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The fridge list is a list on the fridge, it's like a "to do" list, but much lighter, cuz you don't have to do them. Almost all people have frigdes, in fact sometimes I think about that. I think, god, how can there be that many fridges in the world.

Top ten on "The Fridge List" after coffee & bath

1. input google search Zero Point Energy
found interesting website

excerpt from site "The Biology of Kudalini"


Some wise person once said that "Isn't synchronicity just increased conscious awareness?" Enjoy synchronicity while it’s happening because the intensity of it will come and go, and other forms of weirdness may arise. For example when a friend was visiting for the first week we saw nothing but paradox everywhere...so we coined the term God-Damn-Paradox. Synchronicity does make life seem like a drug trip some days.

How to make sure ones actions are correct? To a certain extent we only know if we have acted correctly in hindsight. If you are in the flow with your brakes off your actions will be correct to the circumstances.  Our primary programming can show its head and interfere with our ability to get into flow...but if we are observant we can catch these neurotic ticks, and work to do better at staying in flow next time. Keeping the body pumped up energetically with wheatgrass/spirulina and opened up with hot/cold water and yoga, and the brain pliable with meditation/toning and we are more likely to be openly responding to flow in the moment.

Also with synchronicity the little-mind that normally associated with ourselves, seems to make all these apparent mistakes, which it turns out that Bigmind is making...and which turn out to be the correct moves. That is as we start to operate from the larger mind, we start to see the insufficiency and finitude of the habituated mind...and yet we are not quite at the point where we can claim this larger consciousness as us, but it feels like a holy visitor showing us around and making our usual self look like a fool or very inept and limited. This is the main function of dreams and psi activity I think...as a stage leap into deeper dimensions of ourselves and the kosmos. Psi and dreams seem mostly to occur to show us that a profoundly deeper experience of reality is possible.

The more work we do to clear out the bugs in our emotional and rational processes that weigh us down and keep our inertial gravitation around the conventional-conditioned consensus mind...the more we stabilize this higher level where both timelessness and nonlocal consciousness, dream and awaking seem to be interpenetrated. The more people that are acting in flow the more synchronicity happens. You might want to start documenting the synchronicites and formulating theories on time and nonlocal consciousness.

As consciousness/enlightenment is infinite there must always be an interference pattern on the sector boundary in moving from a former state/stage to a new and higher state/stage. When we are not used to witnessing this shift it would appear first as a "disorientation." But as we get used to moving into deeper layers, it would be felt more as a "reorientation" and then a "proorientation" and eventually a "prioriorientation." Essentially following the path of Self rememberance, an anamnesis of our Original Face. 

The witness gets so stable as it were, that it is centered in consciousness itself, not in the objects of consciousness. When we are no longer identified with our thoughts or objects in the phenomenal world, we are essentially free to consciously choose between them, rather than be a "product" of mere thought and phenomenal karma. At that point we start to get into Brezney's pronoia...where we observe the universe is conspiring in every way to aid and support our enlightenment and wellbeing.

"To the extent that temporary discrete states become actualized and are not just transitory, they must enter the stream of development and "obey" its patterns."257, Ken Wilber in Paths Beyond Ego by Roger Walsh and Frances Vaughan 1993

Here Ken is referring to a term he later coined "Spiritual Eros" and the "Grain of the Kosmos." As we learn to "obey" Spiritual Eros and the Grain of the Kosmos we are graced with the fruits of conscious development that are patterned into the fabric of the Universe itself. Through obedience we learn more fully to obey through the very pleasure/pain circuitry by which Kosmic-Nature has built us.

Spirituality is a line in itself (particle) and an attitude (wave) via which all lines are brought to their highest point.

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Comment by Giovani on November 30, 2012 at 9:49pm

Hey Choosey!

"It is not the mechanics of how something happens, but the experience you get that matters."

Couldn't have said it better if I tried! :D

Sunshine & Blessings,

Comment by Choosey Beggar on November 29, 2012 at 11:18pm

I really like the Ted Talks, thanks for the Marco Tempest vid. I want to understand that more fully. It is not the mechanics of how something happens, but the experience you get that matters.

Comment by Choosey Beggar on November 29, 2012 at 4:47pm

I am going to read , THE SCIENCE OF EXTRATERESTRIALS , thank you for the pdf. The quote you read about psi is from a web site I found while searching google for the key words "zero point energy". It was number one on my fridge list today to seach that term. I liked the section on SYNCHRONICITY .

I just pasted it in, so I am not the author. I am glad you found something good in it. It is a big word, synchronicity, it is a phrase coined. Almost easier to dismiss something once it has been coined, captured, and becomes a noun.

Comment by Giovani on November 29, 2012 at 3:52pm

And Choosey...

One more thing: I love how you said that "Psi and dreams seem mostly to occur to show us that a profoundly deeper experience of reality is possible."

Was, once upon a time, a close-up magician (You know, an entertainer), only wasn't focused on fooling people. What you described is exactly what it's all about. To walk people through an experience in which they experienced a "profoundly deeper experience of reality" and now believed that such experiences are possible.

The mechanics of how this was achieved aren't what matter. It was the experience they got. Those "Aha!" moments. There was even a sort of logic that if a bunch of glorified juggling could cause one's mind to explode and reorganize one's understanding of what was possible, how much more might just living one's life with...uhh...the "lights turned on" bring about?

(Was active before the iPhone era, but this is absolutely resonates with The Art of Astonishment, as I knew it!)

Just wanted to share, Choosey.


Sunshine & Blessings,

Comment by Giovani on November 29, 2012 at 3:38pm

Hey Choosey!

Awesome observations! :D

And I'm sure it's no surprise to you at all that I found this a huge example of serendipity, as a very similar logic is developed in THE SCIENCE OF EXTRATERESTRIALS by Eric Julien.

Heard about this four years ago and just started reading it. There's a free pdf version of the 400 page book at Scribd.


Thanks for the info, Choosey. Love running into such good stuff on PI! :O)

Sunshine & Blessings,

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