readings
I m told by a specialist about my BAD time at present
The reason ,n what can b the consiquenses
How is it possible that just by knowing my birth date ,time and place one can read me my horoscope...
Comment by Jyoti on June 2, 2012 at 2:55am

Hi Darzeebird,

Reiki sent you with lots of love and healing. 

All of you who have received Reiki please give me feedback on wt ur experience was. Thank you!

Comment by Jyoti on June 2, 2012 at 2:25am

I meant I lost 2 kilos in a week and not 8 as it might be wrongly misinterpreted.

Comment by Jyoti on June 2, 2012 at 2:24am

Hi Reikipowee,

I too was grappling with weightloss, though my weight requires only to lose about 8 kilos to be on the ideal weight. Reiki can surely help. I lost 2 kilos and so now need to lose another 8 kilos in a span of a week without dieting. I know it sounds fantastic but it is true. I would not have commented on this but since you have asked me I would try to answer it both from Reiki's angle and Mind's angle.

First and foremost, I made myself clear why I wanted to lose weight, whether it is for beauty or health. I also preferred inch loss instead of weight loss. Because weight also depends on how heavy your bone-structure is or how much water you retain. I had water retention issues. I realised this is because of drinking less water. So I started drinking more water, the issue became less and puffiness disappeared. Another think I noticed is that I eat very less than what is required, it had become a habit and I suffered from acidity, migraine, high B.P and body ache. I went to learn Reiki for curing these issues. Reiki helped me indirectly. All my emotions which were buried deep inside and the emotions which I was not aware of came up and I went through a period of sadness and anger. It was a revealation to me. I accepted them and experienced them without judging and beating myself over it and suddenly as it came, it left me. Slowly I increased my diet and included fruits compulsorily. I gave Reiki to all my chakras everyday and especially to my solar plexus as I realised I felt all my emotions here. My acidity reduced like magic and I lost 2 kilos. I realised my emotions added to my weight. I think first and foremost think of achieving your perfect figure and do not think of losing your weight. Another thing I always said whenever I ate or drank anything is that I love having this as it is making me retain my perfect figure. You will not believe when I tell you that my cravings for sweet and junk food just magically disappeared and now I eat healthy home-made food more. Once in a while I do have fast food or oily food but then the quantity is automatically restricted. We all eat emotionally and not due to actual want of body. Always remember it is the tongue which has taste and not the stomach. Never restrict yourself from eating what you like but reduce the quantity. Like eat a piece or two of chocolate instead of a bar. I used to do that and when my mind told me eat the bar, I would say I'm saving it for tomorrow and by the time tomorrow came,my craving had vanished. After eating give Reiki to your stomach and if you are prone to acidity or gas, to your solar plexus. If you are dealing with self-confidence issues, then your root chakra. Never give in to negativity. I lost 2 kgs and got compliments as if I had lost 10 kilos. If you see practically, 2 kilos weight-loss cannot actually be noticed but it was and I was thankful to Reiki and Universe. Even if you lose 100 gms, thank Reiki and Universe always. I hope this helps you. BTW u can also keep crystals on your chakras for 20 minutes everyday. I'm confident you will send me a post telling me that you have reached your ideal figure. Lots of love and light to you and may Reiki help you in achieving your goals

Comment by Payal jain on May 31, 2012 at 3:28pm
Hi jyoti
Even i m a third degree holder
But i m unable to connect myself to my weight loss
Can u help me telling what to reiki.... My trouble area?
Ny of my chakras??
Ny of my positive affirmations??
I hv three grid boxes .... Crystal ,jiten bhatt pyramid ,n stones too
But i m unable to reach to
My success
Can u guide me how to reiki my self??
Comment by Darzeebird on May 31, 2012 at 3:17pm

I would love to experience Reiki!

Love and Blessings to you, my friend.

Comment by Jyoti on May 30, 2012 at 12:13pm

Hi Aangel, I'm in the process of doing my final 3B Reiki after which I can teach. I'll let you know wn I complete it.Thanks for the honour and please continue doing Reiki on urself also everyday. It makes you as clear as crystal from inside

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