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So I get a nudge to begin allowing my imagination to flow...


At first there's this feeling good, and then the feelings of doubt rise to the surface, and even anxiety.


Though I know that what I experience is 100% real, the old programming still makes an attempt to interfere.


I say "I love you" to the feeling, to the thought to accept it because I know that it's really there to serve me, to let me know to shift back into the present.  Allowing it to 'be' without rejecting it.  If I send it love and acceptance, I send out the vibe of love and acceptance. 


This is clearing the programming and as I do this, and it is a process, I begin to feel more clear. 


As I do this I begin to be more in touch with the Divine and my intentions come from the divine.  When the intentions are from the universe, because you've cleared your subconscious, then you begin to attract your desires.


I've seen it more and more especially and I am excited to say that finally I've someone experience with me, my brother.


Names come up!   That's one big one.


If it involves a specific person, and I ask the universe for a confirmation, I get it. 

I asked the universe several times should I invest in the pursuit of a young lady I've been interested in lately. 

Each time, I get a yes.

(It's amazing how even when I am in doubt, the universe gives me signs too.)

I'm sharing this with my brother, and I told him that her name comes up. 

I'm riding in his work van with him and he sells meats door to door.  I look at the receipt pad he has for his customers.  The company name on it is the same name of the girl I want to pursue.


So I told him, "Chad, this is the first time I've seen her name randomly and it was NOT a sign from the universe."  Because I'd been explaining to him what had happened.  At first, I see the name and it felt weird because it really was, so I thought to myself, and told my brother, just because names pop up does NOT mean that it's a sign.  Names can pop up any time. 

So we head to the Office Depot where we're checking prices because he wanted business cards.  It's obviously not a public computer, but I did decide to try to look up something related to his cards in the browser.   It didn't give me access of course, but I did see the history where others tried to look up something.

Of course right there is where someone attempted to look up the same company that is printed on the receipts that my brother's company uses.   (and these are NOT generic receipts that come from Office Depot)


Think that's not intriguing?


The next day we travel an hour and a half to a city where my brother makes really good sales.  He's been learning law of attraction from me a lot lately and even has had more sales since I've been teaching him Ho' Oponopono.

So the universe has given me several instances where the girl I wish to pursue, her last name show up, if not her first name.  Her last name is Marion.  As we're riding down the road, maybe I wasn't making such a big deal of the 'coincidence' the day before, because I thought the universe could be more obvious like it did before.

I begin sharing with my brother, "Yeah, I really like this girl, but I'm not going to make a big deal about yesterday.", I said, "But like I was saying, names can pop up any time."

As we got off the Interstate and continued down the streets of the town, Spartanburg, I continued on, " I mean, it's a common name like any other, so I'm not going to make a big deal of it.  Like for example, let's see.  Watch, there are businesses with names on their signs, and the first business with the name on the sign that comes up says "Miss Marion".

But the letters were leaning and we passed it, and I really wasn't sure what it really said, but I was like, "Oh my God, Chad I think that said Marion on it!"  I wasn't sure though.  It was hard to read.

On our way home, we passed it again but I nearly missed it and we went by so quick that I still wasn't sure.  So I still thought, oh well, it may or may not have been.

But my curiosity was eating at me.  Each time something like this happens I begin to doubt, but each time it ends up being her name.  So when I got home, I Googled "Marion Spartanburg South Carolina".

And sure enough that sign came up, "Miss Marion", and it's right on the front of her website. 

http://www.missmarions.com/  <------------ Yep, that be the name.


These are only the most recent examples and don't compare to the other instances, like when I was on a trip recently 3 hours away, riding taking a nap, with my eyes closed, and I began to doubt.  Because her name has shown up so many times previously when I asked, I asked the universe should I still continue pursuing, and I literally said to the universe in my mind, 'Now, I know I can manifest names but is there some clear, definite sign?'  At that EXACT moment, I open my eyes from my nap and we are passing a road sign and the name of the sign is her first name.


Other instances are asking for a sign, turning on the tv and there's someones pet dog with her name.  (I don't watch tv), and another time, I did the same and it was a crime story that took place in Marion county Tennessee.   These happen right on the mark, or when I've felt the nudge to read a chapter in the book store of a book about law of attraction and the story is about a girl with her name.  It's always happens with the prompting.


It's a crazy universe!   Crazy yet awesome.  So we'll see what becomes of it!

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