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I always feel that I'm on the "right" path when synchronicity is occurring on a regular basis in my life; not that there are any wrong paths, but there are some that are much smoother than others:)  Lately synchronicity is a common occurrence.  For over a week my days have been filled with it.  I wonder how I'm going to get a hold of a person that's difficult to reach and then walk out of a building and run right into them a minute later.  Someone invites me to a sweat lodge a couple of days after I was reading about them and thinking I'd like to participate in one, then a couple of days later another unrelated person asks me if I've ever attended one.  My lunch order takes a long time to make so I don't go to the park to eat but back to the court house and over hear someone struggling with something that I'd just finished reading an article about (even though it had nothing to do with me and I wasn't sure why I was feeling compelled to read it).  Love is flowing through and around and back to me everywhere I turn. 


As for my last post on soul mates, it's the one area I'm not feeling much synchronicity.  We played phone tag for 5 or 6 rounds before we finally connected (I never heard the phone ring when he was calling me!).  We chatted about my life lessons this week and he gave me some excellent food for thought on possible action (no action can be the right action).  At the end of the call he said he does have some things he wants to say and will call me back when he is feeling more talkative. 


Thank goodness patience is something I have started mastering:)  This would have driven me nuts just a few months ago.  Now I'm happy.  I know that divine timing is always on time.  I am open to the lessons and gifts (kind of redundant) that the universe has in store for me.  I will celebrate whatever he has to say whenever he says it.          

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Comment by Sir Neil on August 2, 2013 at 7:13pm
If synchronicities are coming thick and fast, it is usually also a sign that there is a change either coming into your life, or happening now, and that the Universe is guiding you through it. Trust that this change is for the better.
Comment by Sir Neil on July 13, 2013 at 7:16pm
Synchronicities are a sign that the Universe, Higher Power, God, Source (whatever you like to call it) is guiding and protecting you. It is looking after you and taking you to your highest good and greater prosperity. Follow them and you will always benefit.

They are also a sure fire sign that you are in the flow of life whereby you attract everything you need easily.
Comment by Orah on July 3, 2011 at 10:44am

I know exactly what you mean!  And when we share we are God-sends:)


Thanks for the guy advise.  I'm curious to see where it goes but am delighted about where it's at.  The fact that we are becoming friends is a phenomenal development.  I used to be too scared to speak coherently to him and felt unworthy of his attention.  Now I know that love is the worthiest gift and am able to walk through the little fears I have left without too much awkwardness;)  And of course I see this growth reflected back at me.    

Comment by Ellen Eustace on July 2, 2011 at 3:09pm

The synchronicity thing is interesting. I have had some experiences with it here and there. Especially people talking on the commuter train, about something I just dealt with. I often feel funny about sharing my experience with them, but when I do, the people think I'm a God - send. That is really cool.


As for the guy, imagine you're always connecting and the same things that happen with you and other people are also happening with him. Imagine you're fully connecting and things are going well. I'm sure you're doing that already, but I often have to re read the chapter on love when I meet someone am attracted to him and there are roadblocks to us having a relationship or he's just not right for me.

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