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You're not telling your story to document the facts. You're telling your story to get in the feeling place you want to be.


I did my best to know what that meant, and I did—on even more than an intellectual level. Still . . . it seemed foreign, until just a few minutes ago! :D

I first just want to say this: Thank you, so much, for being interested in all these techniques to raise our vibrations and for the warmth I've received while playing here, at PI. :O)

So, I was watering the lawn and thinking about some reason why my sister might decide to go on a rampage against me, when it occurred to me I could look at this differently. Since it hadn't happened "yet," I had no proof that it would happen. And, if it did, why couldn't it be with some kind of caring motive?

There was no one to contradict such an assumption in me. And, even if my sister herself said something that contradicted this, I could always tell myself she was just embarrassed about her kind motive and was covering up with a little bluster. And, I didn't care whether that was the fact or not, since there was no way to know for sure, either way, and this way I kept my poise, which is what's important to me. I'd maintain my connection to Source.

That's when it occurred to me that this was not the first time I had felt such a bias toward a feeling place in telling a story. Yes, I write fiction, but I also meant this in a folk way. My "tribe" held this bias in certain situations. And, by tribe, I pretty much mean my civilization.

Think about what happens when you tell a ghost story. You have no reason, in most cases, to believe the story actually happened. And, you KNOW some of the atmospheric details you're adding, you've never heard anyone else add. Fact is, if you see someone starting to shiver when you mention a "drip, drip, drip," those words are doomed to become a refrain throughout the story. After all, they evoke the mood you're after.

Same with a fairy tale. If you're telling one to a little child and her eyes suddenly open to the size of a couple of silver dollars, you definitely know you're on the right track, and you keep doing whatever elicits that reaction. What's real to you if a police officer asks what someone you saw earlier in the day looked like is NOT what's real when you're sharing a fairy tale.

It's like the newspaper editorial said: "Yes, Virginia. There really is a Santa Clause." And, the reason why is because we're talking about spiritual things.

We can argue about whether ghosts are spirits or just leftover habits running their course. However, they capture our imagination to the degree that we suspect that they are spirits or have to do with the spiritual dimension. Same with fairies. And, same with events that dramatize the wonders of the human spirit. So, yes, the spirit within us that seeks to add wonder and demonstrate love in the world means that there really is a Santa Clause—in the feeling place, within us.

We know this, already. The trick is to remember that we can apply that knowledge and sometime habit during the supposedly mundane parts of our lives. To the places where the human spirit somehow isn't supposed to belong.

But, we are always spiritual beings, even when having a physical experience.

I'm so excited to have put two and two together, like this! Couldn't have been during a more mundane activity, either! Hahaha! ;O)

Maybe this'll help nudge others toward that inner discovery. Maybe it'll supply a means, for those ready for it. A means will obviously always occur, when one is ready. I mean, if a garden hose and a patch of grass could somehow "remind" me of this—well, what couldn't?

So, at the end of the day, I guess I'm just writing this to celebrate. & I'm glad I've got friends here to celebrate with me. :O)

Sunshine & Blessings,

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Comment by Giovani on July 3, 2009 at 2:25pm
Hi, Kaboom!

Thanks, for those very specific details! :O)

I definitely agree that I am exploring and enjoying feelings when I write. I also do it to explore phenomena like amanesia, meaning transfer, temporal distortions, and so on. Some refer to this as "mind-hacking."

I find what you're saying about the use of speech very interesting. Now, that you explain it on such a personal (and yet distant) manner, it finally makes so much sense to me. It hasn't been my way (if only because I do a lot of my editing by speaking things out-loud and modifying them), but I can see how there is power behind this.

&, I definitely agree that gardening helps alter one's mental state. It's definitely not what I called in my rock opera, BLOOM, "the workaday mind." On the other hand, I see everyone jumping at alpha as the necessary pattern. I don't know about that. I noticed paranormal implications that may suggest theta, a much slower brain wave pattern. Could be either one, I suppose.

Thanks, for the stimulating conversation, Kaboom!

Sunshine & Blessings,
Comment by Giovani on July 3, 2009 at 2:05pm
Hi, Light!

Thanks, for that brillian observation! ;O)

Your'e so right! I don't watch scary creepies, either! &, of course, it can manifest stuff. Fortunately, people are pretty good at demeaning the value of such movies, but you've felt spooked and seen weird things begin manifesting at some point, haven't you? NOT FOR ME! (Well, mostly. I once wrote a horror screenplay called WE BELIEVE IN MARY WOLF! &, my recent children's chapter book SLASH! The Great White Shark had better have a JAWS!-style cover, because the fight scene is reallllly intense!)

I don't think I could possibly have said it more clearly than you do: "I am not facing reality unless it is the reality that I want!" Perfecto!

Sunshine & Blessings,
Comment by Light*My*Fire on July 3, 2009 at 1:28pm
Wonderful post, Giovani!

A bit off-tangent but funny: I have a wild imagination that's why I don't watch scary movies or read scary novels. I'm afraid that if I pay attention to them they might come true. LOL

I like "telling your story to get in the feeling place you want to be". I am not facing reality unless it is the reality that I want. :-D
Comment by Christine on July 1, 2009 at 2:04pm
Hi Giovani,

Ahh--excellent way to look at things with your sister!!!!

I'll have to be sure to remember it!

Bliss & Blessings,
Comment by Giovani on July 1, 2009 at 12:54pm
Hey, Jim!

Thanks, for taking this understanding to heart! :O)

I feel such appreciation for everyone at the Meetup--I learn so much, and it's so good to have a place in which to first unfurl my wings! Remember that there are Meetups all over the US (world?), and it's a great way to discover others who want to come out & play!

I send you fresh sensations of comfort & joy, Jim!

Sunshine & Blessings,
Comment by James (Jim) Santacroce on July 1, 2009 at 12:37pm
What a great sharing. I will try and look myself at the way I can make a situation turn into a feeling place for betterment.

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