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I'm just back from a FABULOUS trip to L.A. where I attended a retreat with my marvelous mentor, Ali Brown.
It was first class all the way -- I flew first and then we all stayed and had our meetings at the Ritz Carlton.

Ali and her head coach James shared some great material and ran us through wonderful exercises, true enough. The greatest benefit for me from the time at the retreat was spending time with like-minded entrepreneurs.

I had a great time with a WONDERFUL group of people. I have some exciting co-creative plans underway that you are sure to find interesting. I may even be teaming up with an angel expert soon. So, keep your eyes open for all the upcoming fun.

On my flight back from L.A., I started chatting with the man sitting next to me about what we do. He de-activates commercial explosives, and I work with the energy of flowers. He got a good laugh out of me when he kidded, “so, basically we both do the same thing.”

Just before we started to take off, he got all snuffly and asked, do you have anything for sneezing? He sneezed once before I handed him my business card, back-side-up. I have this peony photo on the back of my card. “What is this?” he asked, looking at it very carefully and seeming to absorb every detail. I explained that it is a peony flower, and we talked about where they grow, and he didn’t sneeze again.

After a few minutes passed, I mentioned “no more sneezing.”

He was amazed and startled. “One time! I only sneezed that one time. Usually when I get going, I sneeze at least 20 times in a row -- you’ll see when the plane lands, it happens then, too.”

“Maybe,” I smiled.
He put the card in his pocket and fell asleep. He woke up a few minutes before the plane landed, and: no sneezing, no snuffling whatsoever!

I just love little interactions like that! Peonies don’t always help with sneezing, but they do pretty frequently -- because they vibrate at the opposite end of the scale of discomfort associate with sneezing.

In Joy and with Love,

Katherine C. H. E.
Cultivator of Joy -- Bloom Your Life into Being
Twitter: http://www.Twitter.com/KatherineCHE

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Comment by FlowerVibes on October 13, 2009 at 1:34pm
The Peony King! How fun that is!! I would love to have met anyone who called himself the Peony King! So regal and silly at the same time! Do ask your husband to give the peony gazing a try. I have all sorts of more detailed energy tools available, and that is certainly a start. In fact, since peony energy is also associated with abundance, I have a full-fledged energy tool/Peony Meditation available on my homepage. You just go to the pink box, fill in your name/e-mail, and you'll get the audio link immediately. If the gazing doesn't help, this tool might. Even though it is designed around abundance, it should provide a sufficient dose of peony energy to help with the sneezing -- at least it should let us know if we are on the right track at all! Do let me know how it goes for him. (Lots of peony photos on my website, too.) Homepage: http://www.CultivatorOfJoy.com Peony pics: http://www.KatherineCHE.com/peoniesabundance.aspx

In Joy, Katherine.
Comment by Abundance Queen on September 29, 2009 at 3:13pm
that's amazing.....my husband starts sneezing all the time without knowing what set it off......sometimes it lasts a whole day......so if I get him to look at a peony it might help?
Strangely our house which is 112 yrs old, was owned by thePeony King! in Ontario....we still have a few but apparently when this was his house all the property around us (which now has houses on it) was filled with his prize winning peonies!

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