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Responsibility: The Word that Sucks but the Recipe to Awesomeness

A lot of us here are dreaded by the word "responsibility". I have noticed a lot of PI members having trouble "creating" the life that they desire because of past events or circumstances in their lives that have lead them to lack the confidence that they can create whatever they desire in life. Sometimes we allow circumstances to control our life and our thinking.

These "circumstances" are sometimes referred as paradigms, experiences and adversities. Truth is, whatever they are, the impact depends on you.

All events are neutral. Bashar would say "everything that happens in your life is neutral and you're the one putting meaning to it" while Buddhists may refer to events as "empty".

You see, everything that has ever happened to us does not have a meaning. We assign the meaning. And if you don't take full responsibility to the act of creation which takes place as you interpret these events, you will just be going with the flow of life... living in what Dr. Robert Anthony referred as "default creation" mode.

So how can we take responsibility of how we interpret events?

You don't need to counter an event with quick affirmations or mantras in order to turn them around and make them positive. You can't control the event thus you can't take responsibility for it not to happen. However, Jack Canfield has given us a very simple formula as to how we can keep ourselves from being controlled by events:

E + R = O

Events + Response = Outcome

When negative events happen our response determines the outcome of this event. What we can only control between the events and the outcome is how we respond to the situation.

Sometimes we forget that there's an R in the equation. So by default we usually think that John is poor because of what happened to him 30 years ago yada yada yada... So we often associate the outcome based on what happened to us or E = O. 

In order to be fully in control of our lives, rather than being in default creation mode where we let circumstances control us, we should be fully aware of our response to events... in our language, physiology and focus. Let us not let events control our state of mind.

The Formula for a Healthy State of Mind

"A healthy state of mind is one that is free, consciously aware and positively engaged" - Brendon Burchard

So how can we be conscious enough to control our state of mind? If you have not mastered your thinking yet, you might think that having a healthy state of mind is a dreadful task, as it consumes a lot of mental energy to be fully responsible of how we think and avoid the negative side of the coin at all times. Doing simple things in order to change your state of mind instantly isn't really that difficult. 

State of Mind = Language + Physiology + Focus

Awareness is the key here. You have to first be fully conscious on your language when the event comes up, as language plays a huge role on how you determine events. Are you hearing that negative voice in your head judging about this negative event again? Tame that voice. That's only you, anyway.

Another thing that plays a huge role on how you respond is your physiology. I don't mean you need to smile every time something bad happens, but are you feeling tightness in your body that may signal upcoming stress? Do you respond to a negative situation instantly with a frown? Truth is, even if you control your language, you can't keep the visible reality of your response on your physiology. Relax and let it go.

And finally, without this one thing, both language and physiology fails on how you can control your response to a certain event. You need to be aware of where you're focusing. Are you focusing on the negative side of the situation?

As Wallace Wattles puts it, although this is my interpretation of it-- nature never ceases to give us what we need in order to grow. Try to see the situation in a different light, and if you see one reason for that event to benefit your growth, then your focus will instantly shift to that direction.

Focus on the good side of the things. The moment the negativity pops in, drop it. Tell yourself that this is the interpretation that I prefer, and I will choose this. Consciously and deliberately create your life by being conscious of your reaction.

Have a nice day!

Nin H

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Comment by Scott Johnston on July 28, 2015 at 4:40am

great post thank you for sharing :-)

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