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This just in from my Facebook pal, Alison:

I understand the potency of our thoughts and the energies and situations they evoke. But what about feelings...they too have energy bodies, they too are very real, and they are also vibrating within us. And I am sure they too are manifesting "something." And what is the relationship between our thoughts, our feelings, and unfulfilled desires?

What if, for example, one's thoughts don't match with one's feelings? What if one's life situation leaves them unable to "manifest" their true desires. Let's imagine that "Joe" has family responsibilities that keep him in a job he despises but enables him to support his family. And what if his relationship leaves him empty and isolated? So he feels the emptiness in his relationship, he feels uninspired with his job. His feelings "desire" freedom and he secretly wants to explore the jungle in the Amazon, and yet he is stuck in the city and in a factory, and so his "true" feelings - desires - wants sit inside of him (unfulfilled). What kind of impact will these feelings have on his life...what will they attract? What if he thinks, "I can and will do this to support my family and the responsibilities that have been created."

But his longing for freedom and adventure to explore the jungle never leaves; it is his passion...his desire. What happens when these feelings are suppressed and unable to come to fruition? What are the ramifications? What is the vibration between his feelings and his thoughts? Let's even imagine that "Joe" doesn't consciously think about the jungle anymore and has totally surrendered to this family life and the responsibilities. What if he even does it with a smile on his face and acceptance in his thoughts. What is going on with the vibration of his "true" desire and his feelings and the reality of what he is experiencing or even thinking.

I believe it is situation that millions of people are experiencing and living. Wondering about your thoughts on this scenario?

Peace, Love & Feelings .....+*+*+*+
Alison, the FairyHealer

* * * * * * * * * * *
There are so many great aspects of this question to explore.

By the way, I may sound like some sort of smarty-pants expert in my explanations. Please know that all I share I have learned or inferred from the teachings of Abraham-Hicks. I am no authority but rather simply a lover of these principles.

First, let's sort out the difference between thoughts, feelings, and desires.

Everything starts with thought. Everything that we look around us and see was once a thought, and then it became a thought form. (Don't ask me how. That's beyond my scope. It's also beyond my Listerine. Ha.) Eventually it came into physical manifestation. The whole cosmos originated as thought.

We come into physical expression so willingly and joyfully for we have total trust in our guidance system, which is comprised of our emotions. Our emotions exist for the purpose of giving us feedback about how we've been thinking and whether or not, courtesy of Law of Attraction, we're going TOWARD what we want or away from it.

Our emotions do not exist independently of our thoughts any more than our car's gas gauge exists independently of our car. Both are there to give important feedback. Just as a gas gauge emits important information from our gas tank, emotions relay important information from our Inner Being.

Bad-feeling emotions such as guilt, fear, envy, or resentment notify us that we are not thinking about a topic in the way our joyful Inner Being would think about it. Thus, there's a split between the Inner Being me and the physical me. That's what any bad-feeling emotion is -- the signal of a split. Nothing good comes from such a phenomenon, so I'm alerted to adjust my mental focus by choosing thoughts that feel better when I think them. (My Inner Being never chooses a thought that produces negative emotion.)

Who cares if the thoughts I've been thinking are as "true" as the day is long? If they evoke painful emotions, I'd do well to shift my focus away from that subject or to soften my thoughts about it.

Desires are thoughts of wanting something, and they inevitably spring from my life experience. That's how life is designed -- to evoke desires. And as I "close the gap" on each desire by thinking about it in the joyful way that my Inner Being does, abracadabra, it comes into physical manifestation. I cannot live without desires. Even to be desireless is, in fact, a desire.

Now, on to the example that Alison shared about Joe and the jungle -- a person who yearns to be experiencing adventure in the Amazon but is living a mundane existence as a family man and factory worker.

Joe, like each of us, is a mixture of desires as well as happy thoughts, and unhappy thoughts. The degree to which happy thoughts take predominance is the degree to which his desires -- including those concerning the Amazon jungle -- will manifest.

There is nothing that Joe cannot manifest -- including a wondrous relationship and fulfilling work IN the Rain Forest, if that's his desire. But he must chip away at habits of thought that would keep him stuck and limited.

So, Joe's work would be to release thoughts (and resulting feelings) of frustration and replace them with thoughts of anticipation; release thoughts of woe-is-me and replace them with life-is good; release thoughts of irritation with where he is and replace them with appreciation; release thoughts of limitation and replace them with, perhaps, glorious posters of the Amazon Basin.

Joe's work is to release bad-feeling thoughts and replace them with good-feeling thoughts. And that's everyone's work with regard to everything they hope to achieve or manifest.

As Joe stops looking at the lack of the jungle and disliking where he is and starts finding things to appreciate about where he is while fantasizing about the jungle, his experience will transform, and there will likely be some parrots and crocs (not just the shoes) in his future.

Now, let's explore the final part of Alison's question: What if Joe gives up on his desire to explore the jungle? What if he doesn't even consciously think about it anymore and accepts his circumstances as a family man, living in the city, working in a routine job?

First, let's clarify concerning no longer "consciously" thinking about something. People wonder if another part of us, the subconscious, is still thinking about that subject. Well, if so, it doesn't matter. The only component of thought that affects our vibration is that which is accessible to our conscious mind. If we're not consciously thinking it, it is irrelevant. (With apologies to Sigmund and his lineage.)

The component of ourselves that DOES stay happily active even when forgotten is our desires. In fact, every time we experience a desire, our Inner Being is enjoying the fulfillment of it, whether our physical self ever becomes sufficiently positive to do that or not. So if Joe gives up on his dream and finds ways to cheerfully accept his situation, forces will most likely be set in motion for his desire to at last come to him! Why? By becoming content where he is, Joe releases thoughts of frustration and other negativity. At that point, he becomes a vibrational match to his long-held desire. And it arrives.

We hear of this type of thing happening. Someone finally "gives up" on a goal of a relationship or a promotion, etc., and it at last pops into their experience. When they released the desire, they released all the irritation and impatience about the desire not arriving. Voilà -- it could then appear, for there was no more negativity to keep it at bay.

In summary, it's all about mental focus. Emotions emanate from thoughts and serve as our guidance system. We're constantly launching desires, and they will manifest into our experience if we pay attention to our emotions and keep our thoughts fairly consistently about what we want, not what we want to avoid.

Ahhhh...lots of abstract (but fun) thinking here. I, for one, am going to now watch some junk TV and eat a Klondike Bar.

Life is good.

Daughter Emily and me on Mummy's Day

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